Love is our new reality

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The Andromedan Council of Light via Daniel Scranton, December 20th, 2023

A Winter/Summer Solstice Surprise for Humanity ∞The Andromedan Council of Light
a winter summer solstice surprise for humanity - the andromedan council of light channeled by daniel scranton - channeler of aliens
A Winter/Summer Solstice Surprise for Humanity ∞The Andromedan Council of Light, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We are the Andromedan Council of Light, and we are very excited to connect with humanity. 

We love you so very much, and we invite you to feel the love coming to you from the Andromedan Star System. There is much love all around you in fact, and you have to tune yourself out of it in order to not feel it. And so, when you surrender, when you let go, when you give up the struggle and the resistance, you start to let in some of the love that’s coming to you from all points across the universe and beyond. When you feel that love coming to you, there is more love then for you to give. There is more of you to give. When you go outside of yourself looking for that love in other humans who are also feeling disconnected and separate from the love that is coming to them, you tend to come up short. 

Therefore, we invite you on the solstice, to open yourselves up and receive all of the love that is coming to you. Let that become your solstice tradition. Put yourself in a relaxed state and in an open position to receive massive amounts of energy, tremendous tidal waves of love and downloads of everything you’ve been asking for and more. 

You see, when you open yourselves up to love, you open yourselves up to everything that is of a higher vibration. You have a choice, and some of you make the choice consciously, and some of you don’t, but you always have a choice as to what you focus upon. There is lots that you could focus upon that is not of the light, that is not life affirming, that does not give you that warm, fuzzy feeling that love does. And sometimes it’s very interesting. Sometimes it’s attractive in some way, but you must understand that it’s not the good-feeling  choice, and therefore it’s not the choice for you.

You all have some sort of soul counterpart here in our system. Every single one of you does. Your souls would never choose to only incarnate in one system. And to put it another way, your souls always choose to incarnate in all systems. And therefore, the love coming to you from the Andromedan Star System is your own soul’s love. You are known by other aspects of your soul. You are seen as relative to that other aspect of your soul. You really do want to experience the love of your soul because it is you loving you. And when you fill yourself up with that love, you feel as though you are your true self for the first time.

There is so much you can create with love and through love, so much that you will create, so much that you will heal, and so much that you will remember. So please remember to do this on the solstice. Open up to the love that is you, to the love that is yours, and to the love that enlivens you and gives you a new lease on life.

We are the Andromedan Council of light, and we have enjoyed serving you in this way.”