Love is our new reality

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The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, July 1st, 2018

  JULY 1,2018

Dear readers, it is with a great deal of love and respect that we once again speak about the present and increasing energies of Light that Gaia and all forms of life upon her are experiencing.
Try not to slip into fear, but rather understand that great change is taking place both within and without.  Every day more and more individuals awaken and realize that the “Me first” world that they are so familiar with, no longer feels right.  As a result, many who have been fully three dimensional in their thinking are now finding themselves to be no longer in agreement with much of the status quo.  Although most are not aware of why they are having these feelings, it represents their first step toward a higher state of consciousness.
Change is happening on all levels and it is very easy even for the very evolved,  to automatically revert to thinking that something is wrong when new or unusual physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences happen whether they are pleasant or unpleasant.
Mankind is universally and personally waking up out of the illusions created by false concepts and beliefs, and is experiencing the birth pains of unconditional love–the connectedness of all within the One regardless of skin color, language, financial status, education, etc.
For most, this means there must be a time of clearing any remaining dense energy still carried from both the past and present because the lower frequencies cannot enter into the higher ones.  Old concepts and beliefs cannot be taken with you into new and higher frequencies of Light.
Light vibrations are becoming more intense which in turn is exposing many third dimensional beliefs and actions that  heretofore have either been  hidden from the general public or promoted as the “right way”.  Every day individuals are beginning to recognize that their belief system is not as correct as they were led to believe.  The higher frequencies  are assisting those ready to ask questions and open up to the  idea of one human family rather than  “us versus them”.
Those who stand to lose money and power from mankind’s spiritual awakening are pulling out all the stops in order to keep it from it happening.  Never doubt that most of the chaos you see taking place all over the world is  being aided, promoted, and fed by those who hoping to keep you in bondage to limiting beliefs that  keep you under their thumb.  “Power over” beliefs, rules, and concepts will simply dissolve when the  majority is no longer feeding them energy.
The Light frequencies now pouring onto earth are being felt by everyone regardless of their state of awareness which will often empower someone living completely in the three dimensional state of consciousness to act out.  Because they are not evolved enough to understand what they are experiencing and can only interpret these powerful energies according to their  level of consciousness, they express what they feel as anger, violence, rage, drug use, frustration, depression, and even suicide.
Some of those causing pain and  problems for others  are in reality making futile attempts according to their belief system to gain the respect and love every soul yearns for.  Unconditional love never means allowing others to force their un-awakened actions upon others.  There is and will be for some time yet, a need for law, order, and constraint as long as the world consists of beliefs of duality and separation because   THERE IS NO UNEXPRESSED CONSCIOUSNESS.
Systems of constraint based in unconditional love would place those needing constraint in situations where growth and learning is available and where there are opportunities that will help the person understand themselves, their actions, and the consequences of those actions.  Some have never experienced unconditional love, and do not understand it.  Something as simple as  incarceration  where  prisoners take care of unwanted dogs, is a perfect first step toward opening a door to unconditional love.
Most  (not all)  the world’s systems of incarceration at this time are grounded in  beliefs of punishment. Living constantly in an atmosphere of fear, anger, frustration, and degradation only strengthens and adds power to whatever negative energy is already being carried  in the person’s energy field.
Systems of punishment and degradation for the smallest of offences only serves to block the evolution and spiritual growth of both the workers and the inmates who are meant to learn from their experiences.   Unconditional love can never be learned or even understood on the level of punishment, violence, and degradation, even when there is a need for very firm action.
If unconditional love is the energy carrying the necessary action,  the individual will respond differently than if the energy is self righteous, fearful, angry, and  hate filled,  with only a desire to punish.   Unconditional love never means being a doormat, or being “airy fairy” about  actions necessary for those needing separation from others.  Rather it means taking the necessary steps from a higher level of awareness.
Not all will or can  respond to energies of unconditional love,  but that is not the concern of the person responsible for any firm actions.  The job of a Light worker doing this sort of work is to carry the Light into every situation.  This is what  Light Work is.
This leads to the topic of judgement and criticism. The third dimensional world at present revolves around  these two activities.  If something or someone does not live up to perceived concepts of good or bad, they will often be silently and overtly judged and criticized which allows the person doing the judging to feel righteous and superior.
