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Sea God Neptune – You are connected, via Kerstin Eriksson, June 12th, 2022

Sunday, 12 June 2022

Seagod Neptune You are connected!

I am Neptune, some would call me a god of the seas, but I am really just a soul of the universe, but I am one of the oldest beings of the waters of earth, so I have a lot of knowledge about this element.

Water is so important, to us all. To me, to you, to every little straw of green grass.

Every drop of water is a treasure. Just as you are a true gem.

Every drop of water holds the knowledge, about waters connection to the other drops all the way to the great ocean.

Every single drop knows about the path. The path of the water.

From the melting snow on the top of the Himalayas, to the little stream, into the bigger river and out into the sea. On warm days the mist rises from the ocean and goes far up into the air and a cloud is created. And after some time rain starts falling down again, and again.

Some of the rain becomes snow, because the cloud have been blown all the way up to the high mountains again. And there it starts again, the circle of water. The circle of the life of water.

You have water inside you. So you too have this knowledge just as every drop of water have.

It is the history of Earth, your beloved planet, that is stored in your own privat library.

The water inside of you is the library, and your heart is the engine that makes beautiful sparks for every beat. Every beat of your heart enlightens your knowledge and you do not really have to search outside of yourself, you have it all on the inside.

You are connected with every place that you have peed on. This place, the ground, remembers you. All the waters that have been inside of you, remembers you.

When you have peed in a place, you can recall that place and reconnect with it.

And, this goes, back all your lifes on this planet. So I say, you are really connected to all life, many places on this beautiful planet.

Please love yourself, love your water, your pee, your water is holy as all drops of water is a treasure, very preacious.

Your Mother Eeart loves you very much and she knows about every step you take, about all the trials you go through.

She says:

please use your love in your heart to enlighten your path.

I love you,