Love is our new reality

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Saul via John Smallman, May 6th, 2018

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday May 6th

Humanity is at the cusp or tipping point – at the moment of enormous change – when the collective intent to choose meaningful and attentive discussion to resolve issues on a global scale is initiated, instead of resorting to flagrant and disrespectful rhetoric that practically always leads to conflict without resolution.  This is an extremely important moment in your human evolution because you are consciously choosingto change your attitudes and behaviors so that issues may be resolved peacefully and for the benefit of all, instead of continuing to react defensively or preemptively when you feel threatened.  This truly is a magnificent moment, one that should be and will be widely celebrated when realization dawns of the enormity of the change that is occurring as humans of all colors, races, political systems, and creeds finally recognize and acknowledge that all are indeed one, and that the thoughts, words, and actions of each individual affects everyone on the planet without exception, thus constantly modifying the world you all experience.

It’s all about change!  God, Love, Source, is constant and unchanging, and yet creation is ceaselessly ongoing, constantly developing and furthering its potentiality, its coming into being.  Quite a paradox!  Change is constant and, at the same time, unchanging.  For eons it seemed that nothing changed, the seasons came and went, people were born, grew up, and then died.  But, underneath the apparent constancy, evolution was forever ongoing – physical, psychological, rational, and, of course, spiritual.  In the last one hundred years that evolution has accelerated enormously, and continues to do so!

Because of your recent technological innovations you have the ability to cause massive destruction of all life forms and cause untold damage to the planet herself.  You also have the ability to become aware and fully understand that separation is an illusion, that you are in fact all completely interdependent parts of a vast ecological system.  Through that awareness, you are realizing that you must choose now to evolve collectively for the benefit and welfare of all, otherwise your aggressive industrial and military activities will lead to your self-destruction, because, if that happens, the planet will no longer provide the conditions necessary for human existence.

All around you there is clear evidence of the enormous ongoing increase in humanity’s spiritual evolution on a daily basis.  Yes, you are waking up, and it is essential that you do so.  You are receiving incredible amounts of assistance from us here in the spiritual realms, and from other realms of which you continue to remain unaware.  For eons humanity’s focus has been on basic survival, and this has been accompanied by the belief – and the attitudes that follow from that belief – that only the strong survive.  Constant conflict has resulted, and, of course, even the strongest weaken and die.  Finally realization has dawned on enough of you that it is essential that you make major changes in your attitudes and behaviors NOW!

Consequently it is happening, and on a far vaster scale than most of you are aware of.  The tipping point is past, and humanity is reinventing itself – that is it is in the process of a dynamic and rapidly accelerating spiritual evolution.  Spiritual evolution is humanity’s purpose and intent, and it always has been, but knowledge or knowing of that purpose had long been mislaid or buried, but it is now being rediscovered with joy and enthusiasm.

All across the planet groups are getting together to develop new ideas about sustainability; and new understanding of the “laws” of physics are providing insights into new ways to access virtually limitless energy so that the mining and burning of your physical environment can be permanently terminated.  Of course it has always been possible to do this, but the motivation to understand and then develop the ways to do it has been severely lacking.

Many wise young people – old souls indeed – are moving into positions from which they can help to harmoniously and enthusiastically encourage the discovery of these sorely needed major new skills.  Of course there will be upsets and disturbances on your path ahead, but because the collective has made the choice to take responsibility for its attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and activities by walking its talk, instead of just talking and despairing that nothing can be changed, they will all be dealt with wisely and humanely.  There is a very bright Light ahead of you, the Light of infinite Love in which all are eternally enfolded, and you are aiming for it most purposefully and will not allow yourselves to be led astray.  A brilliant and glorious future is unfolding around you as more and more of you set the intent each day to be only loving whatever arises.

Do not forget to go within daily, to your holy inner sanctuary, and engage fully with the Love that burns there continuously for yourselves, and for all that God in His infinite Wisdom has created to live in joy with Him.  Love is your nature, and Love is forever joyful, so open your hearts fully and allow that Love to empower and direct you as you bring in the changes that will eliminate conflict, poverty, and suffering on your beautiful planet.

With so very much love, Saul.