Shaquina via Galaxygirl, January 3, 2021

Shaquina via Galaxygirl | January 3, 2021

Shaquina 1/3/2021

I am Shaquina (Sha-keena), warrior of light affiliated with the Galactic Federation. Many home worlds are represented within the fleet. We have all come to serve. There are few of my kind left genetically but I am surrounded by my kind energetically for those who serve the light are surrounded by it.

I am Shaquina. You are within a tremendous story. Your holograms are detecting the change. Your inner avatars are as well. Your bodies are upgrading continually with this light that keeps amplifying. We are amplifying it slowly from the ships to assist with this internal adjustment of body systems and inner workings. Are you treating yourselves, your bodies, as the warriors of light and love that they are? We take excellent care of our physical vessels, for they are extensions of our experience. In the higher dimensions we have access to healing technologies that we will eagerly share with our surface brethren. In the higher dimensions healing is an art form. There has been so much suffering on earth. Many of us have chosen to serve to alleviate this suffering and to serve the All in our own way. My home world was destroyed by a worm hole created by the dark ones many sectors past. I miss my family but they surround me in their energy and I can feel their comfort. They are a part of my angelic connection to the ethers within the intergalactic and energetic web that surrounds us all. I share this for many of you have lost loved ones this year and may lose loved ones through this process. They are all around you. You need not fear their absence for absence is just a perception of loss. It is an illusion. For truly nothing can separate. Be not afraid. Be in love. Be in light. That is your shield and your comfort. For the light coats the deepest of wounds and heals the broken hearted. The Christ dances with the Sophia now within the ethers surrounding Gaia. It is only a matter of time before this is made manifest in your physical realm. This light is the love that surrounds and beats within all forms. Those that have chosen to shut it out are a part of it nonetheless. It is their own choosing of experience.

I am Shaquina. I am a healer. I am present at many battle sites for I heal. (I am seeing glowing light from her palms. She has leather strips woven around her tan wrists.) Much is to be healed within your earth realm. Much is to be seen that will require healing. We are all assisting. You are all grounding this assistance and grounding your light. Your faith in the light and in this process is unprecedented and much appreciated. For only the strongest of hearts continue even when they cannot see but only feel. Soon, soon, soon. Patience. Love. Ground these qualities. Connect to your planetary mother and she will support you further.

I am Shaquina. With permission I touch your chakra points of your crown, your third eye and your heart. For these are becoming activated and will need to be very strong in order to more objectively enjoy this process of ascension. I touch the crown to open your energy fields up to the higher dimensional energies and blessings of encodements that are coming your way moment by moment from your galactic central sun. I open your third eye more fully so that you can see with the inner sight, awakening all of your forgotten senses and abilities. I touch your heart to increase your capacity to forgive, to love your brethren more fully and to accept what may come. Changes are coming to this realm. All will be transformed into light. That which remains stubborn and chooses to remain in the lower dimensions will not be able to transform and will be left behind per their own choosing. I do not like the words ‘left behind’ but I am struggling with finding a better phrase. They will not be left, they will simply be of a different vibrational reality and so to them the others will have left, but yet you remain. It is like this. (She is showing me a piece of fabric that is being cut in two by silver shears. The right half of the fabric is gold light while the other is a dusty brown. Both are vibrating but when the brown fabric on the left shakes dust is coming up and when the right sided golden fabric vibrates it becomes more light and the gold changes into a flash of light.) Galaxygirl, you have asked for change. All of the light workers have asked for change. This is happening.

I am Shaquina. I am a warrior in my own right for the light, by the light, but I am first and foremost a healer. Many of you are a similar blending of talents and energies. They will serve you well. You have been further activated. My encouragement is one of courage. Be brave. Be strong. Remember the light coats the deepest of woundings. This was what my mother would say to me and what I say to you now. Tuck this into your heart space and feel your heart and your palm chakras activate further with healing so that all you touch, all you see, all you feel will be further coated with this light, the light of Source that is all around. The light of Source that is within your family, your friends, your world. The light of Source that outshines any darkness. There will come a time in the coming days when you will look back and wonder at your stamina. Perhaps that time is now. Perhaps you have not yet crossed it. But know that all of these trials and challenges you are facing you are facing warrior-strong. I am proud of my brethren, I am proud to call you my family of light. I extend my hand and heart to you in service. Until we meet on the surface. I am Shaquina.

~ galaxygirl