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“Shifting Gears” – VERITAS Report – 12.6.16

“Shifting Gears” – VERITAS Report – 12.6.16

Received via email by VERITAS at 5:06 AM EST. ~ Dinar Chronicles

(Image: Painting of a glass woman with mechanical gears as hair.)


I now know what happened tonight. I cannot share it all, but I will share what I can.

Man, I was so excited. The build up. The anticipation. It was more than ever before and I was ready.

Then you wake up and it didn’t happen again. Silence through the day. Frustrating.

Then on top of that you read a post like “Unraveled” and you become unraveled.

What the heck?????^?!@3!14???

It all comes down to who pushes the button, doesn’t it?

For over two decades that has been the real question. We all just never knew it.

Well, we are about to know it.

Have you ever watched a bunch of gears as they work together? One tiny gear on one end can throw off a gear a mile away. It only takes one gear off track to mess everything up. Endlessly.

We just stripped one out as a new gear slipped in and redefined how it all fits and moves together.

I promise you that I will gather as much Intel in the next few hours as I can as far as timing. I believe this was just that sickening moment when you hear the teeth start to strip, but then it slides into place and everything is all right.

We are all still in this together. We will need each other.

The second I can explain all this to you, I will.

I am here.


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