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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of November 18, 2016

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of November 18, 2016

Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset Update as of Nov. 18 2016

Compiled in the early morning hours of 18 Nov. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery Find articles on an International Child Exploitation Ring run by global elites of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult:

A. Nov. 17 2016 Bruce’s The Big Call:  712.770.4016 (code 123456#)  The Big Call w/ Bruce ft. Tank Intel Notes by PinkRoses 11-17-16

1. Bruce was requested not to do intel because the GCR is immanent.

2. Had info on Humanitarian projects, job creation, infrastructure needs.

3. The sovereign rate that you get will be dependent upon how you present your humanitarian projects.

4. Bankers refer to you as chosen to have this money while the banker is your business partner.

5. Check out the website: On the web site are global goals such as hunger, good health, gender equality, clean water sanitation, education, clean energy, decent work and economic growth, infrastructure, etc. That is a great place to line up with global leaders to help with humanity’s pressing problems.

6. What we have talked about on the Big Call: the TAP Group, Veterans Retreat, Ministries, water, water filtration and wells, community gardens, fish farming.

7. On is the Veterans Retreat we want to work with our veterans for land retreats. We had up to 85 sites to build them out to give our veterans rest and relaxation, and more importantly job training in several areas. Also PTSD counseling, family counseling, opportunity for them to live and working on the retreats. Also hiring of veterans to rehab housing and create new housing and buildings on these project sites. Over 100 page outline we put couple years ago that outlines what our intentions are for our veterans. I know we probably have a whole new direction, but will supplement whatever the government intends for our veterans.

8. We are also looking at the concept of rebuilding America in terms of our communities, townships, cities. We are talking about rehabbing housing in a big way by adopting cities and towns in the country. Getting 5000 big call listeners to adopt cities in our 50 states where we would have 5000 cities covered in our 50 states. Concept is as we adopt them we pick up a number of residential areas, possible the cities donate vacant lots. If the property is worth saving and retains the historicalness of the neighborhood, partnering with our banks and also our suppliers as well such as Home Depot, Lowes, and others with supplies.

9. We are going to create a web portal where we can communicate at online with each other so we know what is being done as a group. What our ideas are as the Big call and how each listener can plug in with a certain idea, or amount. My idea never seen to pool money where we are asking for donations.

10. We can share in that opportunity by plugging people in throughout the country with these various projects such as building schools, clinics, hospitals, and quite a bit of infrastructure roads, bridges. We are going to hire people. A lot of people to work planning to be the largest employer of veterans.

11. When you plan out your projects in outline form consider the longevity of the project. These are not fly by night. These are long projects even beyond our years here. These are projects that have longevity. Build that in to your presentation.

B. Nov. 17 2016 RV Update: “Make a Fist” – RV Intel Update – Thursday – November 17, 2016

1. This may be my last post. After 12 long years the RV water has finally broken and performance is now immanent, and certain in short order.

2. On sovereign rates: Literally, the banks will be able to offer anyone holding currency, especially ZIM, a blank check to achieve their dreams should they desire to manage that much money, and have the capacities to do so.

3. I believe Bruce will also be discussing this same topic on The Big Call tonight, thus I recommend everyone listening to refresh their minds before their upcoming RV redemption appointment. PLAYBACK: 712.770.4016(code 123456#) Bruce starts about 30 min. into the call

4. A sovereign rate is the same rate an ancient private banking sovereign family might qualify for, but for the first time in history, we as individual redeemers will now qualify and thus have access to such sovereign rates.

5. This is not to say everyone should ask or is qualified to manage higher sovereign rates versus a walk-into-the-bank market screen rate. However some who feel that they have been divinely “chosen” to serve a greater good philanthropic, can ask and receive said sovereign rates during this limited private exchange period during the unprecedented resetting of currency value globally.

6. Non-Disclosure Agreement: The banks are requesting that for those asking and receiving sovereign rates sign a Non Disclosure Agreement that legally obligates you to keep the terms of your negotiation private, as well as agreeing not discuss the RV or GCR in general terms for a specific period of time. NDA’s are a standard business practice across every industry.

