Love is our new reality

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Sanat Kumara via Linda Dillon, April 20, 2018

Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

Suzi: Welcome.

SK: And welcome to you, beloved one, and welcome to all of you during this time of dramatic change, of shifts in beliefs and attitudes, in habits and patterns and environments and societal structures, and yes, in law.

Now I speak to you first of all as brother and ally, yes, as Planetary Logos, but does that title, that very honouring title, not make me appear distant? That is why I say to you: “I come to you as brother and ally, as friend.”

Universal Law is teaching you, in a very practical way, how our Mother brings about, births, creates everything from the tiniest grain of sand, from the dust mote, to a distant galaxy. She is, as you well know, phenomenal – and might I even say phenomena unto Herself. [Smiling] But I do not come this day to simply praise the Mother, because that is a given and we would be here for much longer than an hour! [Chuckling]

I come to talk to you, yes, about Universal Law, and how we are applying Universal Law to this collective, to this planet, to the Gaian situation that is in the midst of such dramatic change.

Now I could say to you that we are applying the laws, the Universal Laws, this toolkit, this handy-dandy toolkit to the planet, but in fact that is not so. The planet herself knows fully well how to create. The kingdoms, all of them – from the stone people to the winged ones, to the canines to the lions, the tigers, the bears, the giraffes, the elephants, the whales, the water, the air – they know how to create. That concept of creation is not foreign to them and, as also with you, it is embedded in the DNA.

You have an expression – and a very sad and sorry expression – that something has been “beaten out of you.” And it is true that for many the understanding of Universal Law – and the principles of Universal Law, but that is another conversation – the understanding of Universal Law and the understanding of how to apply Universal Law has literally been beaten out of you.

I do not say this merely to be dramatic. I say this because you need to understand, my beloveds, that for thousands and thousands and thousands of years there has been a denial of your ability to create – and your ability to create utilising Universal Law – these very straightforward precepts of how to bring forth what your heart desires in alignment with your mission and purpose.

We do not wish to negate or to underestimate how entrenched, how beaten-down you have been as a collective, and how entrenched this denial of this self-ability to bring forth has been. And yes, it has been a result of a very exaggerated and elongated process of abuse of authority and denial of self-authority.

Now understand what I say. I am not suggesting that there has been a denial of responsibility. There is a difference, and it is not a slight difference, between authority and responsibility – and I say this very particularly to you of the lightworker/loveholder community. You are more than willing to assume self-responsibility, responsibility for the creation and co-creation of your life and of Nova Earth and of Nova Being, and that is laudable, amazing, spectacular, beautiful, stellar… I could go on and on with the list.

You have not been fully – although this is coming – in the place of your authority to literally execute change. I do not say this in a way of criticism; quite the contrary, because the good news is you are absolutely in the place now of assuming that authority. This is why we have spent so much time talking to you about the assumption and the application and the practicality of your Divine Authority, of your literally God-given right to proceed.

And I mean this in proceeding in small ways of deciding what you want to eat and drink, where you want to live, and in very big ways like changing the landscape, shall we say, of human law, of what has been called – and I would use the term very loosely, with a deep bow to Michael and Gabrielle – “justice.”

Justice is part of my purview and there are many of us – and I include Serapis Bey. When I speak of … (interruption) … let me continue, because there can be no interruption when I speak to you this day, yes, of course, of your mission and purpose, but also of the next step in the collective mission and purpose and what you are really doing.

In assuming your Divine Authority, you are declaring the reality of injustice, of the lack of unified and united Heart of One. You as the collective, and you as the loveworker/lightholder – yes, let’s turn it around! – community, are being asked to step forward and declare the injustice, the lack of love, which permeates so many of your systems.

But let us also speak of the human legal system – and it does not matter whether it is in the United States of America, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, or Switzerland; it is not systems based on the Laws of Love. And so, each of you, in various ways, are being asked to step forth and in fact declare where fairness, where the balance, where the ability to stay in a unified grid of love and heart… where that rests.

And it is not about, my beloveds, ascendency or preferential treatment of one being over another. It quite literally is creating a world where kindness and gentleness and consideration and laughter, sweetness and sharing are the watchwords, are the operational principles where the sovereignty of the individual is honoured, not dismissed.

