Love is our new reality

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The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele, March 11, 2018

MARCH  11,2018

Dear ones, we are here to assist you with knowledge and support as you travel the intensifying spiritual journey you are now on.  The powerful energies of ascension now exposing what has been  hidden for eons on all levels are causing even some enlightened ones to doubt, question, and occasionally re-align with un-truth.
Seek to rest always in your highest attained level of truth dear ones, for this then becomes your sword and shield, comfort and  reality, which is what those still asleep unconsciously try to attain through actions of chaos and violence. The world in general  does not yet realize that everything they seek is already present in its fullness within.
The world is going through an intense cleansing at this time, making it vital that you stay centered.  Watch and listen to less news, which for the most part focuses on the negative.  Seek out the few pure and honest news sources that are available.  Perform ordinary quiet acts of love as these opportunities present themselves throughout your day, always remembering that everyone is a Divine being even if they are far from knowing it themselves.
You may be guided to some action or actions at this time but always know that playing an important role in the  ascension process need not involve grand outer actions which are often just human concepts of how change must happen.  Your consciousness of truth is the power of change, for the outer will always manifest whatever the predominant consciousness of the time is.
We wish to address the idea of non-conformance which can be as simple as a child’s bid for independence when he begins to experience  individuality.  We speak to the non-conformance of a deeper kind which happens when  an evolving soul begins to awaken and experience a desire to reclaim their freedom and innate power which is where many of you are now.
Many are now being intuitively guided that it is time to stop indulging in the  three dimensional game playing  learned over the course of many lifetimes  with regard to family, relationships, friends, spirituality, etc.  During these lifetimes, whether rich or poor, one quickly understood that if he did not play the game according to some current set of rules, it would and often did bring about severe repercussions or even death.
Every soul holds the one and only Power within–it is your true identity and your birthright as an expression of Source.  However,  living life after life on earth under the rules of a third dimensional belief system, has caused almost everyone at some point to surrender their power and give it to those they erroneously believed had a right to it, or to those who through violence took it.
The result of this as been the creation of a conditioned state of consciousness  still alive and well in  impersonal universal consciousness.  This state of consciousness manifests as  game playing, lying, pretending to be something one is not, and falsity in all or select levels of life in the belief that this is necessary if one is to attain success or acceptance (desire for love).
Non-conformity is a facet of awakening and is the birth of integrity and true honesty.  Personal non-conformance begins when one awakens into a more enlightened state of consciousness which  brings new ways of seeing and knowing the truth about self and others.  This new state of consciousness then begins to express as more informed and higher resonating words and actions within all aspects of daily living.
The energy and resulting false powers of the third dimension are  beginning to dissolve into the nothingness that they really are because their substance (beliefs), that which holds them in place, is disappearing as more and more people awaken.    Non-conformance is  simply the act of knowing and living out from a higher sense of reality apart from commonly accepted but false concepts of an unenlightened society–“I am choosing to no longer play third dimensional games. ”
The decision to take action toward reclaiming one’s power can be and often is very frightening for a person used to living under the thumb of some other person,  group or  particular belief system. This is especially true for those who in one or more past lives have experienced  dire consequences from resisting a commonly held belief.  As a result, the  energy of these experiences is frequently still alive and well in their cellular memory,  causing them to hesitate and fear “rocking the boat”  even when they desperately want to.
That is why in this time of intense awakening many of those ready and being urged to reclaim their power are experiencing confusion and fear for no apparent reason ( most have no idea of why they are experiencing these emotions).  Old cellular memory is actively reminding them of what  happens if they assert their independence and power.  This is why it is so important to clear all remaining old programming which you yourself can easily do.
In your quiet time when there will be no interruptions, state your choice and  intention to clear all old and no longer relevant energy from past and present life experiences, from physical inheritance, and from all vows taken and promises made.  Invite your Higher Self and Guides to assist you in this meditation. ” In the presence of my Higher Self and my Guides, I choose…”
Talk to the cells of your physical body which have an  intelligence. Tell them  that it is time to release all old but still active third dimensional energy.  Visualize Light flowing through your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies, and  chakras with the intention of clearing them of all old programing and energy regarding health, age, deterioration, fears, abundance, etc.–any and all false concepts previously held as truth.   Intend that from now on they allow in only the high resonating energies of truth and Light.
Many will find that the very things they fear or suffer from escalate following this type of clearing meditation, but this means that they have succeeded in allowing these old energies to surface in order to be looked at, seen for what they are, and once and for all released.
Every awakened soul is being guided at this time to stand strong in their truth, be it taking issue with some concept alive and well within themselves, a personal circle of friends and family,  or with regard to the many larger issues still alive and well in consensus consciousness.
Support everyone you see struggling to detach themselves from others’ expectations.  Pat them on the back, encourage them, and give a thumbs up for their efforts no matter how small.  It is often a huge task involving courage and effort for those who have lived past or present lives of submission to choose something even as simple as deciding to skip church or whatever they are expected to do.
As  those who have always lived in bondage to the concepts of an unenlightened society begin to take a stand,  they develop  a sense of strength and worth, soon finding that the sky does not fall down when they follow their intuition and leave behind whatever it is they were led to believe was the only “right” way to act or believe.
The new Light energies of ascension now pouring to earth are serving to awaken a heretofore “sleeping giant” in  many who are not yet able to understand what is going on.  Those still enmeshed in third dimensional beliefs are only able to interpret what they are feeling through their as of yet unawakened state of consciousness causing them to express through violence, anger, and fear both inwardly and outwardly–ways that can be very inappropriate.
Everything going on in the world at this time is reflecting mankind’s awakening to personal empowerment, higher and better ways of living, and the need for change,  all the while trying to make sense of everything with what they already know.  Never  be afraid to voice, act, and be a different person than you have been in the past, through fear of offending some person or group,  even if you have been deeply involved in or committed to some particular belief system.
A well educated expert believed  to have all the answers within some field  of knowledge may well indeed have the answers according to available information, but the old system  is fading away allowing a new and different world to emerge.  As  a higher dimensional world comes into being, many of those now famous for some field of expertise, will no longer reflect the fullness of information unless they are able to open themselves to new and higher levels of understanding.
People, places, and things will no longer carry the resonance of “power over” as in the past for the false energy of those forms will will cease being created through mankind’s awakening.  Always trust your intuition for it  is the tool that will  guide you as you separate yourself from commonly accepted, but quickly becoming obsolete  information, rules, ideas, beliefs, etc.
It is time for mankind to courageously come out from under the security umbrella of group concepts and beliefs in the realization that everything to be gained from “playing the games”  is already fully present within,  simply awaiting recognition and acceptance.
Fear not to make a personal stand for truth even if it is a silent inner stand when conditions do not warrant outer action.  Trust your intuition always in these matters and it will guide you.
You are the midwives in a world experiencing the labor pains necessary to the  birthing of a whole new world consciousness.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                                               3/11/18