Love is our new reality

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The Arcturian Collective and Family via Galaxygirl, April 22nd, 2018

Message from Arcturian Collective and Family for April 22, 2018

Arcturian Collective and family 4/22/18

Greetings, we are the Arcturian Collective. We come today to discuss the rapid changes that are heading your way and in some cases are already here on precious Gaia, and are changing you from deep within. For old time beliefs no longer ring true, do they not? And things that once brought you fear are now more of a neutral observance of detachment, yes? We see this as progress, improvement, for as you are less attached to this physical reality and become more of an observer in a movie around you, you can more objectively send tremendous love and amounts of violet fire to any and all situations – and be the master that you are, and that you came here to be. For much distraction exists in your realm. Business and constantly ‘doing’ are the fabric of your society, or has been, for so long, to keep you knotted up and distracted from finding that inner peace, your own god spark, that lies within you, that is eager to reconnect with you. And in this reconnection, you find your peace, you find yourself. For this is the hole in the heart, the longing, the void, that must, and can only be, filled with love, and in this case is the love of your own higher self, the very fabric of you. And now we see this fabric that has been torn as being mended, and becoming stronger, as one, glowing brightly, as your higher selves become more firmly attached and as you allow in more and more light. And we see this as a beautiful thing. We are the Arcturian Collective and we have enjoyed connecting with you today.

Hello friends, I am Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days, here today to lend my love and light in support of both your collective and individual ascension. For humanity is undergoing many changes in this Now moment and it would be wise to anchor deep into Nova Gaia, Mother Earth, who is ascending as we speak, as you read these words too, you are ascending yet one notch higher. Life is a beautiful tapestry of color, of experience. Sometimes there are knots as new colors are changed out into the old, but all threads are anchored into the core foundation of the tapestry, as is what is being experienced now on your planet. Anchor into the grid of Nova Gaia, as you change your colors, your dimensions, and transmute all with the violet fire of St. Germaine, who is ever watching over you all as well, and an integral part of this ascension plan of Nova Gaia. We are all working tirelessly around the clock, even though we don’t have clocks! We are here for you, in support of you, our dear friends and family, who are here to serve, ever in support of you. So call on us. We are but a thought away. Your connecting to our realms is melding, merging, and this gives us tremendous pleasure and excitement. For you are coming home. Please remember home is within you. For you are consciousness, and you are beginning to remember this. Best claim this as your reality for this is the most probable timeline we see for you in your near future. The dark has lost. They know this and all is being dealt with accordingly. You do your part by anchoring the new light codes. Get out in the sun and anchor the light. Remember you have your own inner sun within your heart chakra that ever spins. It is like a solar battery now that is continually getting recharged by these tremendous waves of light and love from the Great Central Sun, the Devine Mother. We are all lending our light and love to you now. I am your Sanat Kumara.

We are the fairies, here for you humanity now, ever in this Now, to lend our love and light and laughter too; for all is love, all is light, and the realms are transcending, merging, becoming one, becoming light, becoming transmuted into bliss, into oneness, and we the elementals are finally becoming ever closer to our human friends and we are ever in support of you and this fills us with great glee as we dance with the unicorns, on the wings of the wind, in the dandelion fluff that drifts by and tickles your nose; we are all around you, we are all in and surrounding you in love, ever love, buoying you up like a bouy on the ocean for when the waves come it never sinks for long – it may bob a bit in the waves and the pressure, but it is ever afloat! and this is what we see on this side of time – we see time bobbing, bending, becoming more of a non-issue and this is greatly exciting, for it means that the dimensions are shifting and the old is falling away. The old is falling away, fallen, only to be redeemed and repurposed into the light of the light! The light and the breath of the Mother is all around you; let it into your precious cells of Source light and become that which you are, creator gods who are in the process of remembering, remembering who they are, and becoming delighted in the learning. We are the fairies an we are delighted to connect with our human friends again.

I am your brother Sananda! Greetings friends. You are exhausted, and I see this, but please know that your exhaustion and light lending have made a tremendous impact on planet earth and all is proceeding well. The winds of change are what you are experiencing. When a new planet is formed (do you remember?) there is always darkness before the light. There is always the chaos of the birth of the new; volcanoes, fog, lightening, wind. And then it calms down a bit and the plants take hold, and then the species come and an ecosystem begins. And this is where you are now. The volcanos the chaos are evident but the plants of newness of change, that repurpose the air and fill the atmosphere with healthy oxygen for new breath, this is what you are all doing, our light worker friends. You are laying the groundwork quite literally to ground in these new energies as you build, you create this new earth reality that will be unmatched, unparalleled in beauty and in purpose and in hope in this entire universe. Nova Gaia will be the example of true victory of true over coming and you humans will remember who you are. She will be called the planet of the Golden Rose, and the Milky Way will be renamed into the Golden Rose galaxy, so it has been foretold. And many of you remember this deep in your hearts from all of those exciting galactic meetings that you have attended and contributed most excellently to. Ha! Yes, even with ascension, even in the higher realms, we have meetings. But be encouraged they are for the most part fun. There is great camaraderie up here, in the higher realms and we long to bring this camaraderie to you. But when you reach for us, for me, you are building this bridge of friendship across the realms of time and space, of dimension, and we are creating the bridge across this space for humanity to follow. You are the way showers. The brick layers. The bridge builders. And we love you all so much. I embrace you, we love you and you are not alone. Let us build a firm foundation of Christed light deep into the heart of all of humanity and anchor it into the heart of Nova Gaia. Be at peace. Be at peace! All is well! All is unfolding. We’re just ironing out the creases right now. I love you. I am your Sananda.

I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. I am that I am, just as you are that you are. It is time that you recall this humanity, and claim your divine power back. For you are rising in these energies and you are empowered deeply in all ways from all angles and your success is assured. We see the light and the hope of promise in your eyes, and we see Source light reflecting back to us with hope and promise of a new experiences unfolding on Nova Gaia. A new experience that you are all in the process of creating, of being, of becoming. You friends are getting ready to fly. And fly high you will, like our pegasus friends, who glide effortlessly across time and dimension, so beautifully I might add, you too are doing this. You are dimension jumping every time you connect deep within you strip yourself away from the distractions of the surrounding illusion. You are becoming able to see through the illusion, which will bode well for coming civilizations and coming governmental changes that will be in place to best serve the all, the weaker ones, and only society structures that heal and help – not harm – will be allowed to coexist within this new high energy field that is beginning to become the fabric of your new reality. Many of you will be leaders in this, for in fact, you already are just by being here and reading these words you are contributing to new thought forms, new patterns of consciousness that will fertilize the new soil and help the new plants the new foundation to grow strongly as they absorb the light. The light is especially strong today. Can you feel it? Get outside and absorb and anchor friends, it will soothe your aches and pains from transmuting. Mother Earth is a mighty healer. Let her help you and share these vibratory codes with her as you connect. For in doing so you will be yet another bridge of healing and renewal. I am Starlight of the unicorn race. Connect with your unicorn self and claim your multidimensionality for it is real, I assure you. The illusion is stripping away quickly and soon this will become quite apparent to you. Form is but a thought form of itself. You are much more than this little human body reading these words, I assure you. You are loved. I depart in peace.

We are the Arcturian Collective and we have enjoyed connecting with you and with all of our friends and family today. We are all one of the light. We welcome you home.

~ galaxygirl