Sanat Kumara via Jenny Schiltz, December 16th


Understanding what is Transpiring in this Now ~ Sanat Kumara 12-16-15



Greetings! We come to you today to explain much of what has transpired and what is transpiring in this now. Many of you feel that you can not possible go on as there is no time to catch your breath as these energies flood your earth changing everything around you. These changes take place in increments within the smallest aspect to the largest aspect. All around you, all that you create, and all that you are is being molded and changed in these moments. Change is not easy when you do not understand what is happening within and without, our hope is to bring clarity and peace within.

Understand that agreements have been made with every soul on earth to be part of this process, all souls even those whose role it is to magnify duality and amplify darkness. These souls, as with all who bring up negativity in you, are helping you to see where thoughts, beliefs and actions are not in alignment with source. What is happening within you in these moments is also happening in the world around you. As each of you works to clear yourself of all that does not match the highest frequency so to is the collective. This process can be as easy and as hard as ones ability to let go and allow. That which is deeply rooted in all aspects of ones being or within your collective will be the most difficult to clear and will also need greater amplification so that all facets may be examined and that which is not in alignment, discarded. Simply put all that moves you from love, love of ones self, love of your fellow man, and love of source must come to the surface to be recognized so that you are able to choose in each moment. There will be those who refuse to see what is being shown, this too is part of their path as they long for greater experience in the denser energies.  When you allow yourself to be the observer and remove judgement you will see that all is perfect and all is conspiring to help you move forward in your soul growth in every moment.

For many this process can be quite painful, physically and mentally and only the strongest souls are choosing to partake in this momentous time. The amount of light on your earth has never been higher than these moments. Those sensitive to the energies are feeling the waves of light and wish for it to either stop or stabilize. What must be understood is that within each wave there are codes that change your physical, mental, and emotional bodies within you and within the collective as a whole. For those who have chosen to feel these shifts, to hold enough light so that they are aware of each change and fluctuation it can be a tiring time indeed. One must be in a place of surrender and allowing in each moment for these changes to quickly move through you. It is resistance that causes the most suffering. When one has expectations of themselves, of this process, and of others this creates a deep resistance. Allowing all to transpire in its due time, allowing yourself the grace and compassion to move through the changes without getting lost in ego will allow all to flow as intended.

Your human form is experiencing many upgrades at this time. This can be exhausting and at times uncomfortable. Bringing beliefs forward that create fear in regards to your health will create resistance that prolongs the intended experience. We ask that when you feel fear that you sit quietly and ask for your inner guidance to come forth. Feel within your being if there is physical pain from health concerns or from your form changing in response to the codes coming to earth. What is transpiring is an evolutionary process that has been greatly accelerated. As one goes through this process it is not uncommon to feel disconnected from all around you, to feel as if you are not as solid and to feel dizziness as you raise in frequency. We liken this to your feeling of jet lag. You have moved in frequency and you must then physically re-calibrate to the new location and magnetic field. This requires your physical form to adjust. With each growth in vibration you are then able to access higher and higher frequencies that require you to clear more in order to  utilize them. For those wanting a break, they must understand that the higher self is able to see what awaits and is excited to continue your forward progress. Trust that all is happening as it should and for your highest benefit.

Many changes will continue to take place within you and on your planet as you end this most momentous year. On the 19th of December your planet will be aligned with the galactic core allowing for transference of sacred knowledge. Once it enters your planet, each of you will utilize the information as is intended for you and your path. During your solstice and the full moon much will be cleared as well. This is a good time to set your intentions as to what you would like to achieve in your year 2016. Great changes are upon you and the excitement is palatable. We are looking forward to continued growth within each of you and in your collective.

Walking with you on this journey,



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