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SITREP, August 28

SITREP – Acceptable Levels of Suffering – August 28, 2016

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Acceptable Levels of Suffering
Below are all of the last remaining cabal fall back countries still in dispute, although we believe Israel and Syria/Turkey have settled.
A benevolent negotiating team called “The Committee” is unflinching in their desire to release the world from dark cabal energy, executive decision making personal, vast resources, government influence and private militaries.  So until they have achieved 100% extermination of the dark cabal in all its many forms, they will allow “acceptable levels of suffering.”
Meaning, until all countries must adhere to GESARA / 2015 Paris Agreement via their own free will, through legally negotiated and public treatied surrender, the global RV will no
t be allowed to commence–remember, all go or none go–and it looks like they mean it.
This also means that banks, businesses and governments worldwide are just sitting around waiting for the geopolitics to settle, while Russian and US White Hat military forces holding a perpetual gun to the cabal’s head while they negotiate–or worse, they are given authority to end all future negotiations permanently due to earlier non compliance of treated agreement.
This contrast of incredible mercy waiting to be released and unbearable suffering to finish out the old era exists in right now in real time, as this harsh and absolute negotiation reality plays out.  
The Committee appears unwilling to let the new financial system be implemented in full before the planet of dark cabal energy is completely removed from the face of the earth. 
So we are all made to endure these “acceptable levels of suffering” without exception until we are all allowed to thrive without limitation.
This is where we are at tonightSunday.  This is our shared truth as of right now.  
So be it.