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RV/GCR Intel Update – September 6, 2016

RV/GCR Intel Update – September 6, 2016

“Come to Jesus”

The RV has been temporarily frozen by Israel Mossad double Agents posing as internal US cabinet level leadership–all to help Israel buy more negotiating time / gain additional leverage in final Palestine Statehood / Israel territory land return.

Elders are pissed because G20 was always the scheduled to be China’s great unveiling of the wonderful new age coming out of the east (Operation Eternal Sunshine).

Yet here we are still waiting on a few cabal/USA, Inc created agencies for the RVs final authorization.  Does this make any sense now that every sovereign nation of the world is together in signed treaty?   Oh hell no!

But we are also now hearing rumors of a hard or forced RV time set for sometime Wednesday; however the heat is on the suicidal cabal holdouts and expected to prove too hot–forcing their final surrender before Tuesday night–which equates into the free release of your RV.

Know all Mossad double agents were deleted within an hour of their sabotage by the White Hat Military Operatives loyal to the new Republic.  Some very big political names were eliminated at their desk, in their homes, and while driving their cars.

No more delays are acceptable under any circumstance.

Meaning any remaining cabal agents attempting to stop human progress will meet the same, immediate and terminal fate–no questions asked, no trial–so further rebellion is nothing less than a  personal choice to commit third party suicide.

So consider this moment that emergency RV C-Section we’ve all been requesting as ordered and set to begin later tonight because the Chinese Royals loathe being embarrassed privately… let alone on a global stage.

In addition, Russian/Chinese governments have readied the full 9-11 truth dossier implicating cabal actors in not only Israel, but Saudi Arabia and all the sovereign nation / leaders who participated and also happen to be donors to the Clinton Foundation.

Shocking I know.

This is why Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu is suddenly fiercely negotiating with Moscow as he’s begging for his evil family’s survival–the lost Tribe of Dan.  This is why they track the bloodlines so closely–as it all human.  Wink, wink.  Nudge, nudge.  Disclosure is a comin’ folks.

He could care less about Israel as a religiously based nation because if Israel is exposed, BiBi knows the benevolent Hebrews will expose the Zionist faction of his government that has long occupied and ran the country–beginning shortly after WW1–through absolute treachery and fear based military tactics via the clandestine and merciless orders coming directly from House of Rothschild in Europe.

Also not all human.  Now do you see the need for such secrecy?  Such lies?  Such evil means to achieve an evil end?  There’s a now and has been since nearly the creation of man a non human genetic strand/species controlling, altering and enslaving human truth–and lying to us that their leadership is our hope, our light, our way forward.

Really?  Stop it, really?  Come on really?


And if you cash in a plug nickel of your currency, let alone quintrillions, just remember this email of all the emails you’ve r chives on this subject.  And then begin to investigate like crazy, at your own pace, in the privacy of your own conspiracy theories, because you deserve to know the real truth about your species, your planet, your soul.

Keep in mind everything geopolitically and domestically political is tied together in secrete due to the very nature of cabal octopus structure of invisible control.  Thus to publicly out the CF, all cabal nations and their faux ejected leaders will collapse underneath the weight of its shares family corruption.

Therefore, the upcoming US Presidential election also hinges on the RV release start time.  And we expect to see Mrs. Clinton’s health related resignation arrive in exact lock step with the 800#s.

A convenient distraction for the great cabal central banking/fiat money/infinite usury financial lie don’t ya think?

Humanity says yes.

Know both the end and beginning will occur in the same exact moment and soon, so stay ready mentally and emotionally.

God is with us.