Love is our new reality

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Saul Through John: All is well, because All is God, is Love, and is Eternally Well, December 19, 2023


Saul Through John: All is well, because All is God, is Love, and is Eternally Well

by John Smallman


As war and conflict appears to be escalating worldwide, be aware that what is occurring is the endgame of the illusory reality in which you appear to be having an extremely real life that will terminate with the death of your physical bodies.

It is not that simple, the apparent escalation of violence and disagreement around the world is most definitely leading you forwards towards your imminent and inevitable awakening. The dream or illusory state in which you appear to be living has become a nightmare that is far too intense, and so you cannot avoid awakening from it.

Your awakening is inevitable.

Nearly all of you have had nightmares while you were sleeping that were so real, painful, and frightening that you awakened from them, and then found with relief that they were indeed just nightmares, unreal events that your sleeping minds had imagined into being, and into which you were drawn, seemingly without any option not to engage with them.

What is occurring now is the deeply felt energetic intensification of your collective human dream or nightmare. What you each experience depends on the life paths you chose before incarnating, and remember that you each did choose your own personal and individual life paths, thus where you are and what you are experiencing is as a direct result of your pre-incarnational intentions.

There are no accidents or coincidences, everything that you experience is as the result of personal and freely made choices, even though you have no recollection of making them, and often have great difficulty in believing that you could ever have made such choices.

The unreality in which you are experiencing your human lives seems intensely real, which is precisely what you intended when you made the collective choice and intent to experience what is impossible, namely separation from your state of eternal and inseparable union with your divine Source.

As Jesus said two thousand years ago “I and my Father are One.” That statement is the eternal Truth not just for Jesus, but for every sentient being that God creates. It makes it absolutely and abundantly clear that there is and can never be a state of separation from God, because He is All, eternally without interruption, and therefore your Union with Him is unbreakable even for the briefest of instants.

As humans you are experiencing, by your own individuated and personal choices, an unreal state from which you will inevitably break free or awaken into your natural state of eternal joy.

KNOW this, trust that it is true, and be at peace as you play your essential parts in the collective awakening process, also knowing that where you are is where you can most perfectly play that part and be of the greatest assistance in humanity’s collective awakening process.

Humanity has made the collective choice and irreversible decision to bring to an end the state of unreality that you are experiencing, along with the conflicts, violence, ill-health, injury, and death that are very painful aspects of it.

Only Love is Real, and anything that is not in complete alignment with It will just dissolve, disintegrate or blow away, as though you were in a fierce dust storm that just blew itself out.

All is well, because All is God, is Love, and is eternally well, as you will come into full and delighted awareness of as your consciousness, your Beingness comes to know Itself once again as it truly is “One with your Father!”

As humans you spend a lot of time doing what you believe is necessary for your survival, and much of that doing is necessary, but just being is also necessary, and mostly you do not allow yourselves enough time for this, because the apparent needs of your daily lives can be very time consuming.

Therefore make a point of reminding yourselves whenever you have a quiet moment – stopped at traffic lights, traveling to work by train or bus, during intervals between meetings, or waiting for the children to come out from school so that you can take them home – that just being is also an essential aspect of daily life for which you need to make time available.

Most of you already do this, but you are frequently distracted by thoughts about your ‘to do list,’ or by interruptions from others, and then you forget and move out of that quiet space to attend to those distractions.

When you remember that this has happened, make a point of making time available later to just be.

You all have also found that when you do manage to make time available and spend it quietly just being, that the ‘space’ in which you are ‘being’ allows you to relax and experience a sense of peace as you, even only momentarily, let go of the need to be doing what you know needs to be done for your daily lives to flow smoothly.

In fact you will even become a little bit re-energized, and find that you do have enough time and resilience to complete whatever task you may have been involved in.

As I keep reminding you, it is absolutely essential to your well-being that you do take time out daily, preferably by entering into your holy inner sanctuaries, to just be. While you are there reset your intent to be at peace, and then open your hearts and invite Mother/Father/God to fill them with an abundance of Love, thereby fortifying your own natural state of Love.

You and your Mother truly are One, and when you let go of any doubts and uncertainties, or feelings of sinfulness or unworthiness, you will feel the Love of God within you, and know that you are always and eternally in God’s Presence, enfolded most beautifully in Her totally loving embrace.

With so very much love, Saul.