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“Space” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Wednesday – July 12, 2017

“Space” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Wednesday – July 12, 2017

Received via email at 5:57 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


The meek of the earth read these posts.

The once indestructible cabal minions read these posts.

Republic government officials read these posts.

Chinese Elder surrogates read these posts.

Obama benevolent operatives read these posts.

And they all report back in summation to their superiors.

Intel thus is fed through this portal via a variety of sources and methods, all with specific agendas.

How the information is interpreted depends on the POV of your personal goals.

As a result, each SITREP will have different meanings for per individual agenda.

Thats by design. Intentional. Targeted. Weaponized words some say. But it’s placed into your possession to either accept or deny. Grow. Ascend.

Your allowed your own opinion because the truth is the truth for all not just some.

Know that whenever pure white light enters a darken place, there’s no opportunity for darkness to continue its existence.

Yet blinding light can be brutal to receive. Cataclysmic to believe. Enlightening to accept.

Such pure White Light has been entering our dimensional plane for several decades now going back to the 1960’s, and slowly ramping up the mercy in this Age of Aquarius.

At midnight Saturday 7.15.2017 we reach a divine tipping point where light replaces darkness in majority, and it will affect all who read these posts differently.

To the meek it could mean temporary euphoric consequences. It could also mean permanent physical termination.

To the old sovereign guard on the global amnesty master list, it could mean immediate elimination or continued ascension.

What happens between now and then will determine all fates and all timelines, of all involved. As all go or none go.

So if you’re redeeming assets of any kind and also on that master list, know the RV will need to have been completed and released for your amnesty agreements to execute.

So far the process has just been completed, but not yet released for a variety of reasons all by your choosing.

It’s true cabal agents could see great wealth this weekend and/or be terminally incarcerated.

No imbetweens in spirit guys and gals, hybrids and demons. All will receive the same fate. Heaven or Hell. Sobeit.

As for the meek, your much anticipated release can neither come after 7.15 nor before 9.30… this dimensional space will be taken to bring about your greatest good and best financial interests for reasons that you will learn later.

However, the HPTB felt you should know their bookend dates to annihilate all cabal energy here on Earth as in Heaven.

Why now?

The 2017 third quarter ended 6.30, but there is a normal two week reconciliation period for late settlements which ends 7.15 at midnight.

Also, the 2018 fiscal year would have begun on October 1, 2017. But the Elders have relinquished control of the RV and accepted that the collapse of the Western World Economy / Governments is a necessary greater good option now and a wise negotiating tactic before devastating their long time dark noble adversaries.

It’s like handing a defeated opponent your sword to kill themselves with dignity versus you doing it. They waited as long as they could mercifully. That time has now ended.

Remember If you want peace, prepare for war. But be willing to execute your war plans in order to gain surrender without conflict.

These SITREPS have always attempted to facilitate surrender without war.

Until the clock runs out on the ancient alien cabal as only light will remain and absorb all lingering darkness.

That’s where we are today. The beginning and the end as one moment. Beautiful. Absolute. Cosmic.

A benevolent oversight mechanism has FINALLY kicked in and stepped up to release humanity’s monetary reforms (i.e. triggering a full era transition).

Believe, don’t believe… surrender, don’t surrender… it matters not now as an equivalent result awaits all those participating depending on their own free will choice. There’s no more struggle. Only a ten week teething difference in when the gift is ultimately given.


God is with us.