RV/GCR Op-Ed Monday September 26, 2016

“$MALLPOX” RV/GCR Op-Ed Monday September 26, 2016 (8)



RV Op Ed

Monday September 26, 2016 (8)


“From nothing everything comes.”


1 Timothy 6:9-11 

Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness,faith, love, endurance and gentleness. 


Ever lose everything? In a fire? A bankruptcy? Maybe a historic flood? Robbery? Early onset dementia? Lost absolutely everything overnight?

If not, normally I would say you’re lucky, but in this case, I say those who know the lesson in losing everything are blessed because they own that from nothing everything comes.

Many are still holding onto a pre-RV mentality versus adopting a post-RV reality because it’s safe. You know it. You can live this life a little longer even if there’s a new reality, a new era, speeding at your life. Maybe it will demand that you leap over some threshold of belief into another realm of possibility and experience infinite abundance. Maybe not. We’ll see.

Although deep down, you all know that very soon all your currency will convert in digital credits backed in gold bullion, and all of this RV stuff will snap into reality for you. You’ll suddenly have “real money” to spend as you really wish, then watch out.

But what if I told you that money is not real at all? That money was a disease? Would you still allow your mind, heart and body to make the leap of faith into your post-RV lifestyle? Maybe. Maybe not. But continue friend…

Money is after all just a concept, right? 100% man-made most level headed people wouldn’t argue that. Everyone knows there is no physical or genetic origin of money on this planet, no money DNA strand per se. Its just a theory really. A possibility that someone decide needed to be so. A macro dream that magically manifested into everyone’s micro reality that was encouraged over time to be treated as life or death.

But for the vast majority of human existence on the face of the earth, there was no such thing as money–and still isn’t–because it doesn’t exist. Shalom!

Money literally does not and will not exist to them. Ask an Aboriginal, an African Bushman or Native Hawaiian? Heck, go ask a homeless dude on the streets of Jersey City… they will all tell you same truth in their own language, that money is man’s great lie, created by man to enslave his fellow man.

Here’s a cup of strong coffee: Everyone has once lived and will live once again without money. Book it, Dano.

Ironically, once the RV appears and brings with it its hoards of gold backed digital money (as if it appeared out of nowhere when it truth it’s been master planned, crafted, adjusted and now executed since the late 1600’s) people might quickly understand that humanity will be moving again to a reality, a consciousness and society where money as we understand it today… simply does not exist.

For is not this new gold backed digital money theory but fancy economic fodder drawn up in some D.C. or Beijing think tank? And how can your grand theory of a money-less society be if we’ve lived our entire lives striving to make, save, kill, hoard, give and spend money? Do tell. You are intriguing me… but I need more action verbs and conjunctive compound sentences…

Well, lets take a gold old fashioned plague like smallpox for instance as a random example of something that once was, yet is no more. Smallpox was a horrifying viral disease that existed in human history going back over 3,000 years. Thankfully, it was permanently eradicated from the human physical condition by 1979. Now can smallpox come back in human reality? Sure. Will it? Doubtful.

Has the earth significantly changed? Are rare earth elements and minerals suddenly made differently by Mother Nature? Do humans breath air that is suddenly different today then back then? Of course not. H2O maybe? Nope. So brother, what’s the point of this example… the Kardashians are coming on in an hour and I wanna find out which NBA star Khloe is hooking up with this week? Talk about a concept the needs eradicating… the freaking Kardashians need to be placed on the CDC’s most threatening to human decency list pronto, Tonto.

Look, the only thing that has really changed was people’s perception towards smallpox. At some point, smallpox became so common that the disease was deemed as a serious threat to the survival of the human species. So a lot of really good leaders and smart scientists got together and figured out how to eradicate smallpox. Now it did take a few hundred years but they cleared the slate of the genetic strand and now we live in a smallpox-less society. But what’s time and space? Ah, another post for later kids. Stay with me…

Turns out that every deadly plague or disease mankind has ever faced by definition is also a temporary condition, as all diseases past, present and future will be eradicated from the human genome. Why? Because God says we say so that’s why. He says we stand up to defeat it now by any means necessary. That’s what we do has human beings, that’s why He gave us our immune systems. We are divinely designed to attack and defeat what unrighteous attacks and attempts to defeat us.

This premise is also why all diseases in general is merely temporary concepts versus meaningful threats to existence, because humanity can at any time no longer deem something useful by Heaven decree, and band together as brothers and sisters in arms to systematically find a cure, apply the cure, discard the disease and do so in a relatively short reversal period. Then poof, no more disease. How novel. Victory over our oppressors. Hallelujah!

Folks, fiat money is just a temporary disease, and like smallpox we will have eradicated in just a few hundred years. When the disease of money became a threat to the survival of the human species, we rose up to defeat it. In fact, ever since those European goldsmiths started issuing linen chits in lieu of gold and silver coins–fiat (or paper) money was doomed. Sure they made it more convenient than carrying around bags full of precious metal coins–and certainly safer when riding your horse through a strange and dark forest at night–but never did they make it inherently valuable like gold or silver … because something that is intangible can never held as tangible value forever.

