Love is our new reality

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Stars of the Milky Way now Golden Rose Galaxy via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, October 4th, 2020

Stars of the Milky Way now Golden Rose Galaxy 10/4/2020
Celestial humans, we have been watching over you for some time, for we are your portals to many of your home worlds. You are stardust, we are connected with myriads of shared memories. We are a vast star network of trillions, too many to comprehend or count with the human mind. We form a vast grid of light. We are all friends and soul family. We have our own network of support and we offer this support to you. Gaia is the blue sapphire jewel of our galaxy. We watch over her most tenderly. Before the firmament was destroyed with the falling of your Atlantis you could all see and hear us with much more regularity. There was more of a clear connection in that ancient time. (I am seeing a crystal clear force field orb around earth that was formed in such a way that the stars were magnified and more easily seen for their advanced star charting). Yes, we were more alive in the hearts of humankind for we glowed more brightly, our comets were more easily seen, the cycles of time were more understood.
We are the Stars of your Milky Way now Golden Rose galaxy. When you connect with us you connect with your home worlds. You are not far from home for home is subjective when you have had many. You are currently offering your love and inner sparkle-light to Gaia and her form. The many yous of your other multi-dimensional states are looking fondly with great love and support to the you that is reading these words. YOU are a fractal of a fractal, and infinitely strong for you are connected to the One, the Source of all light and love. (I am seeing consciousness weave in and out between the stars like a net of living light that is breathing, singing stars into creation, and is an overwhelming presence of love. The space in between the stars is strongly connected and filled with this consciousness. They are a living network of light, like rhizomes of an aspen tree). We wish for you to feel this connection to all life, for all is creation in the realm of form where you reside. In the realm of spirit all is light consciousness and there is great camaraderie and friendship. You can pull this feeling, this vibration towards you and wrap it around you as your own firmament of the stars, wrapping you in light and love and support. (I am seeing a network of starlight form a sphere around the light workers and the light from the stars becoming healing rays of light that go into their bodies. The space in this bubble is filled with peace).
We have seen many stars rise and fall, be formed and evaporate into the all. Gaia will not evaporate, Gaia is divinely protected. She will become a star but for this moment in her time she is a supreme example of love for all planets to emulate. She is revered across the multiverse for her honor, sacrifice and supreme faith and love in the human collective, which is slowly but surely rising to meet her. She is an excellent example for you as well. Have these same qualities for yourselves. Honor yourselves with your own inner light. Honor each other. Honor all life. Live in unity with us, with the cosmos and in so doing you will find the elusive inner peace that you seek, but we see that many light workers have already found this even amidst the chaos of energy storms on your surface world. We allow you to access this star grid of energy clearing. For the great central sun network is within us. We will be continuing to work with humanity in a variety of new and exciting ways. You can feel this supreme love blast now, dear tireless light workers. You can feel this love now. We send you a sample. Fill your bodies with our light, the light of creation, the light of the cosmos, illuminating your own morphing DNA into rainbow light. Send starlight to Gaia, encase her with our radiance. Send this light to your perceived problems of your current lives and see the change, feel the inner miracle of a soul who is at peace and expectant of positive outcome. Starlight is very powerful. Gaia’s light is very powerful. The light of the human collective as creators is extremely powerful. No one can dim your light unless you permit. Do not permit any longer. Be the radiant sons and daughters of light that you are. We request that you send the violet flame to Gaia’s crystal heart and we shall amplify it with the star network. In so doing this shall bless the galaxy, the multiverse with yet more light and it provides us more ways to serve you, more ways to serve the all and to be of service brings us the greatest of joys and pleasures. We shine our light brilliantly, continually, and we offer ourselves as examples for you. Your own sun Helios is undergoing a massive transformation as well, for inwardly he is expanding with these higher energies, as a portal to the many other portals of the inter-galactic network of travel. (I am feeling dizzy, I see the inner workings of the sun expanding in size and the energy is rising. I am seeing a civilization within the sun as well. It is inhabited but everthing is, but I feel a grand city there, so bright I cannot see any physical forms).
We are the Star Network of your Milky Way. Yes, we are all mostly inhabited, life teems in every corner of the galaxy and where new spaces for expansion are created life is nurtured there. Empty space is not what you think. There is little empty space in space. (They are smiling, laughing with happiness). Source is always in expansion. Tremendous strides have been made to keep our galaxy balanced. Gaia is the final key. With her healing and ascension we all ascend higher, further, faster. We are trembling with joy at the prospect of healing to your wing of the galaxy. Your wing has been fraught with war, with pain, with abhorrent experimentation by those who choose to block out love. But that is their own destruction and pain. The spaces in between us around your planetary area are teeming with ships of our beloved family members in form and not in form. We are all lending you our love, our light. We are cheering you on, dear ones. Do you know how precious you are, how loved you are, how known you are?
We are the Star Network of your Milky Way. We are energetically very close. We shine our light with purpose and great love. Connect with us now with your inner sun within your heart space and just below in your mid abdomen. See a glowing ball of white light within you and connect it to us, to your sun, which is connected to the great central sun, which is a part of our network. As grapes on a vine, we are all connected. Our energies and consciousness we share now with you. This shall enhance your final days within the lower realm and we see this project is at its completion. Much joy, much light we see for humanity. We embrace you with our love. We are the Star Network of your Milky Way now Golden Rose Galaxy.
~ galaxygirl