Love is our new reality

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The Arcturian Collective via Galaxygirl, May 26th, 2018

Arcturian Collective 5/26/18

We are the Arcturian Collective and we wish to speak with humanity this crystal clear evening of love, of harmony and of peace. For this is the direction that you are heading as a collective, in the new time/space that you are finding yourselves immersed in.

All is being made new, reborn, including you, humanity, our galactic family in human suits, including you. Worry not about the changeover, or how you will feel. We encourage you to feel everything, embrace the feeling of being human during the changeover from lack to lush, where all is plenty and flowing with promise and prosperity. You have earned it friends, and it is coming – rushing – your way quickly, so get ready to fly high and fast into the new days that you are currently creating and try to really enjoy the moment.

So much of your lives have all been about survival. It is all you have known; bills, job changes, layoffs – we need not get into it, you know the picture too well. We see that humanity really has no or little idea how to enjoy just being, just relaxing with themselves and being at peace and enjoying plenty. We look forward to seeing this improve greatly for you. For the new energies coming in are going to be greatly supportive of self peace, of inner peace within – redundant perhaps but the emphasis is important, not to be understated.

Peace within is the sign of a true master. For to have peace when in the midst of the swirling energies of chaos and change is to have found your inner god breath of space time. And we encourage you to just sit with these energies, with yourself for a while and enjoy all that you sense. Enjoy all of the physical sensations as you morph – evolve – into the crystalline you that is just waiting to be birthed. We see this as already happening.

We are the Arcturian Collective. You are weary. Come rest with us on our ships and allow our technology to assist with your healing and refreshing, for there is much work to be done and we see you all doing it with the ease of masters. We assure you that we see you growing into the tasks at hand that your future selves and planning committees have assigned for you. We assure you indeed you all have assignments, the proper assignments for you that will give you the greater joy and showcase your innate talents, talents that you may not be aware of yet during this current incarnation. But we assure you, you are up for the task. We are the Arcturian Collective. We leave you in peace.

~ galaxygirl