Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, March 22nd, 2019

Sanat Kumara (via Mia Lighthouse)

Sanat Kumara

Dear ones,

more than one year has passed since I contacted Mia for the first time.

During this year, much has happened in all of you, and in the world at large. The energies / frequencies have been raised considerably.

When Mia received the first message, it was strong as a high current river, and she felt that within this message there were many more messages, a whole ocean. I gave her a glimpse into my universe, that’s why it was so strong for her, so strong that she could not say no when I asked her to publish it.

”Why would she not wish to publish it” you may ask, let me say a few words about that.

Since Mia was a small child she had the ability to hear and see the spirit realms. One day she told her mother about the angel she saw in the room where they where. Her mother became scared and said, ”Stop! There is nothing there” and held her hands hard over Mia’s eyes. The mothers fear learned Mia to be silent about these things to protect herself. During a period of her life, she completely closed her abilities. When she re-opened to the spiritual dimensions, she kept it as a secret within herself, simply because her close relatives did not accept this side of her.

As you probably understand, Mia’s mother did not want to do her any harm, on the contrary, she wanted to protect her, but she unknowingly hurt and blocked a natural flow. It has been an important journey for Mia to let go of anger and grief over this and be completely in peace and love in the relationship with her mother and her history.

You all do a similar journey.

There was a time when humanity was in direct contact with Source. A time referred to as “Garden of Eden”, but when fear was born, this direct contact was blocked. It has of cause never disappeared, but it has been closed down to quite a large extent. Some individuals and groups of people have remained the connection vibrant, but as a human collective it was long since you had this direct contact. But now it is happening, on a large scale collective level. You are on the verge of a new era. It is growing within you and will be created within and through you. By letting go of your fears, your obstacles, you open yourself up to the highest dimensions. It is about raising your frequencies and be stable in them.

I have now asked Mia to go through the texts she received during the year and re-write them together with me. So some parts of the texts will be repeated, but deepened and developed.

During the process she heals and rejuvenate her heart and so will all of you who read it /listen to it. These words contain the energy of transformation and when you are open to it you are also the recipient of it. So open your minds and your hearts my beloved ones.

These messages will be written in a timeless manner so that they can be read over and over again when needed during the process that you are now undergoing; the process of enlightenment.

You move as a collective towards the Light and you who read texts like this are very aware of that and have taken active decisions to enter the Light. After you more will follow and everyone needs guidance. I promised that I would come to you in this unique time, a shifting point in the human consciousness and guide you into the new age. That is what is happening right now.

This is the time of transformation, the time when you wake up, the time when you grow out of your shells in to the wonderful flowers you are. To consciously choose to see the world and your fellow beings with the eyes of love is a choice you have, a choice you make.

You can not put a date on this, it is not a one-time-event, it is a growing process and it starts within you.

So take a deep breath my dear one.

Connect to your heart.



Breathe in to your heart and feel the love therein.

Let this love fill you.

Let this love embrace you.

Let it heal you.

Let it rejuvenate you.

Re-connect to this love during the day.

It is only a breath away, but it needs practice my dears, it needs practice.

To read and understand with your mind is only the first step, the next step is to live it, to live your life from your heart.

See the messages in the year that passed as an introduction and that we now go in and deepen ourselves in the subjects raised.

Your brother in Light,

Sanat Kumara