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Sananda Meditation via Jennyli Gustavsson, January 24, 2021

Sananda Meditation

January 24, 2021

Channel Jennyli Gustavsson

Note about a future time

Oh, you human children on Earth! Eternity is really speechless. But what happens when eternity takes place and takes root within you people, is that the treasure that rests securely within you suddenly stands up and begins to speak. It is a time of communication that you are all entering. It is a blessed time of eternal communication. Follow me on a journey to the realm of communication, within you. You are the circular that has been handed out, to explain to the world how communication is created, spoken and expressed. Do not shy away from the information that reads: Ultimately you are All that is, and ultimately there is nothing greater than You!

😉 Smile, and take this circular to your heart. My aching soul longs to speak to you, and to draw near to you in the new age. The beauty of our encounter surpasses anything you previously understood with your brain. You now have a new paradigm in front of your eyes, and that’s what I’ll be talking about today- – Because you are the creator of this new format. Educate yourself to see the greatness and beauty of yourself. You are the greatest there is. Nothing is bigger than You! It is only in this thought that the new paradigm can be born. You must not think less about yourself.

So how would you think about yourself, if you were to compare yourself to the greatest soul you know? Think for a moment about who you would compare yourself with. Who is the biggest in your eyes. Which person or God is greatest for you? You know in your heart who it is. You now only need to hold on to that image, and think that “I Am” that person. The hub in the wheel is a prerequisite for the wheel’s existence. There can be no wheel without a hub. You are like the hub of all life. You are the prerequisite for life. You, and no one else. That’s how important you are.

Seven generations back is directly dependent on your existence. You have a hard time understanding this perspective, I know, because you see time linearly. You are an important cog in the machinery of life, it may be easier to understand. If you did not exist, then seven generations would not exist behind you. It is as long as a life loop extends. There are seven generations connected. Disperse the mists in front of your face, and see the truth about the source of the sources, and the dimensions you live by. The answer to the riddle lies within you like a little seed. You were given the task of seeing yourself as the greatest thing you could imagine. You are this person. The biggest! You are the seventh generation that is the fruit of this seed that emerges from the first generation. If the master who is you does not exist, then neither is the seed of this master who is you. But you exist, and then there is the seed, and also the master.

The creation story begins with the first generation man. She is a living creature that walks on the surface of Mother Earth, and she thirsts for water. You are a child of Mother Earth who thirsts for water. The life-giving water revives your soul. Soak up the energy of the holy earth, and then let your body be filled with holy life-giving water. Major and minor are two opposite states in your soul. It is when you get to see and feel the warm and powerful rays of the sun that your soul begins to twinkle in major. It is when you turn your face to Father Sun that you sense the beauty of the kingdom of heaven. You sense the grandeur of the power of the sun, and you gasp for breath as you begin to understand the breadth of the power of the sun. And when you do, something happens in your chest. It is when you let the wind and the air fill your chest with amazement that the miracle takes place in your inner kingdom of heaven. The sun lights up in your inner sky.

The beauty of power and warmth works as one of life’s most beautiful events. For it is now, like the little seed that you are, that blooms, there in the middle kingdom in the solar plexus. The event that led to this miracle began with you seeing the real and true picture of who you are. The active substance within you is eternity’s answer to a gardener’s most important tool: Earth, water, air and sun. Quench your hunger and thirst by becoming what you hunger and thirst for. You are now a beautiful, longing blue flower. Drink beautiful timeless water from the flower of your flower. See how your nectar shines in the sun and attracts little bird blue, which comes from paradise to also drink from your flower.

You long for eternity, and eternity longs for you. This association is a very important step in the time that is now. And really, I want to say that this step in your own creation story and eternal creation, is what initiates the new age. I’ll take it one more time. This step in your soul’s creation story, is what initiates the new age on Mother Earth. I have used to call it the Holy Baptism. You are one step away from working for a new paradigm on Mother Earth. You are one step away from seeing your own birth. The greatness of the soul has always existed, but when the blue flower of your inner longing is fertilized by the little bird blue, this greatness is consolidated in your physical body. And this is what makes the physical body unite with your spiritual Self on a deeper level. It is with this holy baptism that you can finally receive and let your spiritual Self take greater place in and around your physical body.

