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RV/GCR SITREP, August 22nd

“MERCY” SITREP Monday 14:00:00 August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016


Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
– Jesus Christ


Dear Currency Holders & Republic Political Leadership:

Saturday night, a key computer infrastructure system integral to the RV mainframe was brought down due to a rogue cabal attack at a top secrete military location.

Additional tactical military personnel was called in to both replace the system and guard this RV server location against future attack.

The new hardware components were installed on Sunday, thus reconnecting the digital RV redundancy network once again.

Special algorithm software was then loaded to reboot the new system @ midnight Sunday: and we are told this reboot is now three quarters complete as of noon Monday.

So if all goes as rescheduled, we’re looking at a late evening Monday, early Tuesday release (WF).

This past weekend was without question the RV release weekend set by the Authors of the Plan (AOP) long ago for a host of reasons.

So yes, humanity is now well past the due date for delivery of our RV baby.  But there’s no more oxygen left in the womb.  Humanity is now overtly suffocating across the globe.

Know that all world economic trading and banking platforms were not designed to handle this much insolvency (lack of liquidity), and due to basic organic scarcity stress, it is currently teetering on the brink of collapse any hour of this week–if it hasn’t happened already and they just refuse to tell the masses.

Yet the mainstream media and psychopathic politicians are lying to us constantly because they don’t want us to create more panic.  However, any way you look at this situation, we are all now in a very grave and utterly urgent situation at this moment.  Something has got to give!!!

So we pray for mercy.  We surrender to love.  We trust in God the Father to deliver us.  But what really changes?   Nothing.  So we do nothing and suffer.  But doing nothing only goes so far as a strategy–eventually humanity has got to get into this sovereign wealth, elite family decision making game.

Simply due to a lack of competency and/or courage on behalf of the white hat commanders and Asian digital architects that are reason also for the eleventh hour anti-Christ attack and rapidly waning patience of the Elders for our own US Republic leadership.

All of you people are on there hook for rolling out the US version of the RV–like yesterday!–as were already creeping into tomorrow.

So what the pressure on you is unbearable within the inner circles on both sides because the Elders intentionally, mathematically, drained the fiat money swamp dry.

All of you are responsible for restocking the economic global  pond with both fish and water ASAP, or else you will create more major consequences that will further negatively effect the world’s health.

It’s wonderful that this weekend was to be the end and the beginning of the RV.  Yet nothing happened, and here we are once again, with no RV, no hydration, no performance.  Shame on you people!!!!

Get this done Fighting Joe, double time, because even your most loyal soldiers and biggest advocates are dying out here on the battle fields of life, as we lack the necessary resources to defend our own families — let alone our communities.

Mr. President, Mr. Speaker please hear this request with an open heart — perhaps it’s time to absorb some of that bloody collateral damage and public exposure you’ve so been avoiding in exchange for protecting and serving the best interests of your country and constituency?  Maybe it’s time you served the meal God hath prepared for us, the meek of the earth, instead over preparing and over insuring a historically stoic mission.  We need results fast!

Just know that while you continue to refine and ponder execution strategies of the AOP master plan, babies are starving.  And you are losing valuable human capital as well as hard assets by the second because there’s zero liquidity in the free market system.

And while we understand you too have made sacrifices in the past, maybe even some in the moment, you do not sleep hungry or fear for the safety of your children with perpetual emotional distress.

Your citizenry needs you to deliver your “Better Way” plan versus speaking to it on the Internet and providing links.

Guys we need food.  We need jobs.  We need resources.  We need mercy.  Please end this involuntary hunger strike due to arrogance and self-righteousness and do your fucking jobs as per the Constitution or get the hell out of office.

It’s with great humility that we offer this in closing, either release the RV tonight or consider your souls on trial for murder.  As that’s how desperate things have become on the street.  We just thought it important you know the real situation–for us real people–in real time.

Oh, and enjoy the rest of your day in your air conditioned, catered tent up in the hill.  Remember, God is watching and He keeps an eternal scorecard.