Regarding Zim Redeemability” by Ron Giles – 1.10.19

Regarding Zim Redeemability” by Ron Giles – 1.10.19

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 1:19 PM EST on January 10, 2019

“Question on the ZIM” by (Anonymous) – 1.9.19

Anonymous, a word of warning: Very little if any info from TNT has been found to be accurate. The Zim Bond series AA (and others) from 2008-2009 are fully redeemable. TNT has been giving rates and dates and banking information for many years – none of which has been found to be true, yet they continue as if…

Zim Bond notes are a legal bond issued by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. While they are not still active as currency, the New Powers That Be (NPTB) are using the bond notes as a vehicle to flood the earth with new gold-backed currencies by redeeming them at face value. The rate will be a factor of the amount of Zim you have and the rate you ask for to accommodate the humanitarian projects you have in mind. The rate is negotiable at the redemption appoint. The rates you will receive are not published anywhere because they are negotiable. Rates on Bank exchange screens, front or back, have nothing to do with the rates you will receive. The Exchange/redemption funds are gold-backed and will be put into your account in the new Quantum Financial System. At our appointment, we will be given a web address where we can go and obtain information about the QFS and how to use it.

I suggest you do a word search for posts about the Zim on IDC. This word search box is found on any post in the upper right-hand corner of the web page. You will find ample information on the Zim; however, you must use discretion as to the information you will read concerning published rates of redemption – non have been factual so far. There is no way to know in advance the rates that will be available for us as all rates for the Tier 4 internet group are negotiable and will be determined by the humanitarian projects you want to do. It is just logical that they will give you what you need to do your projects so think big. You will receive what you need to, not only begin your projects, but sufficient funds to sustain the projects going forward.

Note: there is a lot of information published on IDC that is confusing and/or misinformation, including the information you read from TNT or Bruce from the Big Call. Avoid information that talks about banks involvement in the exchange or redemption, if used at all, they will only be agents of the QFS. All banking institutions are a part of the Central Banking System’s use of Fiat currency – USD etc. None of these banks will survive in the new QFS banking system. The QFS only deals with gold-backed currencies. Any bank that deals with Fiat currency will become extinct or at the very least, repurposed for use during the transition to the new QFS.Banking will no longer be a source of income for them with all their fees and manipulations. Fiat dollars for those entities that have obtained their funds legally will be transferred or exchanged into gold-back US Treasury Notes or the gold-backed currency of any nation that is GESARA compliant. This process is the Global Currency Reset (GCR) that is talked about but usually not explained very well. IDC has a lot of excellent posts concerning these often mentioned anachronyms. The Revaluation (RV) and the Global Currency Reset are often lumped together but they are separate events that may or may not occur at the same time.

Any information that gives, “limiting,” exchange or redemption information should be subject to scrutiny as there are many active shills on this powerful IDC platform. Shills don’t want you to have your humanitarian funds and they want you to be limited in your thinking or expectations about the exchange appointment.

The bottom line for the whole exchange/redemption process will be the freedom to use the funds to change the world’s economic system and bring about the abundance mentality, which is essential in the ascension process. How you participate in this endeavor is up to you. You get to do what’s in your heart to do, for yourself as well as others.

Good luck in your humanitarian projects and the use of your Zim finds. Find joy in your service.

Ron Giles