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“Rain Due from Reno” – VERITAS Report – 12.12.16

“Rain Due from Reno” – VERITAS Report – 12.12.16

Received via email by VERITAS at 10:30 PM EST. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Emerging again to send brief word. I have been hesitant to post as someone in Europe (I know who you are) is taking pieces of my updates and then adding their own information on it. I suppose the idea is to use my credibility and “enhance” it, then and pass it around.

Really ticks me off when someone does that. Would you please stop? Just asking nicely – this time.

Europe is of grave concern. The focus there is really intense at the moment. I believe it is much worse than what we glimpse and facing a catastrophe worse than our own.

So, it is time, then, isn’t it?

Despite so many false notices of things beginning, I have never had such strong indications of a “go” as I do for tonight. By the time this is posted, I hope that the wheels will be turning and we will have the beginning and 800 number that we so crave.

In secure meetings this week I noticed another thing. A lot of payments have happened, but many are held without ability to use, despite being told they were all done. They are mainly processed but with hold dates until use. Those we have heard of where they are using are very rare. In general, the floodgates simply haven’t opened yet. Let’s see if that changes tonight.

Green light should hit from Reno about 8:00 p.m.

The sequence will at least begin. It may be tomorrow morning before we see the impact, but the rain is starting and a flashflood is sure to follow.


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