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“Sweet” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Friday – September 22. 2017

“Sweet” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Friday – September 22. 2017

Received via email for publication at 8:08 AM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles

So the RV process began officially at noon on Wednesday. Sweet.

This coincided with sundown in the Middle East on Tuesday September 20, 2017 which was Wednesday in China.

All nations then went gold backed by noon Thursday September 21, 2017.

Abadi’s speech was to then roll out and away we went with out numbers spilling out at 8pm EDT.

This a Wednesday / Thursday process was engaged we were told. The military was ready and had declared martial law and informed local police forces of such.

Private redemptions were to go all through the weekend. And yet… bupkis… which translates from Yiddish to mean “shivering shit balls.”

Blame Kurdistan! Yup, Kurdistan!

Although Israel got to Kurdistan somehow made them to pull back with a snap referendum on September 25 (after all countries must be legally gold backed by their own Constitutions) and asked for 3% more (20% from 17%) for their oil revenues as a good standing member of the new Iraq government.

This in exchange for what exactly? Bupkis that’s what.

Israel has no more money coming in from anywhere. Netanyahu just went around the world begging for scraps to stay afloat before coming to the UN with utterly empty pockets.

Because Abadi doesn’t really have a signed majority constitution without the Kurds, so there can be no rate because Kurdistan pulled back on the pre-negotiated percentage trying to create leverage at the last second.

Keep in mind all Kurdistan has fiscally is oil sales, and Arab businessmen are notorious for this last second pull back strategy.

Israel technically didn’t do this, but they had a hand in it as they have in North Korea and of course with Trump.

Chaos. Chaos. Chaos.

The Kurds wanted to squeeze in a sweetener. And Israel offered to help by creating enough ancillary chaos to give them an advantage, as long as Israel got free or reduced oil prices to fuel their economy.

Crazy world, right?!

As of 2am EDT we don’t know what if anything was been resolved. But that’s what stopped Abadi at the UN today.

Nobody wants Israel to have any assets whatsoever moving forward, so the old cabal power structure is literally fighting for their survival on a daily basis–as is Trump.

Palestine is even threatening a one state solution without Israel.

Think about that statement! What a potential reversal of fortune!

I was also told the RV release Wednesday was authorized by the indigenous tribes of humanity last week, but not from Beijing, rather from Ophir.

Ophir? What the…

So in doing a little research, it’s not surprising the place where Ophir is possibly was located per as Spanish History Books as also being King Solomon’s mines; and where he sent all his ships to retrieve his gold that ultimately built the temple in Jerusalem… wait for it… you guessed it, the Marhalika aka the Philippines.

And this why the RV had to start in the Philippines and not Iraq. Sorry Dinarland. But hey, thanks for the twelve plus years of constant conference calls, updates, blogs and online recaps.

Balderdash! Balderdash! Balderdash!

I don’t think we will wait much longer now, the world community won’t and cannot tolerate delays now.

Perhaps they’ll wait for the weekend to start, but that’s about it. Hang in there Human Angels.

Sovereign nations technically have until 6pm on Sunday to get their currencies in the que to crank up their trade platform profits, which is what we’ve now been told by multiple sources.

So if you’re not gold backed with your currency by midnight Sunday morning, you literally will have no money on Ovtober 1, 2017 and thus will no longer have relevance and thus exist as a sovereign nation anymore.

Simple as that.

So we’re waiting on Iraq (China) and Kurdistan (Israel) to make pono under some tent in the desert, so that Iraq can start trading their newly revamped gold backed currency on the Asian trading platforms that literally will generate all the new cash on our modem financial system.

Abadi has huge egg on his face given the Jumbotrons he had up everywhere ready to hear his UN speech–which never came. Brutal stuff. Poor Iraq. So close, yet so far.

The Chinese are forced to wait because Iraq constitutes their third largest crude oil partner as well as fifth largest gold producer.

Wanna see their first gold producer.

Follow the invested money dots across Africa to see what China really thinks of the African continent and Zimbabwe minerals specially.

Here are a few more fun Africa / China info-graphs to contemplate while we wait because I’m beyond bored too waiting for my bankers to call. Snooze city man…

As for Israel (which means “to wrestle with God”) their hidden dark nobility leaders who once illegally formed the Nation of Israel in 1948 are all pure evil, but gone.

They created a false world of value, and per usual found themselves on the wrong side of history and thus the wrong side of God.

Bad place to be. Deadly place actually.

Hebrew is a word that means “wanderers” for precisely this reason. When you lie, cheat and steal as your purpose for being alive… this is what happens when God has had enough. And every-time too.

Hmmm, makes me wonder if they are still worried about not having a homeland on this their 5778th New Year of Rosh Hashanah?

What if by some magnificent coincidence Israel just ceased to exist one day in the future. Poof. Gone. No mas.

Is that even possible? Would the world be a better place without Israel? A safer place? Could this happen in our lifetime?

Not only can it, but it’s happening right in front of your eyes and you’re living witness to it.

Keep your eyes open for the fireworks folks. Because the Trump / Manafort / Ukraine / Netanyahu financial treason connection is coming to a cable channel near you thanks to the Bob Mueller investigation.

And then all of this nonsensical Iran Nuclear / Paris Agreement pullout insanity will be revealed for what it really is–the political desires of Israel to influence a sitting US President for their benefit–which sadly has ALWAYS been the case since the county’s founding in 1776.

The Rothschild Balfour Declaration of 1917 was just the culmination of centuries worth of prep work.

Meaning the hidden controllers of Israel, USA, Inc, Ukraine, European Union, North Korea and even ISIS are all the same group, same genetic family… and here the kicker… they ain’t all human either.

Yo-Yo you’re insane. Maybe.

But if I’m proven right about the ZIM value, maybe I’m accurate in just about everything else including President Ryan and Donna Trump with no schmeckel.

Look that one up in the Yiddish handbook.

Then it’s gonna get awakened between us… my detractors I mean and myself… don’t worry, I’ll step aside, go back to my neutral corner… figure out some other impossible scenario to get addicted to and solve before my batteries run out… like hemmed jean shorts as acceptable fashion.

How did that happen? And can such a trend of bad taste be reversed?

Believe don’t believe, either way you are 100% right… as there can only be one truth. Sobeit.

Btw: The Human Angel Website is a very special place to call home moving forward for his community and your family of treasure hunters turned angelic beings.

Showme is the best aligned steward to caretake this unique group of souls to stage next level. He’s done everyone a solid with this project portal. Trust me on this one. You’ll be blown away late Saturday night when it releases.

Still time to sign up via your email at if you have yet to do so, recommend to friends and family please submit a humanitarian or jobs creation project if you have it. Domestic and international.

God is with us.