Love is our new reality

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The Arcturian High Council via Marie Mahler, January 9th, 2018

The Arcturian High Council: Ascension, Alchemization, and Transformation ~ You Are Made For A Better World

The Arcturian High Council:
Ascension, Alchemization, and Transformation
~ You Are Made For A Better World ~

A Message from El Morya, Mother Earth, Mother Mary,
the Arcturian High Council

via channel Marie Mohler 
Received January 9, 2018



Dear Ones,

We are the Arcturian High Council.  We come to you today with a Message and a Song of Hope for the hearts of those weary in the journey and in need of a greater cosmic upliftment to see through the Lens of the Bigger Picture.  The Macro Lens if you will of the Micro Experience you all have been having on your world.

butterfly in autumn colors on leaf image

What is the True Energy and Essence of Change?  We would invite you into your Heart Centers a moment to look at what “change” means to you.  Allow yourself to see colors, feelings, textures, insights, and understandings as you take this pause and consider what “CHANGE” means to you.

We would say that Change is an Alchemical Internal Process of Experiencing a Shift or Transformation in your Perception of Reality.  When you experience change on the inner planes, it manifests as an altered experience of reality in the physical, emotional, spiritual, and/or mental aspects of your being. 

So let us look at your current planetary experience.  On a global scale, no matter what level or degree of consciousness a person has, there is a clear shift and emerging sense of change in your daily lives.  There is geological distress and there are eruptive events occurring as a result.  There is political dissension and exposure of corruption on all continents and in all countries.  There are health epidemics of many kinds.  There are systemic break downs in the structures designed originally to facilitate and inspire learning and emotional and developmental growth.  The forms of currency being used on your world to facilitate a rate of fair exchange are faltering and struggling to hold their “weight” as a measure of exchange.  The media as a source of mass communication almost seems schizophrenic on your world . . . with many outlets creating a kind of insidious cancer of misinformation, disinformation, and manipulation while existing among other outlets trying their best to call out the “cancerous” factions and expose the corruption it is perpetrating in the world.

In all of this chaos, it would seem your world is unraveling.  Coming apart at the seams.  And warring itself on all fronts.

And yet, through the chaos, a New Form of Organization and Strength is Birthing and Gaining Traction.  Through the distortions and dark energies, Light is Being Re-Born.  For this is the Nature of Light.  Once it gets down to the Level of Corrosive and Corroded “Metal” due to High Levels of Toxic Reactions between many and multiple systems of Failing Consciousness, the Light does what it does best.  And what it was designed to do. 

It Alchemizes Itself. 

alchemy photoWhich means that it Re-Organizes Itself.  It triggers and catalyzes a Divine Transformation Process, where the Toxic Ingredients of the Current Reality are Melted Down and Cleansed by the Purity of the Light’s Etheric Blueprint and Frequencies . . . and this becomes the “New Metal” or the New Substance and Soil through which an Entire New Dimensional Experience Is Possible and Is Created.

We would ask you . . . do you have in your life . . . right now . . . any area where toxic ingredients are melting down?  Failing?  Unable to serve a proper function or usefulness in the way they were designed or originally engaged?  Are there things you can identify that once worked for you ~ that no longer seem to serve you and a positive life experience now?

What is happening in the outer world, in your very public and global world, . . . is also happening inside each of you, on the inner planes.  The Term “Ascension” to us . . . literally means . . . to Rise Out of the Ashes and Flames of Prior Experience . . . to Elevate to a Whole New Playing Field of Vibrational Consciousness and Physically Manifested Being-ness. 

This is a Phoenix Time of Ascension, Alchemization,
and Transformation on your world. 

phoenix flame photo

All Past Creations that do not serve the Frequency of the New Light
Codes Flooding your World are Being Melted Down by the Flames
and Etheric Heat of Such Intense Light to become New Molecules
that can be Utilized Only by Other Like-Molecules-Of-Light
to Organize and Build New Structures of Light.

