Love is our new reality

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“RV Whistle” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Tuesday – August 8, 2017

“RV Whistle” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Tuesday – August 8, 2017

Received via email at 11:00 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


Dog whistles aren’t necessarily harmful, but if used improperly, they can be a big problem.

While humans can’t hear the high-pitched squeal such a whistle makes, dogs have a much more sensitive and powerful hearing mechanism.

This means that sounds that don’t much bother you or I, can be very annoying, even painful for your pooch.

The RV functions like a dog whistle.

Because if a Human Angel makes these sounds indiscriminately, they can really cause unnecessary discomfort.

See, the RV was designed to be impossible for the unawakened human ear to hear.

Now the RV whistle isn’t inherently harmful — to an extent — but if you blow it loud enough, long enough, most humans are simply unable yet to hear such a glorious clarion call.

They just won’t be able to handle your higher frequency, which will literally hurt their sense of reality if you persist.

So you stop trying. As they are spiritually destined to follow the song of your heart.

Thus, the RV creates a significantly more intense sound wave of love and mercy than has ever been heard before on the surface of planet earth.

Serious stuff folks.

Can you hear (believe) French banks were redeeming the ZIM yesterday at 1:1? And London and Zurich banks for months prior at the same starting rate?

A few of us even heard the global USN T4 authorization hold was lifted Sunday at midnight?

Boy, that would be a unique sound few would ever dare to hear, yet 100% true.

Huh, maybe the RV is real. Maybe I better get emotionally prepared to harvest this abundance?


And what of those group paymasters that have pay out responsibilities regarding historic bonds submissions and bulk currency redemptions?

Will their clients hear the silent RV whistle later today? We believe so, yes. Like a roaring train whistle!!!!

And what of the 1:1 starting negotiating starting rate for the ZIM? And why?

Easier for people to quantify. Whatever fiat face value they bring in, they get back in an equal amount.

Simple right? Smart. Easy.

But we’re also hearing at least 80% must go towards job creation and/or humanitarian projects. That’s just moral and logical.

Now can you hear the RV whistle? Have you transitioned from hoping to believing to knowing to neutrality? Cause that’s the correct emotional pathway.

I really hope so. Otherwise get prepared to have your minds blown. Just ask Wells Fargo redemption staff that were let go.

Thanks for coming. Collect your last checks. Speak to no one or be jailed.


In the meantime, please register for a 24/7/365 baby sitting service for your 800#s via the TETELESTAI sign up box @

Also discover the archives for our bi-weekly Human Angel clarion call as well as these SITREPS.

Both will help you to hear the coming post RV whistle and continuously develop your Human Angels ears.

Half Angel, half human, half dog. Lol!!!!!!

God is with us

* Bonus baby pic of Anela on her birthday for Showme’s Mom. Feel better Canadian Grandma!