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Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, March 2nd, 2018

Sanat Kumara

Friday, March 2, 2018

Channel Mia Lighthouse

All my dear ones,

You are complete as you are, no reason to worry, no reason to stress. However, you have walked through eons of time in order to get to this point in your development. You have suffered through generations and generations in order to experience this shift and you now stand at the edge of it. I am here to guide you through it. I am here to guide and with a helping hand show you the way, as I once promised you when you made the decision to make this enormous journey on Earth, which you knew would be full of dangers and difficult. As you know, you have lived many lives, had many incarnations and you have been high and love. You have experienced all spectra of human life. Some of you think you have been spared this. You think of the law of karma in a literal sense – in other words, if you are born into a good and simple life this time it is because you have been good in previous lives – this is a misunderstanding. You chose this life because you thought you would be able to offer the most help in the life you chose. “So, why did I chose this life?” you might ask yourselves. If you are born into a privileged life it probably means that you should share what you have in this life in some manner. Which way only you know and it is a knowledge that can be developed with time. However, you need take in that this is the case and climb down from your pedestal. You have all something to learn, all something to share, but your paths all look very different, what is in common is that it is the path of the heart, the path of the Light, the path of Love. So, ask you heart “In which way can I best contribute?”, meditate, listen in and take the steps you need to take.

If you find yourselves in very difficult circumstances as for example wars or other existential crisis situations – yes, then it might appear fruitless to try to do anything more of one’s situation – but consider then that your mission might simply be to be the Light where you are, that is an inner mission rather than an outer mission – to find the light within you and let it grow within your. It is enormous and difficult task – if you are in such a situation you are doing it because you were convinced that you would manage it, that you would find the Light within you and in this way enter Light in the darkest of places. Then go within, find your inner peace, find your inner love and know that what you are doing is important, know that what you do is very valuable and that we in the heavenly spheres are enormously grateful for your work – take this knowledge to your heart and feel strengthened in your mission!

You are spread all over the Earth! You are all over the Earth dear lightworkers, you dear lightworkers, who have come to Mother Earth to help with this large shift in consciousness, which is now going full steam! And you are doing it well dear children, you are doing it well. Some of you have come very far in your ascension process, but for most of you I want to encourage to self healing and introspection.

My channel Mia has not always rendered me as I have wished and I want to say a few words about this.

Mia has channeled for over 10 years and she now has a close connection with many Masters, but she has only channeled for herself, with messages targeted on her. But, one day I contacted her and asked her to focus outwards, to all of you. I was then a whole new connection for her and she did not know who I was and a bit taken by surprise in the situation she let the texts be published. I told her the texts were not ready and she became despondent, but could not do much about the situation. They are still there and I recommend you to read them as they show multiple things; they contain powerful messages, but they also point to a process of development – we are now talking about small nuances, but in the beginning Mia almost saw me as commanding and this is reflected in the text, the words can sound commanding, while the really were meant as guidance – I do not order anybody – I show the path that is beneficial for you to follow.

Why do I bring this up? To show that my channel is not perfect, but also to show how quickly she has recovered, how fast it can be to correct oneself when you are ready to listen, when one is ready to correct oneself. None of you is perfect, everybody needs to be honest to one self and be open to do the corrections that can be required.

At the same time it was so that which Mia felt or expressed was a feeling of eagerness, a wish to tell the majority of you that you now must go some steps further on your path, you must accelerate as it is NOW that it is happening! And this energy was clearly expressed.

You can feel that the energies are strong – if you do not feel it, but are still reading this text then you are one of them who need to shape up, because if you read this text it is meant that you should contribute to this process and you know this if you ask your inner self. Most of you feel can strongly feel the changes in energy that are now taking place and you are thus receptive to these words and long for guidance.

None of you is perfect and it is also not meant to be so. Life is meant to be lived and through your lives you learn and develop, but it can be good to stop and pause sometimes and see yourself in your inner mirror; you all have small hang-ups of different kinds; some of you think you are a bit better than others – not that you think so consciously, but be observant of yourself in your interaction with each fellow human, do you meet them as an equal? With the same loving and respectful ways? Yes, I know, and one cannot engage with all that you meet, it is also not what I encourage you to do; I encourage you to a attitude of non-judgment in regards to your fellow man and woman – to not place yourself higher than somebody else – not higher than the one who does not have shelter, but is forced to sleep in a stairway. If you have problems with this imagine yourself there; how would you handle this situation? How would you manage to sleep outdoors, in an unsafe street? To sometimes visualize one self in a difficult situation is one way to train one’s humbleness, one’s gratitude and one’s compassion.

Some others of you have a tendency to diminish yourselves, you do not think you are quite good enough or have a tendency to sacrifice your own well-being for others well-being.. you know it is not good and that you need to learn to love yourselves. To look yourself in the mirror and say (and to mean it) “I love you” at least three times every morning and each evening is a simple trick that can be beneficial. Appreciate yourselves, appreciate the great love that you carry inside, see the greatness in yourselves – do that is necessary in order to heal the wounds that cause these tendencies for sacrifice. Some of you might need to make some great changes in your lives, but for most of you it is a matter of saying “no” to what is heavy and “yes” to that, which gives strength. And do not be afraid to ask for help, we are many who are with you, ready to help you, put yourselves in deep meditation and ask for our help to heal the wounds that need healing and remember that the help is meant so that you will find your way back to your inner strength, it is there inside you, in your heart.

When you let go of your different identifications and enter into your inner core you will find a point where you all belong together. You can then feel that you are all a part of a bigger whole and that you all are needed for this completion, in other words you cannot exclude anybody, you cannot judge anybody. With this being said it is at the same time important to point out that you should also not accept that anybody hurts you or anybody else, of course not.

You find yourselves in a world of contrasts and sometimes it can be hard to know how to act in a certain outer situation, but now that love is always the right way to go, love, love, love!

With Love and Joy, in Eternity, Amen, Om.

Sanat Kumara



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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