Love is our new reality

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The Arcturians via Ailia Mira, May 15th, 2024

You’re different. It’s a new beginning. ~ the Arcturians

New Message Channeled by Ailia Mira
15 May 2024

WE ARE THE ARCTURIANS and we know you. We have connected with you in other ways when you open your field to higher light and we are happy and honored for this opportunity to connect now.

You are awakening more deeply to the Truth of YOUR Being. You are becoming more aware of the infinite possibilities out there, for communion, co-creation and connection. You are also daring to ASK FOR MORE. This is wonderful.

We wish to remind you that you are LIGHT, Infinite, eternal Light. You are free and always free, no matter where you are focused. And in this freedom and as this Light you are LIFE ITSELF. And so are we, so know this: We Are One.

We will attune you now to our frequencies so you can open up this connection more fully. As you call upon the Lord of Arcturus and the Arcturians we come and we are happy to be in this connection with you.

You are feeling pulled, called, inspired towards new things. This is an indication of the expansion you are allowing and creating. See this as a positive thing. You can become overwhelmed because the awareness of how much of this new is calling. How much you may want to change. We wish to help with this.

Again – realize this is an indication of great change and a beautiful affirmation of your ascension journey and how far you have come. Recognize it as this and instead of being overwhelmed, understand that you don’t have to do it all, all at once. But you may be very aware presently, of a new vision of life, flowing in and it may come in piece, and you may be receiving this as an awareness of a great many things that are no longer current with who you have become and what you are expanding into. And with an awareness of the new that is now calling to you and it may feel like a lot.

As you become aware of the possibilities for changing a whole lot of things in your life, and at this point in your life, where you feel much is already established, understand that you are living now, in a new time. You are witnessing and co-creating a new time. You are emerging INTO a new time.

And in this new time, things can be created differently. Will be created differently. In this new time, you will create many new things, many new experiences. For this is the nature of this new time, it will inspire you to create.

What you create in this new time, may feel to be more fundamental, you may feel inspired to change foundations within your life, things that have in the past felt steady or stable and unchanging and now? You may feel like you are starting over and that idea can be interpreted as a setback, but it isn’t one. So see if you can realize when you get into that frame of mind and laugh about it and open it it.

This new reality you are moving into, expanding into, filling with your light and your awareness? It is becoming luminous and radiant with your light. And this light is drawing more human beings upward, into this higher light expression. Those of you who are already experiencing these higher planes of being, are not only discovering them for yourselves, you’re becoming a beacon, shining a homing signal to others. You’re awakening others simply be being here now. And your simultaneously and more aware of your own new beginnings. It’s a magnificent time of newness.

What’s your relationship with new beginnings? Take a moment and consider this.

Ask yourself HOW you want to participate in THIS new beginning — the one you created. The one you felt was coming, and which also may have felt like a dream, or out of reach, for a very, very long time.

But now you’re here. You’re different. It’s a new beginning.

And as you allow it, move into it and do so with joy, with curiosity, with a willingness to experiment and see what comes of things, we are confident you will be pleased and this will empower you to step forward into the new, even more.

So do make some changes that are calling to you. Start with anything that appeals to you. Know now, that you have time, for investing in and creating so many things. You are supported. Your frequency is such now that the kind of support you can allow is significantly more. That will be wonderful to discover, too.

We are happy for you and for humanity as a whole. Even though there is war, and disturbing news in the world, there is also these kind of new beginnings, as new planes of expression and being have opened up and are available.

Earth exists now in an ascended state and some human beings are moving into these higher frequency planes of existence and beginning to live there. Anyone can do this if they wish. It is simple a matter of tuning in to it, by feeling for your heart’s guidance and allowing love, allowing joy, allowing peace, allowing harmony, allowing ease. Allowing authentic expression. Being PRESENT and noticing what is calling to you NOW. What is presenting to you now and opening to it. Allowing it to be and in your sovereign authority and power, creating from that present moment awareness what you want to live, create, express, and be.

That is the way forward. Notice what is calling to you in the present, NOW, and let yourself repeatedly come into your heart, expanding the heart light until it expands and encircles you. Grounding into the Earth and also activating your Divine Flow; the connection you have with All That You Are, and All That Is.

And from that state of transcendent sovereign alignment, opening to the flow of life within you and letting it light the way, call you forward into being more, into being you more fully, here and now.

This light? This life within you that can lead you? It’s YOU. The vaster you. The Eternal Self. The Divine Self, the future you, the core of your being and the ascended you.

They all live within you and there is a way of being in which they come together within you as ONE, in a unified field of light and harmony and this is how you want to live. As this unified field, more and more. As this harmonious aligned expression, or more accurately, emanation of All That You Are.

We are so very pleased for all of you that are discovering this Oneness within you. And for any of you who have yet to feel, or notice this, we point you towards it: it is there, waiting to be recognized, acknowledged, owned, centered in.

Get familiar with your inner harmony, the Oneness within you, the Truth of Your Being. Make friends with these fields of light and consciousness that exist within you and which feel like home. Which feel like peace. Which feeling like you being you, naturally, easily, openly, fully.

The divine Light that is you, the Eternal Self, the Atman, the Monadic Light calls to you. Calls to you. Endlessly calls to you.

Come as you are.

You are welcome in this endless, infinite field of Love now. As you are.

There is nothing else to accomplish or do, only to be who you truly are, here.

We love you very much.

We are complete.
We are the Arcturians