Spirit of Bear via Galaxygirl, November 10th, 2020


We are Spirit of Bear. As a collective we are strong. We have adapted to the harsh environments of your outer world but are smaller in number than before when there were fewer humans. Our populations are high within the earth where climates are stable and reliable. And yet, we have adapted quite well to the surface. We offer wisdom to those who seek it. We protect our young. We hibernate in the time of the cold. Hunger drives us out of our dens when the warm spring weather comes. We see this as humanity’s spring. Sometimes the fiercest blizzard comes just before the spring, making us appreciate the sun’s warmth more. The animals feel the changes and energetic disharmony. This is why we speak now. We speak for the animal collective of Gaia. Inner and outer realms we have united with our inner earth friends and families. Do not fear for our number reduction. We have gone within (planet). Extinctions are largely evacuations of the surface to seek space within Gaia.
We are the Spirit of Bear. We are fierce when needed but mainly creatures of comfort. We enjoy simple pleasures. We see similarities in this between us and humans. We have felt the aggressions of the energies and these made us feel on edge. But largely we seek peace. We enjoy the quiet moments. (I am seeing bears in fields full of flowers happily eating, bears in trees eating honey, or in streams catching salmon). The animals wish to speak. It is the moment of the throat clearing chakra. The voices of the animals wish to be heard. We are their voice in this moment.
We are the Spirit of Bear. We seek balance and harmony upon our world, your world. We are mighty warriors, energy balancers. We eat what needs to be eaten. We balance the chain. We prefer fresh fruits, berries and honey. Not always are our preferences available. (I am seeing fires). We have been affected by these fires. Many more of us have chosen to travel energetically inward into Gaia’s belly where we seek a peaceful existence. As the outer balances and rises the animals shall feel safer and act with more trust towards the humans. The awakened humans will lead this. Their energies will make us feel safe. Safety. Wisdom. We seek this. We listen to our planetary mother, Gaia. We feel her energies as we walk. We communicate with her fields. We see that which you do not, yet. We see the balance that needs to occur. We remember times of balance and we wish for their return. Do not fear the earth changes. All will be made right. We feel the peace within Gaia and we are at peace in this moment. It is enough.
We are the Spirit of Bear. We offer wisdom. We offer communication from our realm to yours. The bees will return. The waters will be healed. (I am seeing salmon with plastic within it). We love our cubs, as do you. We too want a better, more peaceful realm.
We are the Spirit of Bear. Channel your own inner bear. Feel his or her strength. We are strong in weight and size. You are strong in tenacity and sturdy in light. We hold light with you. We too are hopeful for the future. Gaia is being reborn. Just as our species will be reentered so too is humanity experiencing reentering. This is a planet wide reentering. We will be at peace with humankind again. (I am seeing a little girl in a field of flowers playing with cubs. There is no fear.)
We are the Spirit of Bear. Feel your inner strength. Many of you have been bears in past incarnations. We enjoy rest, we enjoy walking with Gaia and our cubs, in peace in nature. Nature will calm you. Humanity is riled as an angry bear who feels cornered and lost. We are sending you energies of one who is well fed and content. Both are within you. You must choose which you nourish. Feed your inner bear of peace. Feel solid, as we are. We are solid in our faith in Creator. We are hopeful for humanity to lead with conviction in the light. We feel the warmth of the sun and we rest in it. We feel the comfort of nature and it soothes us. We are the Spirit of Bear.
~ galaxygirl