Question and Answers: ZIM or not ZIM, by Per Staffan, April 25th, 2019

Hi Per Staffan.

I live in Norway and I have been reading your page for a long time, I am very greatful for this page. It keeps the waiting easier😀.

I am wondering about the Zim(babwe) dollar or notes. Is it smart to buy and how much? Why is it smart? And where do I buy so I don’t get fake ones…. I found some on eBay…. My economic situation is not good these days, I’m being blocked by some family connections. I’m working on it.
I’ve read a lot about the 800 numbers, QFS, RV etc, but I don’t always understand the money talk….

When my financial situation is more stabil, I will sign up for membership.

Best Regards



Answer by Per Staffan:

Hi Katrine,

Thank you for your email.

Yes, the whole area of ZIM, RV, QFS and more is complex. My view is that it is smart to buy. However, anybody who makes this decision must come to the same conclusion on her/his own not because I say so. At the under the category “Disclosure – Banking and Currency” there are over 700 entries, starting in august 2015. ( I would read and study these entries, particularly the ones of an overview nature, and pay less attention to failed dates for RV. Start with the first ones in august 2015. Then you will make your own decision.

You always have to make your own decision. I do not recommend relying on any guru. If you decide you want to buy I recommend buying one 100 Trillion Zimbabwe dollar note at this webpage:

There are other sites, but this is one I know. After you have bought it keep it in a safe place and wait for RV to occur. Do not part with your currency. Everybody will be able to exchange who have bought currency at a given correct time.

Hope this helps,