In other words, the Purified Liquid Light, that comes through
the Alchemical Process occurring on your world, can now
Only Be Used to Create Structures that Match Its Frequencies
of Higher Light and that Match the Intention of Creating
for the Experience of Higher Universal Light.   

So as Each Old Outdated and Darker Energy Falls, It Cannot Rebuild Itself. 

Its energy literally turns into an Alchemical Ash Frequency that
Transforms and Changes in Physical and Etheric Structure to Become . . .
The Living Essence . . . and the New Divinely Templated . . .
Pure Phoenix and Actualized New Light. 

It is an Extraordinary Process of Transformation.  It is a Powerful Process of Alchemical Change . . . from One State of Experiential Reality into Another.

When strictly the mind views such change on your world, it appears that the “sky is falling and the world is being torn apart in absolute chaos.”

When viewed however from the All-Seeing, All Knowing, InterConnective, and Universally Conscious Heart Center, the Awareness of Cosmic Alchemy rises in One’s Consciousness . . . and the Chaos is Understood from this Higher Perspective as Creating and Re-Organizing Order Once More. 

The Chaos is Seen as Providing the Heat and the Stage for Transformation and Alchemization of Darkness into Light. 

Remember ~ especially for those skeptical of our words today ~ who might tend to hold a more cerebral and scientific view of life . . .

Energy Cannot Be Destroyed.
Only Transmuted and Alchemized Into Another Form. 

hand embracing rising phoenix image

This is literally what is occurring today on your world.

If you can become a conscious witness to your own Inner Phoenix, you can turn toward the CHANGE occurring and embrace the GIFTS of the NEWNESS, LIGHT, and GOLDEN INSIGHT it is offering to each of you.

Every one of you gets a front row seat in this Process of Divine Shift and Alchemy.

For it is not only happening in governments, systems, companies, etc. worldwide, it is happening within YOU.

We have seen many civilizations go through this same ascension process through time.  What is unique to Earth is that it is happening at Quantum Leap Speed at this time.  What has taken many many thousands and millions of years to accomplish in other places and realms, Earth is doing in a matter of months and days.

The Quickening is Real. 

The Alchemy is Real.

The New Dimensional Light is Real.

And we invite you into your Heart Centers to know about it.  To consciously see the opportunities and the upgrades coursing through the Life Force and Shifts occurring on your world. 

When you consciously participate with the understanding, awareness, and willingness in this kind of New Birth, the fear of losing the old releases.  And the Joy of the New becomes much more Engaging and Divine.  When you hold on to what you are losing, and what is releasing, you become gripped and bound by fear.  And unable to embrace all of the gifts these brand new frequencies hold in store for you. 

bright blue and green earth star planet photoYou are made for a better world. 

You are designed to live in Light Consciousness.

The Darkness and Density have had their Day in Human Consciousness.

And the Light is beckoning all to join their own Organic Frequencies of Light . . . to be the Essence of Transformative Love, Peace, Unity, Compassion, Joy, Well-Being, and Abundance in ALL DIVINE WAYS NOW.

Let go of what no longer serves you.

Open your Hearts and Minds to the Clarity the Light is Offering to You.

Accept the Ability to Simply Witness the Scope of the Gnarled Nature of Corrosiveness Within Darkness and Separation Consciousness. 

A New Earth is forming for All.

You get a Front Row Seat AND a First Class Ticket to participate as a Conscious Co-Creator in the Building of a New World of Light and Love Consciousness. 

We in Arcturus think this is the most exciting show in all realms of existence at this time.

We are here to offer love, belief, support, and guidance whenever needed. 

Call on us and invokes the Light of a Brilliant Blue Supremely Loving Energy.  We will meet your every invitation to shower you in love and appreciation for all that you are and are ascending to be. 

Be the Change
and the Change will be All Your Hearts Have Desired and More
for Millenia.

You are loved. 

You Are Love.

All Our Love.