“Scorpion King” – Geopolitical Overview – Monday – May 22, 2017

“Scorpion King” – Geopolitical Overview – Monday – May 22, 2017


Pure evil comes in many faces, but only one scares even Lucifer. That’s Benjamin (BiBi) Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel.BiBi is a cold blooded military grade killer with an engaging smile. He’s very smart, very committed to Zionism and the worst of Satan’s select hell fire seed.

And tonight he’s the most despised man in the world–as he alone is holding up the RV in the western world. Yup, one man.

Today’s press conference with Trump–in his house mind you–was allowed so that BiBi could accept the two state solution publicly on behalf of Israel.

He agreed to this. He even recorded his resignation speech at gun point in that same house only two weeks ago. And still he rejected logic and avoided the topic of a negotiated Middle East altogether.

Netanyahu is not just a scorpion that continues to sting, he’s the scorpion king that stings to the death and demands other scorpions do the same.

His persistent rebellion was not unexpected to the NPTB. In fact, this is consistent with how BiBi has always operated.

Verbally BiBi promises the world and physically he denies everything reasonable to everyone rationale. His rebellion against God is absolute, and has been Netanyahu’s entire life–he wrestles with God regardless of his personal / family’s safety, wealth and legal amnesty.

There’s no controlling this rogue agent of darkness as he no longer receives any guidance or direction from his dark nobility Pindar. And all the evil decision makers above Bibi has either surrendered, left the planet or been eliminated.

He is sworn soldier of death and chaos. A true Son of Satan.

On the bright side, only BiBi is left in terms of holding the world back from its blessing because Israel is so very important to the cabal’s complete surrender as it relates to the Arab, Western, European, Eurasian and Asian worlds.

The defeat of Israel, and more critically Netanyahu, is the death of the rebellion against God. Which by the way is a requirement of the Chinese Elders to release the RV in all countries–all go or none go.

Meaning, Global Peace runs through Israel because global enslavement ran through Israel when first funded by the Rothschilds in 1917. And BiBI controls Israel’s fate with an old and ancient black iron fist of death–less any human soul.

Donald Trump is his asset. Let me repeat that, Netanyahu controls American President Trump because the cabal, through the Vatican (anti-Christ religious Vicar), has controlled every American President since our nation’s inception.

It’s Netanyahu that determines Trump’s foreign policy and even writes his speeches via his conduit Jared Kushner, who is also an Israeli’s military asset, in charge of the human replica Donald.

All are human hybrids trained as Mossad operatives and committed to the enslavement and perpetual misery of humanity.

Know your enemy and their capabilities people. Otherwise they will forever frustrate and control you.

Even the Jesuit White & Black Pope Francis has abandoned the Church’s New World Order master plan in order to save the Catholic religion from destruction.

How he, Netanyahu refuses to do that for Judaism, which sadly negatively and unknowingly impacts the people of Israel and all in the Hebrew religion.

So it’s BiBi against the world, and know he will use, abuse, kill and destroy anything that threatens the cabal’s vision for a hidden occult religion run out of Jerusalem (on the 33rd Parallel) and Sovereign Nation of Israel (which the Palestinians would prefer not to recognize but are willing to do to establish peace).

But Netanyahu’s future leadership of Israel is pure fantasy now. As 209 sovereign nations are against him–including his own countrymen who have formed another government side by side with Bibi’s (exactly like the restored US Republic).

In fact, Trump’s first trip outside the USA was ordered by Netanyahu, at this time, to stop the RV, again as they did on 9/11/01, via the Middle East assassination of Trump–as to artificially start WW3 by pitting Muslims against the Christians and Jews, with the Russians, Chinese and Iranians jumping in to defend humanity and their greater good master plan.

Israel is a very complicated place. Netanyahu is not. He’s pure evil and will die as such.

Zionism needs a world war to accomplish their global enslavement mission through chaos–but Bibi won’t get one.

And that’s driving BiBi absolutely mad. Because he’s running out of time. He’s already out of resources and diplomatic currency.

Energetically, he can’t even sustain an evil frequency strong enough to scare the world into submission as his Hyksos family has done for several centuries from their Israeli headquarters.

To BiBi, giving up to mortal beings is completely unthinkable because the cabal’s rule would end on his watch.

That’s 13 millennia of conditioning, master planning, implementing and executing for the sole purpose of absolute domination of the entire species and capture of all the planet’s assets.

Netanyahu would rather die on his pure evil feet than surrender on his innocent knees. So die he will now as it is written in the Golden Book of Fate. Sobeit.

His resignation will no longer be accepted, as only arrest and prosecution through an international war crimes high court is the option he alone has elected for himself and family.

The RV will now begin globally, but be advised the NPTB are so powerful, and so mercifully, they waited another whole day so this career serial killer and pathological liar could have one final chance to redeem his life and surrender before a world audience.

Sure he choose death, as BiBi always does, but honoring the universal right of free will is no joke–and providing even the worst sinners among us an final opportunity to surrender to God’s Will right up to their last breath is a powerful lesson to us all.

God is with us.