Love is our new reality

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The Arcturian Collective via Galaxygirl, October 18th, 2017

Message from the Arcturian Collective for October 18, 2017

We are the Arcturian Collective and we are glad to speak with you today, for we offer reassurance that all is well, even though it may appear otherwise.

Please don’t settle on what you see, for appearances may be deceiving, which you know, because you have experienced this lesson over and over during your Earthly travels. And that is ok; those were part of the lessons that you had pre-contracted to experience. There is no need for guilt, for with each lesson more of your inner knowing, strength and tenacity was revealed, was it not?

Try to view these hard knocks, these lessons, as the gifts that they are – were – will be. For lessons do not leave you; they mold you and shape you into all that you can become and all that you are today in this moment. Please breathe in our support and feel our love. The intermittent cloud ships above you all serve as a friendly hello. We are here watching, observing and eagerly waiting to be of tangible assistance to our away team, our grounded ones, our light carriers. We are proud of you and your numerous accomplishments.

The transition is occurring in many layers, even now as we speak. It is true that Prime Creator has peeled away many layers of additional hinderances that were unnecessary and unpleasant so that they will be banned from your current and future reality. Enough is enough.

We are here to help you be the gods and goddesses that you promised you would be and you are indeed becoming. Heal. Rest. Breathe. Be kind to one each other. See the god spark in each of you, for we are all learning our own lessons on our own journeys, are we not? People have various strengths from other times and talents from other previous successes. Some talents are carried over more readily that others, and some talents are blocked by contract so that you can develop another aspect or strength of yourself. All is within the plan that you yourself helped to write and create. For you are creators.

And so we ask you what kind of life are you creating for yourself? For your spiritual advancement? What brings you joy? Do you know what brings you joy or have you all been working so long to earn money you have forgotten your inner child and forgotten what tickled your fancy and gave you great joy? Well children it is time to remember.

Listen within. Listen to the child within you who is patiently waiting to be acknowledged. Finding your joy will be much easier in Nova Gaia when all is not tied down to your bank account and getting financially punished for taking a day off to rest. These times of insanity are coming to a swift close. Be at peace in this knowledge. You will have time to discover hidden talents and passions that you have forgotten. Be joyful and claim this time as your Now to better pull it towards yourself, your reality.

All is not as it seems. The dark are defeated and wringing their hands. The plot you are shown on TV is a watered down, slowly delivered process to allow the consciousness of the sleepy ones to begin to scratch their heads and ask questions rather than, as you say, beat their heads against the wall. Remember how much time you have had to integrate these new ideas; this itself has been a gift has it not? Therefore, please be compassionate on those who have no idea what is truly going on and will have to learn more quickly. We wish this to be as gentle of a process as possible for them. We are wishing to promote peace and calm and joy. Will you please help us with this, our ground crew? Chose to be stronger than you have ever been before because it is not only coming, the change, the CHANGE is here. Be this change. Anchor it. Feel it. Claim it. For you are bringing it about and we are ever so proud of you.

That is all for now. We are the Arcturian Collective and it was our great pleasure to connect with you all today. Be at peace. Be the peace. It is within you.

— Submitted by galaxygirl