7. Those who do not wish to sign an NDA for whatever reason, personal, moral or legal, can take and will be offered a market rate whereby they do not have to sign anything. It will be much lower than the sovereign rates. Several will prefer not getting a higher rate as it requires to much post-RV management.

8. For those redeemers who hold ZIM, be it a larger amount of notes or just been gifted a single note, will be asked to sign an NDA in order to receive a sovereign rate.

9. Redemption specialists have been trained to look for certain criteria in order to assign individual redeemers the higher sovereign rates. They prefer you to have completed professional business presentation materials. All banks understand that most to all currency redeemers will not be prepared with dynamite presentation materials so they have been trained to be flexible and listen, versus judge their new clients.

10. Get one of the early private exchange appointments, as your projects and/or greater good concepts are valuable to the banks and the world at large. If you’ve been working on something for a long time, already started a project and want to expand its scope, or have a few hypotheticals that represent your future greater good desires – that’s enough given the unusual nature of this financial event.

11. Be to the point, be certain, speak from your heart, redeem your currency at a rate you are happy with, ask for what you are worth, stand your ground until you get it, by all means be assertive, yet remember its just as wise to listen as it is to speak, get in and get out so they can get on to their next appointment.

12. Below are 5 finger talking points we suggest everyone mention when going after the higher sovereign rates.

a. Humanitarian Projects serve humanity’s greatest good. They are benevolent in form and in structure, and typically deal with the worst-of-the-worst situations and nations, which means third world countries. Micro finance for women in Latin America or drilling wells for villages in drought stricken villages across Africa would fall into this category.
Domestically, they lean more like highly controversial health or security situations say in impoverished urban centers right here in the United States. Child obesity & malnutrition on public school menus in say Detroit would be a good domestic example of a humanitarian project.

b. Infrastructure: Obviously many know the struggles of our Federal and State governments to find reconstruction capital for much needed domestic infrastructure projects such roads, bridges, sewers and fresh water treatment systems such as in Flint, Michigan. However, infrastructure can also mean transportation vehicle improvements, renovations of existing schools, general use municipality building construction and even state of the art special needs facilities for hardship families. Think of infrastructure projects as really big, community projects that individuals like you have never been able to assist in financing until now.

c. Job Creation: Think of job creation in new businesses but more in either rescuing large businesses who have been forced to flee the country to keep profits up and/or adding on to successful business that want to branch out but don’t have access or quality for cheap capital. There are a zillion ways to create jobs, even at the high school and college level, putting students to work in the summer and winter vacation months. A job is a job is a job is a job. White collar, blue collar, no collar or t-shirts… putting people to work and on a productive pathway is the purpose of this category.

d. New Business Creation: Interpret this classification more with small businesses and first time entrepreneurs. Meaning, raw business operators or start ups that need either first monies in to get started or mezzanine financing to take their business models to the next level, maybe even go international. It can also mean micro finance programs in both domestic and foreign endeavors, and or attracting foreign companies with trained labor forces to come to America versus watching them choose another location to start their business. Also, new business can mean funding artistic endeavors that are for profit… broadcasters, writers, journalists, sculptors, painters, digital graphic artists, singers, songwriters, poets, public speakers, chefs, restaurateurs, food trucks, landscape professionals, even dog groomers… as long as its productive and causing no harm, getting business started means pumping money into circulation, which is the whole point of giving sovereign rates to the “Chosen Ones”.

e. Bank Partnership: Think as much about those on the other side of the table and their responsibilities post RV as your own. The banks are in business to make money and they looking for people who can create as many transactions as possible for their banks to profit long term. Approach your redemption banker(s) in terms of needing a dependable “banking partnership” to handle all your amazing new businesses, existing businesses, humanitarian projects and infrastructure projects.

