Love is our new reality

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Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, March 16th, 2018

Dear all,

what great times it is! From our horizons, what’s happening now on Earth is amazingly great! It’s like waves of pure light that pulses over the surface of the Earth and we see you, dear Lightworkers; you glow like shimmering diamonds scattered on the Earth’s surface, it’s wonderful to see, my heart is filled with unimaginable joy and I’m sending this joy to you in this present moment – open your hearts and receive!

Take a break from your reading or listening and let this Love flow into your hearts, let it fill you, let it heal you, let it clean you, let it clean your light so that you can shine even stronger, even clearer. It may be that you feel a pressure in your heart, an imbalance in any part of your being, then direct this Love-Light to this area and let it work there, let it heal/clean this area.

To me, the light is clear, but for many of you it may be difficult to see / feel of different reasons. The strong energies drag up everything old to be cleansed and healed, several of you are fighting with it. Others fight with impatience, you want to move on, you are not happy where you are – but remember that it is where you are where the magical now exists – and it is within you. Being impatient, restless, frustrated are feelings that repel what you wish for.

But all of you have actually started the walk into a very bright age, you may not have noticed it yet because of the reasons I have mentioned; the light is strong and can be experienced as chaotic and as I have mentioned in previous channelings it is now up to you to let it fill your hearts and stabilize it there, so I thought we should do some exercises that you can introduce in your everyday life that helps you in this process. Perhaps they remind you of exercises you already have in your everyday life, in that case, you do not have to add these, but maybe they may give a new dimension to the ones you use, maybe new power. For others, they are new. For you all, they are powerful. Use them as you please.

The first exercise we have already done, I started with it, it’s about deliberately opening up for us, your angels or personal guides. Open up for our Love, for our Light. I encourage you to start your day in this way, maybe when you’re still in bed. Set your alarm-clock 10 minutes earlier than you usually do and use these 10 minutes in this way before you get up. So simply lie in your bed and enjoy life – while calling on me or the angels or a master or a personal guide of the Light that feels closest to your heart, this can vary day by day, feel in, learn to communicate with us in this way,

while healing and cleaning your cells and preparing for the new day. Some of you already do this and you do not have to worry about this invitation, so I do not add anything to you who already have all the routines, but realize that there are many who have recently woken up and they really need this kind of guiding. I urge you all to do this kind of cleaning ceremony every day.

For some of you, it’s hard to understand that some are at the beginning of their journey while you have been doing this for so long. But that is how it is, every journey, every life is unique and you help each other to wake up dear Lightworkers. Those who have worked with your self and your energies for a long time have paved the way for those who are coming now. Realize that what you do and have done is and have been of great meaning. Welcome those who now are awakening and realize that it is in this way you all will grow stronger and become more stable.

Joy is your driving force, joy is what leads you forward, joy is what fills you with vitality and you are now so close, so close – so the joy should be greater than ever.

I will now lead you through a exercise of Joy;

Still yourself, close your eyes, focus on the heart, see / experience it as a bright shining light, enter this light, go deeper and deeper into this light, realize that it is infinite, the light is endless, there is no beginning, there is no end. This is the one who you are, this is your origin, this is the pure source of energy that you always have access to. Stay in the Light, be there with your whole being and fill yourself with Joy, the joy is there in the light, let the joy flow into you and through you, receive the joy, let the joy fill each cell of your body. Imagine how this light lighten up cell by cell, it spreads quickly, it fills your entire body, your body is now bright, everything is pure light. Now let the light be lit up with pure joy, feel the joy of light, this is who you are, this is your eternal, highest and most beautiful self. Now this pure light is also pure joy. Just be in this state for as long as you can. I invite you again to take a break, stop reading, take a break in listening and just let your self be in this Light, in this Joy-Light – these are the ones you are – these are the ones you are!

Keep your focus in the Light, feel your bodies, feel or see the contours of your physics. If you can see it as a picture, the image is pure light where your bodies vaguely appear, the light is dominant, your bodies are vague contours in the light, but now, see that the center of the light is in your hearts, the light is radiating from your hearts, your hearts have direct contact with the Source, with the Eternal Light and you can visit and be part of this endless power how often and whenever you want, it’s just about to ”tap in to it”.

You are still in the Light, but feel now clearly your bodies, make a promise to keep this light in your body during this day. Do the same tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that and you and your life will lift and shine more and more.

To those of you who have been tired and sad and no longer wanted to be in this world with all its difficulties and conflicts, you who so much long for another place of peace, of joy, yes you know that this is the reason you are here; for being a part of the creation of this. You are the Creators of the Light! So what you need to do is to lift yourself out of the lower states and into this state and realize that what you have done is not just for yourself and the closest environment but for so many more. Nothing has been meaningless. Everything has a meaning. Difficulties and depression is  symptoms that you still have things to work with, but for most of you it is simply that you need to lift yourself and fill yourself with Light in the way we just did together.

Now, see a situation in your everyday life. It can be a meal with your family, relations, a job situation, or anything in your life that once was fun, but that’s no longer as fun – or if its never been so fun, it once at least was positive and you saw opportunities for it to be rewarding and uplifting for all involved. Now fill this recurring everyday event with the light that now are active in you, the same light we have just worked with – let all present be affected by this light and let this everyday situation be as it once had the potential to become. Let the positive you saw be there, let the warmth flow, let the laugh come, let the conversations flow uncomplicated and rewarding, let all involved find the understanding and the fellowship you all long for.

Let these exercises become a part of your everyday life. Make it easy for you, do it while lying down and resting, when you are taking a break for 30 minutes – or just before you fall asleep in the evening. This is to concretely lift your reality and bring in more Light in your everyday life.

Bringing this Light into your everyday life is a matter of practice. The more you do this kind of exercises the easier it is for all everyday events in your life to be filled with this light. Always remind you that you are the creator of your life. You can always increase the frequencies within you and by doing so, you raise the frequencies in your environment and your life.

It is now easier than ever to ”connect” because the energies are stronger than ever, so it’s easier to connect to this light than it used to be. For that matter, I do not say it’s easy – you did not come here because it would be easy – you came here to be a part of the big shift going on and know in your heart that it is going on right now! Do not let it down you if you find it difficult – instead; connect yourself and be stubborn!

When you do, this energy of Joy and Light will become stronger and stronger and shine more and more clearly within you. This is to live those you have become, this is to be in your highest self. This is to take step by step – one have to take the first step to take next and the next and so forth.

So remind you, uplift you, center yourself in the heart, remind yourself who you are, why you’re here. Within you have you all a memory of why you chose to be born to the Earth during this time, this memory may be deeply buried for some, but for most it is more accessible now than it has ever been and this memory will appear even more clearly when you work with these things. The meaning is to be a part of this great lift and you do it in this way, you do not have to change your life or become somebody else – you are doing it by lifting yourself into the light and living your highest self.

Mia thought there were many exercises at the same time and suggested that I would divide these exercises over several channelings, but no, you need them now and even if you could not assimilate all today, read this text again, print it out, listen to it again, do the exercises more and more so that they become a part of your everyday life. This will lift you in the life you live right now.

I am Sanat Kumara and I am here to guide you through this time of transformation.

With Love and Joy, in Eternity, Amen, OM.