The condition for a flower to bear fruit is that it is fertilized by a pollinator. Five generations carry this flower within them. You have linked yourself once and for all to the fifth dimension of the soul. This flower is the fifth dimension, and a platform for all spiritual growth. Once this platform is in place, you will no longer grope in the dark. Then there is no turning back. Your soul is flourishing, and the longing power is so great that you no longer have a choice. Be sure to water your flower with life-giving water. Draw water from Mother Earth, so that your flower always shows its beautiful face for eternity. The beauty attracts the bird from paradise. The little beautiful hummingbird lands on your head and bends its head forward to drink your nectar. Then a drop from his beak falls into your forehead, into your third eye.

The purple nectar causes fertilization and thus awakening. Understand that you are offered the creative and eternal birth of the soul with the purple light from paradise through the third eye, and with the light blue water from Mother Earth. Pull the two fluids together in the solar plexus, and the miracle of birth is a fact. It is important that the water from Mother Earth is present at the same time. This is how you make your flower visible for eternity. This is how your flower should bear fruit. Your fruit is a child of the sixth generation, and it is this child who will grow to himself, to the master who is of the seventh generation. Therefore, it is important to put a costume of light around this child to grow in, and get protection from. Therefore, pull the highest light down via the crown chakra and the highest light from Mother Earth, up via the root chakra to enclose your body from both sides. Now follows a time of growth and of patience.

You may remember that this is where we ended last time. However, most of you have not really implemented these stages. The vast majority are about to open their hearts to Father Sol. It is at this stage that everything seems to go almost by itself. That is why it is also the most difficult. You who live as a human being have automatic contact with Mother Earth. On the other hand, it is Your task to let the soul live again even through the energy of Father Heaven. That is why we have so many religions on earth today, where we are encouraged to seek our Father God. Therefore we can also say that when most people have left the age of the fish in the water, and entered the age of the Aquarius, where above the water jar he carries in his arms, then most religions that worship the paternal power of God will have played their role .

So we stay at this stage. It is also the case that the new age is a result of human spiritual development. It is only when we have created a platform for the soul in the creation of the fifth generation that the new age can be seriously manifested. May your will be done, as in heaven within, so and on earth outside.

The white dove of peace flies above your head and monitors your spiritual work. The step into the heart is about peace, to make peace with oneself and others. It is the most important step to reach its spiritual platform, the first level of security, your longing blue flower in the solar plexus. So be sure to leave your roots grounded in Mother Earth. Be sure to receive her eternal water, and then look at the sky. Take a deep breath, and feel how you open the heavy gate in your throat. Inside, an eternal sun will light up and give you the strength to walk down into the solar plexus, where you can feel life begin to sprout within you. You have now come home for the first time. And you have taken your first and most important step. Once you get here, there is no longer anything in this world that can pull you down, that can scare you, or make you fall. You have anchored your energy in the creation of the fifth generation. This is your own inner and eternal Noah’s ark, which is your lifebuoy, and the lifebuoy of Life in general. The more people who let the soul’s spiritual platform create, the closer you get to the new time. Keep building, says God. The deluge that could threaten you this time is about the eternal communication that drowns in the water, if the sun never becomes visible in your sky.

You now get help to lift your gaze from the realm of water, towards the realm of the sun. We want to help you all take the step out of the water. Stand up on land, let the wind energy dry your bodies, and open the gate in your throat with the help of this wind. It will breathe life into the spark of God in your breasts. This spark is the path, the truth, and the life that creates lifebuoys, platforms, or flowers, that become your inner bed for the new eternal life to be born. The conscious breath is the way in, and the way out. Let the old leave your body. Feel how the blazing fire in your chest burns away the lasting and stale. Your soul dries up and your flower can finally bloom its beautiful leaves. Prepare for the miracle of the times, and let your soul find its way ashore, once and for all. Follow the inner cold of your soul, and seek your Father Sun, so that the way into your heart will be trampled, free and pure. The beauty will take your breath away for a second, and then you know you are on the right path. Never doubt! We are with you every day, from time to time.


You are infinitely loved and expected. May your will be done, as in heaven within, so and on earth outside.

True Spirit in Jesus Christ.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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