12. Be on the lookout for a TETELESTAI email with all updated sovereign rates and relevant exchange information.

C. Nov. 17 2017 Veritas comments: Comments on Posts 11/15-16/2016″ – VERITAS Q&A – 11.17.16

1. My intel assures that the GCR is moving, even today.

2. It is the exact timing of the GCR that eludes me.

3. The GCR will reach us in the form of the long desired 800 number.

4. It is not a prolonged wait. It is nearly here.

D. Nov. 17 2016 TNT Thurs. Update RayRen98: On Iraqi TV, the CBI posted on its website that all of the banks and exchange centers in Iraq are ready for the NEW reality! Interviews from CBI representatives are indicating that the banks have passed all international regulations and requirements.

E. Nov. 17 2016 11:11 am EST RV Update “Ribbon Dancing” Yosef:

1. As of 6 pm EST Nov. 16 2016 Republic leadership (politics), Dunford (military) and Wells Fargo (banking) gave the combined order to release the GCR/RV in these United States.

2. We are on an any minute basis.

3. Yesterday Nov. 16 2016 at 1pm EST in London, the IMF’s Christine Lagarde issued a public statement to release all Tier 1 and even Tier 2 and Tier 3 monies that had been on administrative hold. At least she was told she could make that announcement.

4. Yesterday Nov. 16 2016 the AIIB-US sent out three memos saying we were going either Thursday, Friday or Saturday depending on the memo.

5. Then AIIB-US said there was a great chance of going late Wed evening Nov. 16 2016.

6. This intel pattern was even backed up by Wells Fargo telling us prosperity package and humanitarian project couriers had marching orders and were to be ready for a green light after markets closed and the sun went down Wed. Nov. 16 2016 in Los Angeles.

7. We get all this amazing Intel every night, stuff about drones being up all over the continental United States, chaotic exchange activity in Reno, ZIM sovereign rates upwards of 1 ZIM to $51,000.00 USN+, even on-screen ZIM redemption rates that no one has to sign an NDA if they don’t want to.

8. The good news is we know the Vatican must hydrate the world before Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 24 2016), which starts the American retail Christmas holiday season, or said Vatican Satanists lose their mastermind cabal amnesty.

9. They actually pre-agreed to release the world by no later than Sun. Nov. 20 2016 per sovereign international law surrender treaty protocol (aka the special Jubilee).

10. Historic bond PPP Contracts are even starting to payout as of yesterday Nov. 16 2016. Can’t pay those puppies out without revalued currencies.

11. This all smells like an RV to me. What say you?

F. Nov. 17 2016 Pinkroses:

1. I wish to thank Grandfather, the Elders and others involved in this plan for giving me the opportunity soon to be able to do my heart’s desire to help the children around the world. Thank you from my heart to yours.

2. To all the members of dinar land thinking the negative thoughts and why hasn’t this happened yet day after day, please embrace this time of waiting into something positive instead of negative. You have been given a gift, a gift that only a tiny amount of people on the earth will receive. Please honor and respect the waiting time. We all will look back and know this blessing came to us at just the right time.

3. As we wait spending our time and energy in dinar land even though we are tire and worn out, think how it is a small contribution compared to the ones who have given up even their very lives for us to have this blessing. As it has been pointed out to us, we will not even know the names of these heroes that died for us.

4. May all of us use the remaining waiting time to bring honor to the ones who made this possible for us to receive this gift this blessing so we can help our families and others around the world for generations to come.

5. May all you find what resonates in your heart to help others and do so with a spirit of giving that brings honor to this God given blessing. May your journey on this path of receiving and sharing this blessing always be blessed for the benefit of others in our life time and generations to come. Light, love and hugs, Pinkroses


“Make a Fist” – RV Intel Update – Thursday – November 17, 2016

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of November 17, 2016

Comments on Posts 11/15-16/2016″ – VERITAS Q&A – 11.17.16

Gary Larrabee – Kent Dunn Released to Give us Information  712.770.4016 (code 123456#)

The Big Call w/ Bruce ft. Tank Intel Notes by PinkRoses 11-17-16
Gary Larrabee – Kent Dunn Released to Give us Information