Love is our new reality

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The Arcturians via Galaxygirl, December 16th, 2017

Greetings, we are the Arcturian Collective and and wish to speak with you today in this moment of apparent upheaval and change on your beautiful Gaia. Many of you serve in our councils as emissaries of light and Gaian ambassadors. Soon you will be aware of this, for it is indeed a large part of your identity which is currently hidden from you, so that you may truly be the eyes and ears of what it feels like to be embodied on Gaia in this Now of tremendous change, growth and development. 

Please be aware and begin to accept and acknowledge that you are a great many things in a great many places. For we all have our roles to play. Currently things are developing very well for Humanity and we are pleased to see that many of you are able to hold and maintain a higher vibration, for this will be of great assistance to you and to your fellow humans walking alongside.

It is time to embrace the multidimensional being that is you – in all of your facets and forms. It is time to realize that “I Am that” and send love and peace to the attribute that may need it. As your transmute and evolve ever higher towards oneness you will be experiencing many such “A-ha!” moments, which will continue to provide further clarity and reassurance on you ascension journey.

We are the Arcturian Collective and we honor you. It has been our great pleasure to connect with you this day. Your seat is saved for our next council meeting. 

~ galaxygirl