Questions and Answers – ZIM bonds, by Per Staffan, April 24th, 2019

Hi, I’m emailing from Australia as we are getting reports down here today that you need to register your zim bonds now to get a 800#
Is this true? If so who do you register them with and where? Or did we let you know many years ago we had zim, I remember sending in an email form with yosoff as he asked did we have Zim, dong, dinar etc but that would be about 5 years ago.
Your help on this would be very much appreciated as we really only rely on you and your intel. Thank you Glenn
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This message gets sent out ever so frequently by various gurus. It is incorrect. No registration is needed. When the 800 numbers are available they will be published on this site as well as many other sites. You then bring your currency with you, after you get an appointment, and redeem and exchange.
This kind of message usually sent out by people who first want you to register there currency with you and then they will ask you to send the currency to them so they can exchange for you, claiming they can get higher rates than you can yourself. This is also not true.
In fact when the exchange takes place, RV, the Quantum Financial System, QFS, will be in place and operational. It is said that this system already knows who has bought ZIM notes. It has also been claimed that those operating QFS will/might contact you, since it is known that you have ZIM notes, if this is the case. They will then tell you where to exchange.
So, there will be two venues for exchanging – you call the 800 number or they contact you. In either case no prior registration is needed. The latter is a scam and way to entice you to part with your currency.
Hope this helps,