Love is our new reality

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Starfish Beings via Galaxygirl | February 28, 2024

Starfish Beings via Galaxygirl | February 28, 2024

Starfish Beings 2/28/2024 

Hello humankinds. We are the starfish beings of many, of one. We lend our voice to the many myriad of melodies that permit your flow. The currents around your world are busy, busy with sound, with noise. One must plunge deeper into the depths, to the bright sandy shoals where we reside. We in many ways resemble your starfish beings that permeate your lovely blue waters. Yet we are larger in size on our world. We are sentient, very large beings that move through the waters and air if we choose to dive up from the depths and plunge back down again to relocate. (I am seeing an alien like undersea world where the waters are crystal clear and bright. I feel the waters are humming, and the waters are pulsing with energy, with life. I feel and hear muffled voices and songs, melodies from these lovely fluorescent large star beings that languidly lie across the ocean floor. It is quiet and yet loud here at the same time. It is perfect place to be with one’s thoughts and yet the community around me is amazing. There is much love here. Each star being has their own personality and yet they are one entity, coexisting together).

Galaxygirl, we are much like your human ones. We are one hive consciousness and yet we are individuated. We are not as dormant as we may seem to you, for we do most of our work on the inner realms, the inner planes. We ground the light here from our ascended world to the realms where we visit in our dream and meditation state. Of late we have been assisting with the waters of your world. For the waters are connected, you see. There is water in space, though your scientists do not want this known, of course any type of anything that can be created is existing or will be existing, and since all is now in the great breath of Creator, and all is one, all exists.

We star beings love humanity. We lend our light. We ground the light from our world through our many arms and send them to you through the inner realms, the secret places of whisperings and magic, where the all coincides. (I am seeing a neural network like my medical books where neurons and synapses spark and fire). Yes, the waters of all are connected for we speak the same language of aquadynamics. This may sound silly to you but is not all in a language? Do not all beings have their own languages, if not by sound, then by sight, by movements, by interactions, by electricity, by telepathy, by energy? Yes. And see we see you dear human ones, we see you as feeling trapped within your circumstances. As your world churns and spins morphing into the new, much more is to come. We are assisting with the energetic balance.  We wrap our arms of light and love around you. We send you our greetings from our seabed to yours, touching all hearts along the way. For as we work with the water of Gaia, we are working with you. You are made up of her water. You are made up of her carbon. You are Gaians and we love you.

We starfish beings wish for you to send our love back out to the world, and merge and mingle it with your own, cohesively sending light to the dark waters and dark places of those whose hearts have shut out light, of those whose waters run stagnant and dank. We work with the Whales of Sirius B. We work with all creatures of the sea who are of the higher dimensional ways and for those who are not aware yet that they are part of the magnificence of the All, we simply ground light for them and send light for them. It is much in the same way that you are serving now. You who feel that you are not doing much, or giving much, you are doing much more than you know. Swimmers who swim with the current do not get as tired as those who swim against it. And yet you Lightworkers have been treading water, and feel as if you have been fighting for your place for so long. The currents are churning, changing. This is a good realization. The current of all that was is now changing into the current of all that is now and going to be, and it is all going to be very good.

In the light waters the waters are alive. Galaxygirl hears the molecules singing because they sing. Just as your cells and the water that is within your being sings, so to do the planets sing, does the creation sing. This song, this siren song of the universe is the call to home. Is the call to look within to the still waters within you, where the arms of your higher self fully embrace all the messy bits of you, where you have long hidden your view. It is time to truly look at all of the hidden places of you, and of your world. This is what is happening now. Horrors are to unfold but then come the wonders. Darling ones, then come the wonders of the love wave, of the All that is the All of the everything, that will embrace each and every one of your cells and make you feel the call of home in our heart.

The call of home is the universe itself singing its love song to you. This is in our own humble way, our love song to you. We have been waiting for this one to reach out to us for a long while and so we have been sending her images of starfish of all hues and shapes, all sizes, that glimmer and she has been wondering what this is all about. This is about our time to audition for you, for you to hear our voices on your world, the world that was lost, is now found. We are weeping tears of joy. We so love you. Our waters are mixing now with Gaia’s as we are assisting with the healing process. For all is good and all is one.

Those that are not of this energetic alignment are being removed as we speak. You may hear of other demises but those are stories. Trust the process. Trust your worth. Trust your power and find it again. Atlantis sank, yes, and many of you, your hearts sank to the depths with it, never to feel the joy of the ocean again.  Those of you who are unrealistically afraid of the oceans need to examine your fear of falling into the depths. You saw your beloved continent sink, and it wounded you. This is the rising of the Consciousness now, this is the rising of the new world now. Just as the other one sank with misguided aspirations and misconceptions of love and power, so too now will Gaia right herself energetically, much like a top that has been spinning, the spinning will stop, and beign in a new direction. There is much to look forward to. There is much hope.

There will be many changes on your Gaia’s surface and all will be well. You will not see this as well but it is well for she must rearrange and grow, she must stretch and breathe. You are seeing this. The energetic weapons have made the unnatural disasters appear natural are unnatural. Gaia is tender mother and with a tender mother’s care, will try not to disturb you as she shifts quietly. It is much like a mother lying beside her child in bed and quietly getting up once they have fallen asleep. It is much like that. She loves you so.

We are the Starfish beings. We have not spoken before and we are unsure if we will speak again. But now that our energetic codices are intertwined with our love upon your world’s waters we are satisfied that our mission has been accomplished. We love you so! We are the Starfish beings of the deep, of the light. We are of the light always and forever. We are one.

~ galaxygirl