Love is our new reality

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The Arcturians via Galaxygirl, November 10th, 2017

Greetings, dear ones. From days of old, and older still, we have been involved with the development of Humanity. Our civilization is vastly older than your own. We are an older race, old enough that it begs the question of “What is time?” For when a civilization advances beyond the rigid 3D structure of its surroundings, it looks around and begins to question – to see – to understand.

Tonight we ask you to ruminate on the art of the question; “What is a question?” And to ask the hardest question of all perhaps, besides “Why am I here?” but also, “Why would I choose to be here? What is the purpose of all of this?” To this, we ask you in return, “Why to galaxies expand? Why does the Creator seek to create?” To which we must inquire, “Why does love, love?” And, “What is love?” Is love expansion? Is it lust (it has been reduced to animalistic desires by many on your planet – and we assure you that self serving selfish “love” is not love at all but misguided energies that seek enlightenment.

Breathe. Get comfortable with the hard questions; the ones that you don’t want to ask, the ones that have been staring Humanity in the face for so long but that which Humanity chose to not see. Choosing to see is a choice you know. To this we ask you, “Do you choose to be enlightened?” To be enlightened is a verb, is it not? It is action, it requires advancement and self-propulsion and awareness. We love how the word ‘light’ is in enlightenment. For that is what indeed is occurring now, in your Now, of this timeline, on this beautiful ascending planet; Gaia, the planet of planets, the jewel of this realm, as many say. She is lovely, and oh how she has waited and suffered in the waiting. Will you honor her with your service of transmuting? For that is why you are here. Do you remember this? Have you wiped the cobwebs of the veil from your hair, and from your eyes the crustings? Are you seeing yet?

In order to see, you must be ready for that which you see. Humanity is opening up it’s eyes and it will not like – a vast understatement – what it sees. So much pain and avoidance and manipulation and greed – so much loss of others for the gain of a few. It grieves us. And that is why we are here, why you are here, oh fellow travelers, but you are the ground crew. In many ways you had it harder because you chose to not remember initially and pledged to wake up. The waking up is the challenge that you have been working through. Many more are about to begin their own hatching of their egg, their own awakening, their own questions and truth seeking.

You are much needed to ground and to share your encodements with Gaia. We remind you, she is why you are here. It is our main purpose to assist with Gaia’s ascension and with Humanity’s enlightenment. Gaia is our number one priority, for all will be traveling upon her who choose to. It is of course all about choice. Will you choose to share your enlightened encodements of light, of love, of hope, of power of healing encodements into the Earth, beneath your tired feet, and of course, into your own heart portals? Another question. Portals of truth and of enlightenment surround you now, if you choose to tap into them. You have so many opportunities; opportunities not just for personal advancement, but also that which will be of great benefit to the collective, which greatly is assisted by you being you, in this Now.

So many questions we bring you today. Get ready for more and more of them. Do not be afraid to ask more questions and to seek the truth in the answers. Be discerning always; listen to the still small voice of prodding truth of reason of, dare we say, enlightened voice? Do you think that perhaps it could be you in a higher form? Have you thought deeply? It is time to do so; time to unplug and relearn to see. See the love in others, see the potential around you for truth and beauty and fully functioning societies that beam light and are full to the brim and overflowing with love and service to others, for the greatest good of all.

Many are going to be seeking answers. Guide them gently if they ask. It is most important to ground the light and the truth! Be the strong light holders of immense light and power that you were and are and will be if you choose. For you are stronger than you know. Your little human forms are deceiving.

And so we leave you with this; more questions and even harder truths are about to come out from the darkness into the light for cross examination. It is going to be painful. It is going to be alright. Humanity’s healing is nigh. It is time to come home. We leave you in peace and our protection. You are much loved. Be the light and anchor it deeply into Gaia’s crystal core.

Ask. Seek. Find. It is within you. The answers to the questions that you seek are within you. Your are simply expanding into your multidimensional self. Be patient. All is unfolding as ordained.

We are the Arcturians. We charge you to think critically, and love completely.

— Submitted by galaxygirl