Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, May 5th, 2019

Sanat Kumara (via Mia Lighthouse)

Dear ones,

I start todays message with some repetition and move into some practical guidance.

I lived on Earth a very long time ago, long before your era. I lived in what you may call Heaven on Earth or the Garden of Eden.

This was not limited to a specific area, as some believe, but was a state of consciousness regarding ”I am one with everything” and “total compassion with all”. In that state one cannot harm another living being, one can only feel joy for them and rejoice with them. This state of being is your home dear ones.

I lived in the part of the world that you today call India. I lived in great joy and harmony with nature and all my fellow beings. In India, some of this is still vibrant: one important aspect is that the population to a large extent are vegetarians. This is a essential part of the human awakening; to realize that also the animals are divine beings.

On highly developed planets, one does not eat meat and one does not harm each other. Nor by word, thought or action. So my dears, as a collective, you have quite a way to go. This may seem like gloomy words, but while the dark may seem dark, the Light is brighter than ever in your era.

So focus on the Light my beloved ones, and have confidence! Because the Light has already won!

This you may have heard before, but important to understand is that the adaptation, the frequency increase, takes the time you let it take. Do you understand? It is up to each and every one of you to raise yourself to the frequencies of Light. Doing so will raise your energies, which will affect your surroundings, that will affect their surroundings and so forth. So it is both an individual and a collective journey – and these journeys are interconnected.

Your journey affects the whole a lot more than you think. You move in the direction of a collective awakening and the more consistent your journey is, the easier and more enjoyable it will be for you.

When I first contacted Mia, she ate meat. She was careful that it originated from organic farms because she had heard that this was a guarantee that the animal had had a good life and had not suffered. But the conversation with me made her stop eating meat, almost from one day to another.

One can say that it was quite easy for her since she so clearly hear and feel my energy. She feel how important I consider this to be. She also see my vision of a new, peaceful world. So for her there was no reason to stick to old patterns.

I guided her in the importance of eating nutritious foods and taking supplements of various kinds. This is of cause important to everyone who wants to change their diet. Ask for help at a pharmacy or in a health food store. Get tips and inspiration from the internet and books. It does not have to be difficult, but do not be careless when it comes to getting the nutrition you need to stay healthy.

Let it take the time that is natural for you. Reducing meat is a good start, replacing it with more and more vegetarian or vegan dishes, slowly but surely. Set goals that are realistic.

If you are used to eating meat, you may feel hungry at first, then eat nutritious snacks. It can be simple things like a bowl of oatmeal-porridge with fruit and nuts in it. It takes 5 minutes to cook, gives saturation, is nutritious and good for your heart and stomach.

Make sure your food taste good as well, food should be enjoyed!

Many of you are vegetarians or vegans since a long time. But you are quite a few who has not devoted your diet so many thoughts.

We see the transition on Earth step by step and everyone cannot do everything at once, it is not even desirable. I come with guidance, meant to promote your spiritual journey, but you do it in your pace.

You do the changes that feels right for you. Whatever you choose, you can become more careful about the origin of your food, and preferably always choose organic food in general. Open up to the importance of animals living a good life and support their well-being.

For most people this is about making conscious choices when purchasing their food. For others who feel called, it can be something more concrete. It may be that you are raised on a farm, maybe you are to take over it some day, and maybe it is you who will change a lot in this farm. There are many positive farms to get inspiration from, find them and be inspired!

A conversion must take its time, but don’t let it take forever. Realize that what you eat is important for your spiritual development. It is important for cleaning your energies so that you can receive the highest love vibrations. It is important for the expansion of your consciousness.

Making changes such as the given examples affect your world and societies in concrete terms. Don’t expect others to do things for you, realize that you’ve come to this planet to live your life and spread your light!

When you live in such a high-frequency condition as I did, you do not really need much food. I enjoyed fresh fruits and nuts and fresh leaves.I did not eat meals in the sense you do today, I ate when I felt like it.

I drank my water straight from the river, it was pure and crystal clear and it gave me so much strength and energy. I also lived connected to the earth, the air, to Source itself, it gave me all the nutritions I needed. One could say I regenerated myself. All this is possible, all this will come, when you are ready for it.

It can be a good exercise to imagine such a world where everything radiates from its innermost essence of light, where everything lives its highest joy! Where the lion and the lamb literally lie side by side.

Imagine that you are moving toward that state of being; humanity, animals, plants, the planet, life itself!

Yes, I speak to you all, especially to those of you who want to raise your frequencies, who wish to purify your energies, but who have not taken in the importance of changing your diet. If you do it in a way that suits you, it is not a sacrifice but will give you joy, power and energy!

Your brother in Light,

Sanat Kumara