Love is our new reality

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The Arcturian and Pegasus Collectives via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, April 26th, 2018

Arcturian and Pegasus Collectives for April 26, 2018



Arcturian and Pegasus Collectives 4/26/18

Greetings, we are the Arcturian Collective and we are most pleased to connect with you this day. For much is unraveling it would seem at the seams of your planet’s fabrictary structure, but please know that this is not the case. The old must completely be removed before the new can begin. If one makes a mistake in knitting, the row must be removed and re-begun, must it not? Otherwise you have holes in your sweaters that you are creating. We assure you that we are being very careful in adhering to Prime Source Creator’s plan for this universe and we assure you that comfort is here and on its way in full force for you, our grounded light team, who are so weary of the “almost-s”.

Creation. You are creator beings. You must remember this deep in your core; the thrill of learning something new that delights you and then in becoming masterful at it you expand into it, you stretch it, you improve upon it. We marvel at your creativity. You have so much of the god spark packed within your DNA that you do sparkle and shine like the diamonds of Source light that you are, but have forgotten, until recently. For you are in the process of beginning to remember and this delights us very much. Be not afraid, be encouraged and supported. We are the Arcturian Collective and we assure you that the fabric, the new foundation for Nova Gaia is being laid as these words are typed and read, for as your imagine you create. As you band together and dream and become motivated into action great things happen. You are bursting out of your cocoons and becoming more of what you already are, but have forgotten until now.

Be at peace. We are aware that this has been a perpetually lonely, isolating and grueling ride for most of you, our grounded team. We thank you for your support to Gaia. We assure you, you are not alone and this part of the process of rebirth too shall pass and a new destiny be born, of oneness, of light, of newness and of limitless love. Love so amazing, complete, all embracing that the human psyche cannot yet grasp – but you are beginning to feel and accept the glimpses of this profound love and it is changing you. It is preparing you for when the cosmic wave of Love-light hits. And we do assure you this is indeed happening, we have nearly slowed it down a bit so that you have a softer landing. We are the Arcturian Collective and we support you all, humanity, fully in your journey of ascension and of new beginnings. For the journey of self is limitless, for your are Source beings, Source fractals, and the apple of our eye and of your many, many friends in this galaxy and beyond. You are loved. You are loved and supported. We are the Arcturian Collective.

We are the Pegasus Collective here tonight riding on the wings of the dawn and the dusk simultaneously, for we cannot be bound by time, but flit in and out of it. This is why it has been nearly impossible for you to catch a glimpse of us but please remember, you are indeed multidimensional beings at play having but one of many experiences in this Now and you seem to be having a human experience in this moment. But know that you are not limited to this one experience, this one small human life that stretches along in a straight line until it breaks and your story ends. This cannot be further than the case. This is the great lie. Death is blissful. Death – death as you see and as your understand from a 3d perspective – is not at all in actuality what it really is. Once you used your body, your space suit, your avatar for planet Earth, you are free to be reunited with your loved ones. You are healthy, whole, light, loved, accepted, reunited, at peace – if you have chosen wisely and chosen love during your incarnations. The dark ones will not have this experience. But that is a story for another time and place. It is not your concern. You are ascending.

You are growing, stretching your wings, you are getting ready to fly and, Ah! You are off! It feels glorious does it not, to have the strong wings stretched out beside you? To have the wind in your mane? To whinny with utmost glee? Ah yes, but you have felt this euphoria before. Connect with the comets in your solar system. Fly with them. Sense our freedom of flight, of power, of the delightful thrill of pure, raw speed. It is exhilarating! We are the Pegasus Collective here in harmonious support in the combined effort of humanity’s ascension. We encourage you to try on your wings. Try on your multidimensionality! Be free. You are only as limited as you so choose. We see you as free but in the process of trying to believe it. Believe. The time of great change is here Now on Gaia. Embrace it and choose your destiny well. No one can write your own story but you. We see humanity writing a most excellent tale of thrill and excitement. We see the dark vanquished, fleeting and bleeding. We see the light bursting forth from the inner depths that had been long forgotten and we see Source embracing every aspect of the All. We are the Pegasus Collective. Enjoy your flight!

~ galaxygirl