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Questions and Answers regarding situation in the Ukraine by Per Staffan, March 3d, 2022

Hello Rasia,

Good question. Yes, I can see your point and put this way it might appear contradictory. Let me answer in this way:
The dark forces of governments (cabal) decided to distract people with a war to lower People’s vibration and again create a new source of fear, after the pandemic has fizzled out or will do so. Mass media is selling this as a major war – everybody is in on it. In fact it is a targeted military operation where Russia and Putin is trying to minimize civilian casualties. The Western media is portraying a false image of war as propaganda against Putin. So, the dark cabal is in some sense reaching its goal of creating a war in the minds of the people in the West. However, they have not managed to get to a real world war, which is what they want.
Putin on the other hand was more or less forced to act since Russian could not accept the push towards NATO membership for the Ukraine. This was only one of the reasons – as he has stated he wants to denazify Ukraine, in other words throwing the cabal out of the country. The cabal hates Russia more than anything else and they were behind the Russian Revolution in 1917 and formed the Sovjetunion under Stalin. The cabal also formed the European Union and so on.
Now, the cabal have had plans for atrocious events coming out of the 13 bio-labs that cabal in the US has erected in the Ukraine. Putin’s so called attack plans are more or less focused on where the labs are located. The bio warfare potential of these labs would have devastated the Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the world. Taking down these labs is a major objective for Putin. Actually, he is in touch with Trump who more or less is in agreement with Putin to take down the labs to save Humanity. See a link to an article below. They speak on the phone fairly frequently. Trump would rather Putin does this “dirty job” while Biden is in power, than having to do it himself.
As the Russian forces go after the bio-labs they have come across “pedophile dens” with mostly Russian young children, but also American and other Western children. A core feature of the cabal is that they are pedophiles. Putin has now made its his mission to break up the pedophile rings in the Ukraine. Biden och Hunter Biden has much illicit traffic and activities based in the Ukraine. They are now very afraid this information will fall in the hands of the Russians and past on to Trump and the Alliance.
So, the cabal around the world wants it to look like a war. They also want to drag other countries into it and NATO to create a real world war and pretend there already is one going on. Putin and Trump and the Alliance see it as limited Military Operation to reach the objectives mentioned above, which of course would mean the demise of the cabal and they will fight tooth and nail with propaganda and trying to create a real war.
Currently the cabal has total control over the Western Media and this information is not coming out. However, it will come with the help of Trump Social or Truth Social that is just being launched. Here is a source that conveys true information:
I hope this clarifies things a bit.
Love and Light,
Subject: Recent Father Absolute messages Message Body: Hi! Am just curious. There are 2 recent messages (today) from Father Absolute that seem to contradict each other and I am asking for any insight? One says that the Ukraine invasion was brought on by the dark forces of world government to distract the world from other activities and to lower consciousness levels and freedom attempts. The other one says that the attack is done by the light forces to rid the evil that has been taking place in that area and that Russia has taken on this mission to eliminate those evils. Both from Father Absolute. I am not being argumentative 🥰🤗…only want to understand why those channelings from the same source seem so different? Thanks! Rasia 💚💙🥰💚💙 — This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Sananda (