So if we want to change or improve society regarding anything, we can. And like us throwing money out to the curb tonight at midnight, we can overcome anything if spiritually, energetically, we allow ourselves to start with nothing and remember we have everything already by the grace and mercy of God the Father Almighty. In fact, once we remove the fiat money system and the false trust it was built on, the fiat money exchangers will flee like rats in a rain storm. Now do you see how they had become a threat to the survival of mankind?

They lied to us… for like four hundred years.

In our specific case as it relates to the USA, this cabal family used our government and Federal Reserve Bank to take away our money, with the help of a global cartel of central bankers, politicians, intelligence agents, old family (dark nobility) plants and military generals in a variety of different uniforms, cultures, languages and job titles. They all lie ’cause they’re all “cabal” in origin, and they do their best to keep up appearances and hide the grand illusion that money is in fact real.

They’re highly organized, ruthless and certainly well funded because THEY PRINT ALL THE MONEY. In secrete, this cabal cabal represents less than 0.00001% of the human population, but they’ve convinced the other 99.99999% that their fiat money is invaluable, thus they were able to attain more and more natural assets, property, influence, fame and prestige. When all they ever give us are lies meant to mislead and distract our attention. They coordinate psychological propaganda via the news media, entertainment studios, sports leagues, political elections, until voila… we stop asking questions about their fiat money monopoly. And if and when a few awakened souls do begin asking tough questions, cabal family agents spring into action and either pay them off, jail them, physically or legally intimidate them, or flat out destroy them. Then voila… their problem is solved… and the monopoly is preserved.

Why do you think they invented monopoly for us to play as children? Seems to me all it does is enforce their fiat money lie.

And do you know why Bill and Hillary cannot, nor ever will stop lying? They can’t. No cabal family member can. Because that’s the truth of who and what they are… deceptions the cabal’s whole game plan. And they’re forced to lie on behalf of the cabal’s interests at all costs. So as psychopathic liars go, the Clinton’s are uniquely gifted and unquestionably committed. Oh, and don’t sleep on Chelsea either, she’s quite the young study–mom has molested, I mean trained her well.

Yo, dude, can we have some good news please? Maybe step away from the whole Clinton and Kardashian angel because we all already known they’re on the Super Friends short-list for most heinous public villains against humanity?

Alright. Alright. Alright. As of tonight, like one minute after midnight I’m told, the 800#s are gonna release and those same old families that once believed they had absolute rule over their subjects will publicly lose their fiat financial kingdom… forever. Yes, you read that correctly… the Kardasians are heinous public villains against humanity. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Turns out this mystical monetary trust mankind once gave to to the cabal has completely been eradicated, and like smallpox, we’ve decided to rid ourselves of their money disease once and for all. Blah. Blah. Blah. And too boot, we’re going back to hard precious metal accounting for all monetary transactions, exchanges, trades and barters. Now this may not seem real, or right, or Kosher… but trust me when I tell it’s so and you’re the beneficiary.

Wait, so Hillary Clinton is a biker lesbian and a family pedophile? Did that just happen or am I dreaming?

How is all this possible you ask? How can we exist without fiat paper money when our entire culture, every culture, is still living, breathing, working and dying around the concept of money? Well, humanity got some really smart economists, engineers, technicians, bankers and generals together and we created a new financial system that does away with fiat certificates and eliminates the concept of money as we understand it. It took five plus decades, but we got it done.

And hopefully tonight, all the cabal’s paper money will be taken in, converted to digital credits and destroyed. No press. No fanfare. No memos. No lies. The world is made right again and transgender shows and bathrooms come to a screeching halt. Plus, the concept of fiat monetary value is being physically eliminated from circulation just like the concept of smallpox was physically eliminated from the human genome.

Now if you think back into your 1600’s soul member, maybe you’ll remember that humanity doubted whether or not they could eradicate smallpox from the face of the earth? But check it, they did. Dam. So why not money Holmes? Why not now hombre? Aren’t both smallpox and money just temporary concepts who’s time has come and gone? Hasn’t money caused more death, more destruction, more devastation than all the psychological diseases in mankind’s history bar none? Damn straight. Poor some of your forty out for money, kid… it’s like dead, dead.

Khole Kardasian, oddly hot or walking human pig face I get so confused as to what NBA ballers find attractive.

Sadly, the cabal for centuries found it so easy to roll out fractional reserve and central banking (loaning a portion of wealth out against a larger portion of wealth, without any unified control over the total loan amount). In the same spirit, the new-powers-that-be will find as easy to roll out our appointment digits. Because everything is temporary on a long-enough time line.

So whether you’ve had the privilege of already experienced abject fiat paper money poverty or are now preparing yourself to cannonball feet first into this infinite pool of RV gold backed digital wealth, remember you were born free with nothing and everything came. So act free. Live free. And yo, be free.

God is with us.


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