RV/GCR SITREP Update – July 29, 2016



Hello everyone,

I received this SITREP via email.   I will be posting the TETELESTAI update from Yosef when it hits my email inbox.  Very honored to be included as a distribution channel for the #800.

My Best









July 29, 2016

12:00:00 EST



We’re expecting toll free number release and bank performance very shortly…

Look for a TETELESTAI email with 800#s attached…

Go slow folks and remember less is more…

God is with us…



Pre-E xchange  Checklist

  • Select a bank to redeem your currency : Wells Fargo (lead bank), HSBC, Bank of China; TD, RBC, Scotia Bank.
  • Call  the national  800# number & g ive operator  your  zip code & currency  count ( country  &  total amount ) .
  • Schedule a local redemption appointment (day, time, address  to  be given).
  • Arrive with currency ,  gift receipts ,   gift letters , and all relevant existing account info, trust, 501c3, LLC  documents in hand.
  • Provide 2 forms of personal identification (pictured is preferred).
  • Speak to  what you  desire  to accomplish : H opes, Dreams, A spirations (include all humanitarian projects and job creation goals) .
  • Exchange currency at your optimal rate .
  • Select a structured program for the optimal period of time .
  • Sign the banks  private contract that will acts also as a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • Schedule a follow-up wealth management meeting (if desired).
  • H ave any cashiers checks cut  or direct account wires deposited.
  • Leave off site redemption location with less than $ 10,000  in new USN currency.
  • Do not share your transaction details with friends or family as this potential will violate your NDA.
  • Enjoy your blessing, share it  humbly  with others less fortunate–anonymously is best.
  • Remember, this event   is just one banking transaction  event that’s part of a  much larger spiritual transition.

Structured Payout Programs

  • Term Length: 2-100 years
  • Interest Range: 1.99% – 6.50%
  • Principle Invested: 65% – 96%
  • Available Liquidity: 1% – 35%
  • All structured payout programs will be placed into temporary trusts (60, 90, 120 days) if you do not already have a trust.
  • Redeemers who are 70 years or older may select a 5 year program

Redemption Rates

Below are the reported “top end” privately negotiable rates (i.e. sovereign rates) for those currency redeemers who desire to fund large scale humanitarian projects and/or create jobs in volume.

Lower international rates and/or market rates are also available for anyone desiring less money, responsibility or simply do not wish to harvest the highest possible rate.

Take what you need and leave the rest for someone else.  But by all means, ask for the rate and term that gives yourself the best opportunity to achieve all your goals, including possible future goals for yourself, family, charitable causes and greater good projects in your community.

  • 1 ZIM    =  571.00 USN 
  • 1 IQD    =  168.00 USN
  • 1 VND   =  113.00 USN
  • 1 IRR    =     70.00 USN
  • 1 IDR    =     70.00 USN
  • 1 AFA   =     10.00 USN

* All currencies will be redeemed at their printed face values, including the ZIM.


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