Now some of you are doing this behind the scenes, some of you are like a mosquito buzzing around the legal system, and some of you are standing right in front of the Supreme Court. Each of you, in accordance with your sacred mission and purpose – the intention of who you are – are being asked to declare, sometimes in complete silence, by simply being the observer and the guardian of justice, of truth, to call forth what truly is of peace, of harmony, of fairness, of love.

And in so doing, what you are being asked to do is to declare that human laws that are punitive, that are dishonouring to the human free will and sovereignty, to love – if there is anything less than love and kindness – then it is not acceptable.

Now you say to me, “Well, Raj, how do we deal with situations where there has been great abuse of both responsibility, lack of responsibility, authority, and abuse of authority? How do we prevent mayhem in the street?”

Now let me suggest to you, my beloveds, I am Planetary Logos, I am Keeper of Universal Law. I know about mayhem and I have been working with this planet for many, many, many thousands of years, so I do not come at this from a place of naiveté. And I know your concern that if there are not checks and balances – and that is what some would call your legal systems: “checks and balances” – that there would be murder in the streets.

And why is that? Some of you would say, “Well, there are just bad seeds; there are people who just want to be mean and cruel and abusive and take advantage.” And I would like to correct you – and that is not a common thing for me or any of us who are ascended masters to do. Well, Serapis Bey has no qualms about doing this! There is not a single being – in any realm, by the way – on your planet that does not yearn for love, that does not yearn to feel and to be seen and valued as whole, as worthy, as cherished.

Now what happens when that does not occur? It is much the same as a two-year-old acting out because they are tired or moody, or underfed or overfed, or simply throwing a tantrum – chaos, mayhem occurs, whether it is in the aisle at the supermarket or in a tragic shooting of innocents, or the beating of a woman or a child, or the slaughter in Syria; these are all on the same spectrum.

And you say, “Yes, Raj, I get that, I understand, and how do we change that? It’s not a matter of just saying ‘well, we have to love each other’ because there are still these recalcitrants, and there are still those that would go ahead and create murder and mayhem.”

You are in a very dramatic time of transition. You are in the time of Ascension! This isn’t simply a term or a process that we throw around. You are in your ascension and you are leading the pack! And in that you are the wayshowers, you are the pathfinders, you are the pillars and the guardians of the gate.

So what you are doing is laying down the new paradigm, and you are showing and demonstrating literally/physically/materially what is possible. And how you are doing this is, of course, from the sweetness of your being, from the gentleness of your being, from the love of your heart, the brilliance of your mind, and through the application of Universal Law.

Think of this. You are being asked to apply to these situations of unfairness of human legality, in the whole spectrum, the laws. So you look at a situation and you apply a law. Now, traditionally what has happened with the human collective is you have been very familiar, consciously and unconsciously, of applying the Law of Change which is basically organic growth.

It is time for things to be sped up and so what I am asking of you, as you are confronting – and it is confrontation, not war, but there is a confrontation element, yes, with love, to what you are doing. Think of it in this way. When the parent says to the child that has gone astray and put themselves, knowingly or unwittingly, in harm’s way and the parent says to the child: “You can’t do that; there is a better way and I’m going to show you how, because obviously you’re acting out because something is missing in your life.”

So, in these cases, you are assuming your Divine Authority, acting on behalf of Mother/Father/God, and saying, “No. There is a better way.” And what I am asking you to do is to really apply the Laws of Transmutation and Transformation, with the odd exception of throwing in the Law of Elimination, because most of you whom I speak to you this night are not quite there yet.

You are balancing. You are using the Laws of Balance, of Give and Receive, Attach and Detach, Above and Below, and applying it to these situations that are so out of balance. And it is unseen work, except for those of you who are literally being confronted in the physical realm. But when you are seeing these situations which are anathema – whether it is bombing in Syria or murder and mayhem in a prison, the shooting of school children, the torture of women, the beating of a child – you are applying these laws and you are saying, “No! That is not acceptable. There is a better way.” And you can do this without saying a word!

Some of you in your mission and purpose, in your sacred undertakings, are to have a voice. It is what you volunteered for. It is what you said to the Mother: “Let me go back and finally speak my piece because I am sick and tired of this. I want to be part of the active change.” And some of you are doing it quietly, but all of you are doing it!

