Love is our new reality

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Sanat Kumara via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 7 and 8, 2018

Message from Sanat Kumara for March 7-8, 2018



Sanat Kumara 3/7/18

Greetings dear children of Earth, during the great changeover form darkness into light. My message to you tonight is that of utmost simplicity, for you are weary and your days of transmuting are long.

Love persistently. For there is nothing else. Can you feel, can you see? Show up and be the loving presence in the room. This in itself will help you fulfill your mission as you are Christ-light ambassadors to those who are still in the process of remembering.

Love persistently yourselves, with all of your idiosyncrasies. Love those around you wherever your path may lead. And wherever you go, Love will lead the way, like a blazing torch of Oneness, so that all who see and feel your presence will know and remember that same power is within them as well. And that power is Love.

I am your Sanat Kumara.

Sanat Kumara 3/8/18

Dearest children, friends of old, it is I Sanat Kumara again with further information for you, as our message last night was short but sweet due to very real fatigue.

My message for today would be to trust that still small voice within you and to dare to listen to it for it will be right. For it is but a whispering of your higher self-aspect coming through to you for comfort and wisdom. Much of what you seek consultation for rests within you. For think of the myriad of lifetimes and experiences that you have had and can call upon for references. It is a dense library of knowledge that lies within you, truly! Do not be surprised by this still, but rise up and own your power, Humanity. For your awakening is nigh, and you, friends who are reading these words of wisdom are truly the way-showers. Of course no one understands you! It is because you are setting the curve and setting the bar as far as what ascension within the confines of human physicality looks like. And well friends, it looks like you.

So ground deeply within to your higher self and to the New Earth and be assured and be at peace. These times of tumultuous change are exhausting for our transmuters out there to say the least, and we all, the Company of Heaven and your Galactic brothers and sisters, all thank you for your service to Gaia.

Continue to listen. Do not be discouraged and be at peace. All is proceeding and I, Sanat Kumara, am always available for your consultation. We are a team. We are one.

We are one.

~ galaxygirl