Love is our new reality

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Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, March 9th, 2018


Dear ones,

Many of you have come a long way – you are very much in the Light. The big thing that has happened lately is that your inner balance is getting more stable – do you feel it? If you think back a year or two, it was very difficult for many of you to be in the dense energy that the Earth had. Many of you felt it very concretely – in different ways – do you remember that? For many, it felt like a strong pressure around the head and a general hypersensitivity. Often you had anxiety in your heart, a pressure in your heart, sometimes a feeling of “I cannot handle this!”. You listened to our guidance, you did your spiritual exercises, you calmed down and believed us when we said – “this too will pass” – and feel that it now has passed! The big battle is over for you! How wonderful it is! Feel the calm within you, feel your center, feel your light heart and thank yourself for taking you here to this place of inner Peace. Thank you.

Now it’s up to you to keep your stability, balance, centering and more and more Live as the ones you have become! To be centered in the inner Light in all your daily activities and consciously make choices in all areas of your life – successively, peacefully and in joy.

Others are in the beginning or in the middle of this journey. Feel calm and confident, know that there are many who have already made it through, know that the Light is established and stable, know that your difficulties will pass. Know that the big work is done.

I speak to you all, both to those who have come a long way and to those of you who are at the beginning of your journey. My conversations benefit you all. Those who need these words will grow when you take them to your hearts and you who have already done the lesson I’m talking about can realize that “this insight or lesson is now a part of my life.” This has the effect that you put yourself in a perspective to yourselves and that you can more clearly see your own journey and realize that you constantly have new discoveries to explore.

Learning to appreciate what you have learned is a wonderful part of the learning process, which is to let go of the stress from having to achieve a goal, a final destination, but enjoy the place you are in this NOW. For this NOW is magical, it is in this NOW everything is created.

The big blockage that has existed around Earth has now been released, the work you first wave of Light Workers has done now shows its great results in this way! Now the Light flows across the Earth in a way that has not been possible during eons of time. Yes, there are great amazing things that have happened.

Once upon a time, we all came from a world without contrasts, a perfect world, a world of eternal joy. A longing was awakened to experience this joy from more and more dimensions, from more and more angles. Not only being in it, but feeling it, smelling it, touching it – a longing for the physical was born and in a huge explosion this wish was manifested in what is called The Big Bang. It was a huge discharge, that has been unimaginable for humanity, but now when I talk about it, many of you can feel this memory deep inside your souls, for this was the moment you were separated from your Creator and became a part of the Creation. In one way you were separated, in another way you have never been separated. The link is still there, it has always been with you, your link is your soul and your soul is a part of the Creator. Understanding this, not just intellectually but with all of your being, is part of the process called Enlightenment. Many of you have entered this world of growing insight.

Being a physical being is therefore a big deal. Many have diminished the physical experience and linked it with sin and shame – what an abuse of the Divine Creation it is to look at Creation in that way! It is now time for you to realize the greatness in this gift. Understand that even when it comes to your physical beings, you are currently using a very small part of your capacity. Your bodies have the ability to heal and purify themselves and even rejuvenate themselves – but to be able to do this requires a very high awareness and a very high presence of Love.

I possessed this ability during my time on Earth. I rejuvenated my cells daily. I did it by drinking pure water directly from the spring, eating only completely freshly picked vegetarian food, I did it through breathing exercises (pranayama) and physical and mental exercises (yoga), but above all I did it by being totally centered in Love in every moment of my life. I was intrigued by the world, I enjoyed the world, I lived in peace and harmony and in joy with my surroundings. We lived in what is called the jungle. We who lived there had such close ties that we felt each other’s presence even if we were far from each other physically. We did not see each other every day but when we met we were delighted with joy. We lived in the moment. We followed the bird’s flight, we followed the path of the river, we ran along it, we jumped in to it, we enjoyed the amazing creation that was around us, we lived in love with everything. I lived in paradise and I slept directly on the ground and had no need for a roof and enjoyed when the raindrops woke me up by touching my face, because they were not many and the tree I lay under gave good protection. I was part of Nature and I lived in harmony with Creation.

My paradise does not have to be your paradise; you want to create other kinds of paradise now. I say “you want” because I read of your collective wish, dear Lightworkers, and your wishes differ on an individual level, but on a collective level there are great similarities. There is a dream that you can call general. It reminds me of my paradise in many ways – you also see a healed Earth, a living Mother Gaia, where every tree is healthy, where every flower shines, where the lakes are crystal clear and the water is fresh, you see yourself, your friends and your children healthy and you see everything coexisting in great joy and great peace. Now that you connect to this vision, you can feel its freshness, it permeates every cell in your body, you become so alive, so awake.

In your collective dream, there is also comfort, you want houses, you want homes, you want to live in peace, love and joy with your surroundings. Your vision is wonderful, I give it my blessing.

When Mia received the story of my Paradise, her heart was filled with a huge light, and a longing was awakened within her to experience a world where she could sleep with total secureness under the open sky by the foot of a three. And this light will be awakened in many hearts when you hear this, recognizing this possibility of trust and total connection with The Creation – and know that these visions do not contradict each other, they can very well coexist. You can begin to realize this vision this very day.

Earlier, I have talked about sowing plant seeds with centering in love and in this way give your food a strengthening and uplifting power. A row of salad or watercress or what you like that you can have in your kitchen window, to in this way give you nutrition of a very high vibration. In a similar way, you can see all aspects of your physical life – wherever you live you can introduce changes that lead in the direction of the new Earth, Paradise. You have worked so much with your inner self and you shall continue to do so, but it’s also time to start with external changes.

Right now you have so many things around you that are directly harmful to the Earth. In your clothes there are poisons that are released when you wash them and thus poison the water. Your food is packed in plastic or metal or glass and you throw things away, throw things away.. you have to find other ways. There are shops selling food in bulk, where you bring your own packages, these shops are few so far but will increase if demand is available.

I understand if you do not wish to see the growing mountains of trash and the contaminated oceans, you do not need to see them, but you should not contribute to them. You should help to make it diminish and disappear. You need to change, not only your consciousness but also your physical life.  For example, there are showers that clean its own water in a circular rotation, there are modern toilets that does not use any water at all – using systems like this you would save huge amounts of water.

There are solar panels that can provide some of you with all the energy you need. There is also much you can build yourself; small power plants driven by wind, sun or water. There are many examples of those who have done this, find them, find inspiration. Have the attitude that you take steps in the direction to live your physical life in a way that does not harm the earth, but rather live in harmony with Mother Earth on all levels.

Do not let this stress you, let it uplift you and know that you contribute largely to the raising of Mother Gaia.

I am Sanat Kumara and I am here to guide you through this time of transition.

With Love and Joy, in Eternity, Amen, OM.



Translator from Swedish to English: Mia


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