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“Set Time for Release Today” – GCR/RV Intel Update – Tank – 12.23.17

“Set Time for Release Today” – GCR/RV Intel Update – Tank – 12.23.17


12:42 PM EST 12/23/2017

• Source out Zurich notified today of authority to disburse, their funds are liquid and they will begin their disbursement to their groups on Tuesday.

• Other key groups received notice over night that their SKRs were liquid and they have an undisclosed time ( to me not to them) before Christmas when they will receive access.

• 100% confirmed Leo Wanta has been paid and is liquid.

• That means ALL of us should be included immediately.

• CORE accounts were still not accessible as of 8:40 AM EST.

• Large ZIM holders have appointments to exchange today.

• The reason for the 800# notification system is so that everyone has a fair opportunity to conduct their exchange.

• If others ALREADY HAVE appointments it would appear that some parties have ignored the need to be fair in this process.

• The only way to rectify this injustice is to release the 800#s to the regular people.

• There is a set time for release for today and the execution of that release would restore the faith of an entire planet that has been lied to so many times by the powers in charge of their care.

• Today is the day that the RV actually shows up and we can start to recover from the boy who cried wolf syndrome forced upon us by this process.

• This is a revolution and they’ve allowed it to happen. It’s not a physical revolution waged on the battle field but one of consciousness. One leadership dominated by the masculine energy needed during times of war is being skillfully over taken by the subtle rule of the Divine Feminine.

• There is no better example of the skillful ways of a powerful woman than that of our own mothers. Our Mothers would ask us if we could take out the garbage as if we were doing them a favor, giving us an opportunity to demonstrate our live and respect for her role and at the same time empowering us to make the decision to do so. Mean while we never really had a choice. Where as a father would sternly tell us to get the garbage out letting us know he was in control and we had to follow his lead. A silly example perhaps, but it certainly illustrates the transition in power we are witnessing right before our eyes.

Today I know that our inclusion in the exchange process is underway, and I’m poised with all humility and gratitude to receive. I recommend the same posture if expectancy for all of us.