Love is our new reality

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Saul via john smallman, january 8th, 2023

Saul Through John: The Divine Will Is Also, And In Every Moment, Your Will

January 8, 2023

by John Smallman, January 8, 2023

All are Love.  All were created from Love, and there is NO OTHER INGREDIENT!

All are One with God as in “I and my Father are One.”  And all do know that Mother/Father/God is Love, and that therefore all of you are also Love, and that there is absolutely no other possibility.  If you, in your human ego-driven forms, can accept that divine Truth and then choose to allow Love into your hearts so that you feel It, you will move most positively toward a full knowing of that one eternal Truth – that Love Is!

The sense, the intense experience of separation from each other, that is a major aspect of being in form as a human, has caused everyone without exception to be severely traumatized, because separation from Source, were it even remotely possible, would cause total terror, because it would mean your personal eternal extinction!

The unreal sense of separation that you are all undergoing has caused this trauma, because the unreal environment in which you live as humans in form, and which you constructed so brilliantly, appears to you to be totally real, along with all the accompanying threats to your very survival with which it presents you quite frequently – accidents, injuries, infectious diseases, and terminal illnesses.  But you are not your bodies, they are just vehicles that you have “rented temporarily” in order to use to engage with and experience the unreal game of separation.

Deep within each one of you is the knowing that you are eternal and divine beings.  However, one of the rules of the ‘game’ of separation with which you have engaged is that you must lose sight of or forget this knowledge of who you truly are.

Seemingly not knowing who you are, you seek information outside yourselves – from others who are ‘more knowledgeable,’ from scientists, from religious ‘authorities,’ etc. – as to who you might or could be.  Of course you cannot find it, because it is not information, it is that deep inner knowing – Reality – that dwells permanently within each one of you, awaiting your choice to remember who you are.

You are all going to remember, because you cannot play this game forever, it is but a temporary distraction from full awareness of your true and eternal nature, and the moment for your awakening into that awareness is extremely imminent.

Yes, those of us in the non-physical realms keep reminding you of this, and yet it appears to many of you that you have been waiting a very long time for this ‘imminent’ event to occur.  Some of you are indeed wondering if it will even happen during your current lifetimes.

The unreality that is time is extremely convincing, and often confusing, but as you know, there is only now!  Even your modern and most up-to-date physicists have come to this realization, even though, like all of you, they have to deal with the apparent uni-directional flow of time, from past through the present to the future.

And of course within the world you do have ideas about the future – marriage, a new home, children, aging, death – that do come to fruition.  It is very perplexing to attempt to make sense of it.  And of course you can’t, because it is unreal.

What we are telling you is true, and, deep within yourselves, below your level of conscious awareness, you do know this.  Therefore, to strengthen your faith, yourintuitiveknowing thatMother/Father/God’s divine Will will be brought to the most glorious state of fruition, it is essential that you go deep within yourselves at least once each day, and preferably numerous times, in order to consciously reconnect with your Christ-mind, your uninterruptible connection, your Oneness with God.

When there, reset your intent to be only loving whatever arises, and notice that when you do set and maintain that intent that you feel much more relaxed, much more at peace.  In fact you will realize that you have become aware that Love is Who and What you are, and that just by being yourself, at peace with yourself, that you are doing God’s Will, perfectly.

You are all divine creations inseparably One with Source, consequently the divine Will is also, and in every moment, your will.  When you fully allow yourselves to know this Truth, so that it guides your every thought, word, or action, you will find that the normal egoic objectives in your daily human lives become increasingly less powerful and demanding, and then fall away as your individual intent to be only loving becomes constant.

As I reminded you above, your real, true, and unalterable nature is Love, therefore, as you continue to more consciously be aware of this, all desire to judge, condemn, and punish either yourselves or others for errors, mistakes, and crimes gently dissolves, and you find yourselves most lovingly offering love to all of humanity in every moment.

And when you do this, as you most definitely will, you will find yourselves experiencing a great sense of peace, instead of the previous ‘what if’ sense of worry and anxiety that normally accompanies you as you go about your daily lives.

To repeat, Love is your nature, and therefore it is totally natural for you to express it in every moment.  Refraining from doing so, which is what so many of you have been doing for lifetime after lifetime, is the reason underlying all that fear and anxiety that you experience as humans in form.

This is why you constructed egos to protect you from the physical world, and from one another, because to live without Love – as so many of you believe is the story of your lives – is to live without trust, and if you do not trust you have to remain ever on the defensive, on guard in case unexpected threats and dangers should arise to harm you or your loved ones, causing you pain and suffering.

Pain and suffering are unnecessary, but many people experience them regularly because they believe that they are an unavoidable aspect of their human lives.

This is not so.  Short term pain as a result of a mishap is part of your bodily functioning and awareness, and is normal so that correction and healing may take place.  But the pain and suffering that is frequently experienced by people as they dwell on adverse events that have personally affected them, believing themselves to be unfortunate victims of circumstances, is a state of mind that can be changed.

There are NO accidents, and there are NO victims.  Every experience is freely chosen for the lessons that it offers, although in the unreality of the ‘illusory game’ in which you are involved as humans this is difficult for most people to understand and accept.

However, when you do choose to express only your true nature, you will find that any pain and suffering you may have been experiencing decreases, as your sense of peace and acceptance with the unfoldment of your human lives increases.

Then your awareness that there truly are no accidents will strengthen into a knowing, as you learn the lessons with which these events present you, and then you will release your attachment to them.

All of you are now actively and collectively engaged in releasing all of your attachments that are not in perfect alignment with Love.

And that release is happening very swiftly indeed.

With so very much love, Saul.