Love is our new reality

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The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, November 5th, 2017

Dear ones, we greet you with love and respect as we witness so many of you bravely working your way through the layers of dense debris now surfacing as you expand yourselves and Gaia into higher frequencies of Light.

You are doing a fine job, never doubt it based on outer appearances which easily deceive even the most evolved when they forget to stay centered and alert. This does not mean you will never react negatively or find yourself experiencing resistance to appearances, but as you learn to quickly translate them through the realization that there is no Divine law to support or hold them in place you will find that they no longer hold the power they once did and do not affect you in the same way. This is Lightwork.

This does not mean you must never become involved or assist a situation if you are guided to, but does mean that with whatever you are guided to do, you do it from a level of awakened awareness, one more evolved than when asleep in the dream of illusion.

We wish to speak of the changes now taking place within and without so many of you. Change always represents an energy shift within personal or global consciousness. The outer scene is always a mind interpretation of the spiritual reality expressing in accordance with the attained state of consciousness of some individual, group, or even global. (A consciousness filled with beliefs of duality and separation expresses as exactly that–experiences of duality and separation.) You are creators.

As a person’s consciousness evolves, his mind interprets as higher and better form. (Mind is the cake pan, state of consciousness is the batter) Those of you experiencing troubling issues on all levels at this point are not spiritually failing or going backward, but rather are now ready to experience, examine and clear any remaining layers of old cellular memory in order to make room for the higher frequencies of Light you are now ready to integrate. Obsolete energy cannot be carried into the new and higher.

Many of you are experiencing emotional sadness as people, places, and things seem to be disappearing out of your life but change is often simply the change of something as you have heretofore known it. Many things will quickly reappear in some new and better form while other people, places, things, etc. will simply fade out of your life if you are no longer in alignment with them. Allow and trust the process dear ones, and remember that only the illusory concept of something dissolves.

Lifetimes lived in un-awakened three dimensional consciousness created a world based in duality and separation. Many of these beliefs are active in individual and universal cellular memory and are still accepted as truth. The ordinary belief that some things are good and some things are bad is one of them because good appearances are just as much concepts as bad ones. Good and bad are simply the two ends of the duality stick. Look deeper into all things in order to recognize the reality behind them.

Countries, groups, and individuals continue to promote the “right way” to do everything from relationships, to business, to health, and more. Examine your belief system carefully dear ones, for in it you will probably find much that heretofore you simply accepted and never questioned but which no longer resonates with your present more evolved state of consciousness.

The process of releasing old beliefs often creates conflict within families or groups held together by a similar belief system. It can be very frightening when one’s foundation is questioned or suddenly begins to crumble through the realization that much of what was embraced as truth has instead simply been the belief system of some authority figure or group that you without question, accepted.

Much present day upheaval is a result of the integration of Divine feminine and the balancing of masculine and feminine energies. Beliefs regarding both genders are beginning to fall away. Concepts about masculinity versus femininity continue to be promoted through film, books, and authority figures, but more and more individuals are waking up, questioning, and refusing to play the gender game.

A “real” man has been long promoted as being tough, afraid of nothing, and un-emotional. These ideas are frequently preached to males from childhood in the belief that it will help a boy to become a man. This has resulted in a total blockage of the flow of the Divine feminine energy for many men, and when a bit of the Divine Feminine does leak through, they feel or are told that they are “unmanly”.

The manifestations of the masculine without the balancing of the feminine has been and continues to be war, rape, abuse, and conflict along with a great deal of inner turmoil for those men who have evolved beyond that state of consciousness but are pressured to be aggressive in negative ways in order to be “manly”.

In some societies, groups, and families, females are is still considered to be weak and unable to function without a man to make decisions for her. These old concepts are quickly fading but continue to be promoted by those afraid of losing their perceived masculine power and superiority.

Women stepped up and took over “masculine” jobs during WW II but when the men returned home there was a rush to push women back into societies perceived roles for them through photos and ads promoting women as being happy and fulfilled only as housewives owning all the latest cleaning and cooking gadgets.

The idea was to get women out of the jobs they had done so well and give them back to the men, who were considered to be the only “real breadwinners” by much of society. These women were forced to embrace and successfully expressed their masculine aspect which in turn gave birth to a new world consciousness regarding long ingrained concepts of masculine and feminine roles.

The masculine energy is the active, be-er, do-er energy and the feminine is the receptive, intuitive, creative energy both of which manifest physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Much of the world’s suffering has been and still is the result of imbalanced creations manifesting when there is one without the other. They are simply the two faces of the ONE, never meant to be separated.

Many women falsely believe that they must act like men in order to succeed, just as some men continue to believe that they are weak if they show emotion or any so called feminine qualities. Life is meant to be the exquisite dance of these two Divine aspects eternally present within every soul. Every person is whole and complete–their masculine (active, be-er, do-er energy) protecting and supporting their creative, receptive feminine.

Examine your belief system carefully with regard to concepts you may hold about the masculine and feminine. Everyone has been heavily programmed through lifetimes of third dimensional experiences as well as from the continuing promotion of concepts still alive and well throughout the world.

In order to move into the higher frequencies of ascension every individual must acknowledge and allow their masculine and feminine aspects to balance and express. The process is never an attempt to draw one or the other to oneself, but is rather the recognition, acknowledgement, and practice of them as being already present within. When individuals are ready, but refuse to integrate one aspect or the other, they will often get a “wake up call”, some situation that forces them to express the energy they are in denial of.

A female body carries more feminine energy just as a male body expresses more masculine. Allowing the masculine and the feminine aspects to work together and flow in compliment to each other is empowerment–the expression of your wholeness and the reality of who and what you are.

You are presently witnessing anger, resentment, and retaliation as evolution attempts to bring about balance, and integrate the Divine Feminine. With time, this will settle and the two aspects will begin to express harmoniously as the two facets of one whole. Equality will eventually become the collective state of consciousness because it is the reality.

Everyone chooses before birth which gender will best serve their evolutionary process. Gender confusion comes when having lived many lifetimes as one gender, a soul realizes that he must experience and learn the qualities of the other and so chooses to incarnate in a body that will reflect this. Because humans are consciousness and not just physical bodies, they often continue to experience the familiar energy of their many past lives as either male or female and come to believe that somehow they are in the wrong body.

Every individual has lived as both male and female as well as being all skin colors throughout many lifetimes. Beliefs based in concepts of duality and separation will continue to be promoted by those who stand to lose by mankind’s awakening but you are ready to come out and be separate, leaving behind the stuff and nonsense of illusion. You are ready.

In recognition of the Universal Wholeness of all creation,

We are the Arcturian Group