Judgement and criticism are what make simple situations into news stories and color the words and actions of politicians, spiritual gurus, preachers, family, friends, and all holding  positions of authority. This is not to say you do not have opinions or ignore negative activities of those around you, but rather you begin to understand them in a new way.
Judgement and criticism takes place on all levels–physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, and
represents the belief that there is only one correct way for everything from personal appearance, lifestyle, religious beliefs or lack of, politics, family, marriage, etc. to what color paint is on a wall.   Individuals who judge and criticize believe that their way is the only right way, relegating all who do not  believe the same as being wrong and in need of correction through whatever means are necessary.
When a person spiritually awakens, it becomes very easy to recognize a better path for others and often a judgement and criticism arise.  When this happens, allow the situation to become a signal reminding you that every person has a personal learning contract, a Higher Self, and Guides.  This does not mean you will never be guided to assist someone in a practical way or offer them some much needed guidance.
Habits of judgement and criticism begin to fade as one ceases looking to those with seeming power
( political, religious, medical, rich and famous, family, etc,) for answers and begins to first look  within themselves, trusting their intuition.  Many continue to believe that just because a person holds a position of authority their concepts must be believed.
A consciousness of judgement/criticism often reflects inner insecurity which then expresses as anger, frustration, and resentment toward those they believe to hold all the power.  They  resent being told what to do and believe but continue to do it because they believe they have no choice not realizing that the awakening sense of resistance they feel is their own self-empowerment trying to break free and manifest.
Only you, yourself, can allow something, some belief system, or some individual, to have power over you. Never forget this.   Everyone has free will and what each does with it, is up to them.  As you learn to withdraw  power from everyone and everything outside of SELF, you will begin to feel less and less disempowered by those seeking to control you in any way be they family. friends, experts, or so called “authorities”.
Problems in the world are the result of mankind  ignorantly over time surrendering personal power to those who sought to take it for themselves whenever and however they could.  In the old and dense energies of the past, individuals often had no real choice, it was submit or die, but this is a new time.
As a result of awakening  to your personal power as a spiritual beings,  you are beginning to lose your fears.  You are beginning to  realize that the bluster and blowing of those seeking to frighten you into obedience and submission  is really nothing more than that–” balloons with the skin peeled off.”
Continue to reclaim your  personal authentic power  by listening to and trusting your intuition, by never again doubting that you are a spiritual being embodying the fullness of the One that is all there is, and by  realizing the illusory nature of everything that would have you believe otherwise.
Not all in positions of authority are attempting to take  power from others.  Many are attempting to serve from  a heart level.  Use your intuition to discern which is which, especially when you vote.  As  evolved souls  mature and become new world leaders, their higher state of consciousness will express through service to higher good of all people, not just  themselves and friends.  New and more evolved world leaders will guide people to access their own power, rather than promoting that only they have the answers and must be obeyed.
It is imperative for every serious student of truth to stop seeking answers and solutions outside themselves, looking to  people or three dimensional concepts that are rapidly becoming obsolete and disappearing.
This is NOT to say that you must never seek the advice or help of those more experienced in certain areas, but the first step should always be to go within, ask,  and then trust your intuition.  When you do this, you will find yourselves being guided to the right person to help you, someone working on levels in alignment with your own energy.
Everyone has free will to stay right where they are for as long as they wish or move into higher levels of awareness.  Those choosing to stay in the old belief system through fear of change, may not be able to survive the higher frequencies of Light that evolution is bringing for will not be in alignment with them. However, you reading these messages are ready or you would not even understand these words.
You have done the work through lifetimes, and are ready to live it through consciously letting go of accepting at face value everything you see, hear, taste,touch, and smell in the world around you.   Much of what is termed news is simply made up or skewed in some way to get a reaction, which in turn promotes the agenda of those who do not have your best interests at heart.
Consciously acknowledge the Divine nature of every person.  One easy way to do this is to visualize  a diamond in the heart of every person you see or think about.   You may become aware of just a tiny pinpoint of light in some while in others it may be a large body of light.  Do not concern yourself with whether you see anything or not because your job is not to analyze or judge but is rather to realize the truth about each and every person.
The work is–to know the truth, to live the truth,  and to be the truth,  always acknowledging  what is, rather than what isn’t, regardless how abhorrent appearances may be.
This work is not for the faint of heart, dear brave ones.  Know that you are not them.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                                                  7/1/18