But rather than the unconscious application to organic change of “oh, it’s nice, change is taking place, let’s wait another 20 years,” I am not prepared to wait another 20 years! I am not prepared to wait another 2 years – and neither is the Mother!

And that is why all of these energies and all of our entreaties to you, all the availability of the teachings, have been made so public – so you are assuming this mantle of authority. But it isn’t simply assuming it and walking down the gangway being a Paris model. It is about taking it to the people; everybody else gets it, it is just the people, and these are people that are cowering and crying and calling out to our side for love.

We shower you with love. We assist you in ways that you can’t even imagine! But you are the implementers, you are the delivery agents, you are the ones that are saying, “Yes. We can show you and we can demonstrate, not just hold nice energy. We can show you and teach you and apply how these changes can happen overnight, eradicating this need for punitive, judgmental behaviour.”

Now, dearest Suzi, I know I have gone on, but where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, my gosh, I’m so grateful for this, and the beautiful meditation and the timing of this is wonderful. I’m feeling so much love from you, and I’m really grateful and in joy over it.

So I think the timing of this, in particular, is really wonderful because of all the things that are going to be exposed and that are being exposed. I think there are many people that are still unaware, but I’m thinking that a lot of this information is going to be well-known to people who, when they find out, are going to be very upset – and I don’t think forgiveness is going to be on their minds. So I’m hoping that our listeners and enough of us who are compassionate, unified persons are able to hold the space and do all the forgiving that needs to be done.

SK: Yes, because, again, think of it in this way. If the lightworker/loveholder – that would be a misnomer, would it not! – if this community reverts to blame/shame/fault/guilt instead of forgiveness and compassion, then you are simply continuing on. What you are doing is very rapidly and very efficiently rebuilding, literally reconstructing, the old third which is no longer in place. And you are powerful creators and you would be literally recreating that old paradigm that has existed, might I suggest, at least, minimally, since the time of Atlantis; just that sliver alone is a 10,000… 12,200 actually… framework of history.

So when you discover, and there will be many discoveries – what you are calling ‘exposures’ – of what you think of as atrocities, betrayals, etc., be grateful. Go into the gratitude and say, “Thank God, literally, that this has finally come to the surface, that this has been exposed, and we have not only the chance but the responsibility and the authority to right this ship.” And then you move into forgiveness, compassion for those who have erred – and you move into the immediate application of the laws.

And if you don’t know the laws, or you feel: “I don’t know which law to use today,” just say: “I apply the Laws of Love.”

And it is that simple because in that, you are creating a new paradigm where it’s not the blame, it’s not someone’s fault; it’s you truly assuming your leadership position. You can look at the past, because the memories of the past… and that is why there are still memories of the old third; the Mother does not want to eradicate it because She doesn’t want that atrocity to be repeated. So the memory is there; you can look at it and say, “That’s tragic, that was awful, and we are not repeating this!”

Suzi: Right. And I think it’s also good to remind ourselves that over the myriad lifetimes we may have had on this planet, we’ve played roles of all sorts, being holders of darkness and whatever else. So I’m personally really grateful that in this lifetime I’m not doing that. But it could be anyone, and the compassion of “there but for the grace of God go I” … you could be doing terrible things and having to pay for it as well, and maybe you already have.

SK: You are absolutely correct. And one of the criteria, if you can think of it that way, for those that are on planet at this time is those that have experienced both extreme light and extreme dark – and yes, everybody has played the role; there are no newcomers to this game.

And so this chapter of unfoldment is filled with those – you, my beloveds – who are very experienced. And so you know: you know what it is to give forgiveness and you know what it is to be forgiven. The greatest trauma for those that have gone astray or erred is their belief, first that they won’t be forgiven and that they have been forgotten, and that they are unforgivable. So that is part of the tragedy.

Do you understand what I say?

Suzi: (Interruption)

SK: And so, in this I say to you, my beloveds, my friends, my allies, my keepers of Universal Law: “I implore you, I invite you: Apply the laws. Let me guide your hand and your heart, your mind and your being. Let us transmute and transform this planet instantaneously. Let the Mother’s Will be done and let justice prevail.”

Go in peace.

Suzi: Thank you so much.

SK: You are more than welcome. Go with my love.

Suzi/SK: Farewell.