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Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, February 17th, 2018

Sanat Kumara

via Mia Lighthouse

February 17th, 2018


Dear Ones, I am delighted to be with you! I am with you in this moment, as you are reading these words, and this is indeed delightful – to experience how far humanity has come in your evolvement. Now you are sufficiently open to this high I AM energy, so you can understand what I mean by saying that You Are this high energy.

Everyone has a seed of divinity inside, for some of you that seed is still dormant, for many, like those who read these words, this seed is very much alive, for some it is in a state of awakening, for others it has woken up and is growing inside of you, along with its specific light. That specific light, once it starts shining, it just goes on shining. The dark powers have always tried to blow out that light, but now there are so many of you that your victory already is here! The Light has literally overcome the darkness! So, this time is huge, this time is powerful, this time is awesome!

Feel this light within, feel it in your chest, in a space close to your physical heart, feel it filling up with light and let that light spread all over your being, let it fill up every cell in your body, and just be, just be in this peace, in this source of joy, and realize that these are those who you really are! You are beings of love, light and joy! Now, live your lives as these beings of light! This is your next challenge. Some are already doing that, but most of you separate the spiritual from everyday matters, and now is the time to remove this separation. This is no big drama, you are not meant to go out and declare the light, or what you have discovered within. It will happen by noticing the highest within yourselves, and by seeing the highest in others, and by seeing the highest in all life and thereby defending all life.

In my previous channeling with Mia, I was talking a bit about animals. Some of you eat meat, so does my channel, and after that channeling she got herself a real eye-opener and has since then been thinking a lot about what to do (I want to point out that since then she has not eaten meat). All of you ought to think like that, you should ponder, “how can I change my life to live my highest truth, more and more from day to day?” Mia has been careful only to choose certified organic and ecological meat, this means there is a stamp ensuring that this animal did have a good life, that this animal was living a free life and was killed at home on the farm, without fear. These stamps are to ensure this, Mia has heard, and that is why she believed in this. And yes, this is the first step, but the next step is to stop eating meat altogether. And there you are very different. Some of you are vegans and have been so for many years, others have not thought very much about those things, but now is the time for you to do so. You must think about what you eat, what you buy, what you do.

You are part of the bigger whole, and your actions, like your thoughts and words, influence that whole very strongly, because you are the light bearers. Now is the time to take responsibility, because you have chosen the way of the light and indeed, to go all the way. A lightworker in his or her highest self cannot eat meat, as simple as that. Now I do not say, if you eat meat you should immediately stop doing that, but I mean, you must realize that you should take steps in that direction. Step one is to altogether move over to certified organic meat. Step two is to cut down your usage of meat and to learn to value vegetarian and vegan food. Today there are so many vegetarian/vegan ready meals – find those products if you want to go the easy way; start there, make a change one day a week and then some days a week – and suddenly you eat meat only once a week. That is a good start. If you do not know vegan/vegetarian food, it is also a matter of getting enough nutrients. That is one of the reasons I suggested that you would grow some plants yourselves, I described how you may fill up the plants with nutrients, make them much more nutritious than anything you can buy today. Please read that channeling, there you will find the details regarding how to do this.

Do not let this burden you, instead, let it lift you up – it is magnificent to realize that everything is connected! The goal is healthy, nutritious food for everyone, where no one did suffer, but on the contrary, where everyone will live in joy! Where everyone will live in their unique joy, I may add. Because no, I do not urge you to become farmers, I do not urge you to join a sect, I urge you to live the lives you are living, with greater awareness on all levels. Take responsibility for your life! Be responsible for your actions! Buy only what comes from a good source – for this is the way to nurture the good sources and to let them flourish, let them grow, let them get bigger and more powerful! You cannot shop cheap articles on the internet, produced by slave workers in the third world! You cannot throw things in the garbage that are totally useful, when people in the streets are freezing!

You must realize that you all are One! You will have to cultivate your love for your fellow human beings and all the other living beings on the planet! This is how you will change the world, this is how you will create Heaven on Earth! Paradise does not just plump down in your back yard, you are creating it! So, become conscious creators and take responsibility for your creation, ensure that there is love in the entire chain of production of everything you buy. You do not know anything about ecological farms? There might be a small farm nearby, go there, shop directly from them. Or if you live in a city; choose that little shop selling local organic produce. Choose those who want to create another society – they are there, everywhere around you those people are there, those who in different ways are trying to create a better world – support those, support those, support those! This is how these powers will grow! This may occur anywhere; rather buy an expensive garment made by someone who really loves making clothes, who carefully chooses the fabric, who wants to minimize chemicals in the process, who pays their workers good wages – if you cannot afford it, then go and buy it second hand! Because, your earth will be flooded by products, you must realize that the times of mass consumption are over. Now is the time to do some distribution, to share, to give, to make use of what is there already, to see the value of what surrounds you. It is a matter of loving your neighbor as yourself, of avoiding judgment, of reaching out a helping hand, of giving a smile to the stranger on the subway, of lifting your eyes to see the light between the skyscrapers or high buildings, or the houses in the neighborhood, or the forest, or the agricultural landscape – wherever you are; see the highest in what surrounds you, see the highest in what you have in your life!

The time has come to see the highest in all living things, not only in yourselves and in your closest family, but also in the cashier in your local grocery store, also in the binman who collects your garbage – value people for doing what they are doing, for being who they are – see the highest in them – by seeing the highest in them, you will also call their seed of light to wake up to life! You will influence one another, in all ways, by your words, your actions, your thoughts. Do good things, turn to what gives you joy, support those who want love, support love and joy, then this will spread like a ripple effect. When you give a smile to a stranger, there will be a greater chance for this stranger to give a smile to the next stranger, and soon you will all be smiling at one another and then you are no more strangers, you will then be part of that big family you truly are! This is when you have found your way home. So, center yourself in your love and spread your love – this is the way you will become part of the Creation of Heaven on Earth. In Love and Joy, In Eternity, Amen, Om.


Translator from Swedish to English: Aslög


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