Love is our new reality

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The Arcturians via Sue Lie, January 29th, 2019

Conversations with a Friend–Sue Lie and Monica


Conversations with a Friend

Monica and Sue’s Conversation of 1-16-19


Hi Monica. What did you want to talk about today?


I think it is very interesting to always look into what we are feeling and slowly going through us, through the different phases, through seasons, months, weeks and days and through the times of the day. Just like the Earth has seasons, we also have seasons. We never stay the same. Sometimes we become more sensitive and feel more of everything around us.

So I wonder what this is like for you? What do you feel and what changes do you feel happening or coming?


What changes I feel are coming or how I am feeling right now or both?


In the now or in the very recent time.


I am going to call in the Arcturians now.

Sue/ The Arcturians:

We are the Arcturians, and what we would like to share is that Gaia is changing. Now some of Gaia’s changes are adaptations to the mass of destruction that humanity has done to Her over ages of time.

However, some of the changes that are occurring with Gaia is that SHE is raising HER vibration. Gaia, the Planet, is indeed a living being that can think and feel. Gaia doesn’t think in the same way as human thinks, just as a horse doesn’t think in the same way as a human thinks, but anyone who rides a horse knows that horses actually, think all the time.

So what we, the Arcturians, would like is for you, the humans to allow yourselves to begin to understand how is it that Gaia thinks. How does the planet think? Because if you can think like the planet, then you have aligned yourself with the One, that is the One of the planetary body and the One of all the beings that live on that planetary body.

It is not that you have to carry all that in your consciousness because the 3rd dimensional person cannot do that, but just knowing that the combined consciousness exists changes one’s outlook on life to encompass that everything is alive.

Do you wish to comment on that or add to that?


Thank you. I feel that this is very important, and I would like to share an experience I had in my spiritual awakening and evolution. It was at a time when I connected with the spirit of Lady Gaia and when I felt her Love. It was then that it became so naturally obvious that Gaia is a part of us and we are a part of her.

It was that natural connection which led me to discover that Gaia is a living Being. Not only is she a living organism, but also, she has this tremendous love for everything which lives on her body. Now, more humans have come around to acknowledge how her body has been mistreated.

Therefore, we are connected to the different aspects of Gaia, the elementals and the fact that your body is built up from all those elements that live on Gaia. So whatever you consume comes from Gaia.

This connection with Gaia, this awareness is something that greatly expands us and enriches us, because we all live on this planet. And, we cannot ignore this anymore. It is this connection that brings in a very, very deep sense of Peace and Balance.

This is the message that many sensitives, empaths, healers or anyone discovering themselves, are feeling. They are feeling the call from Gaia to reconnect with Her.

Sue/ The Arcturians:

Yes, it’s easy for people to get so caught up in their personal life, their personal needs and their personal goals that they forget that there’s a bigger picture that everything that happens to us personally is an offshoot of something that’s happening on a bigger level. You know from the weather, within the politics, within the leaders, or within the family.

Humanity has become too addicted to that concept of individuality because the only thing that is individual is that clay form that they are wearing. But you are not your clay form. That clay form is something that was created by your mother for you to enter into to have your life.

Then when that clay form no longer works, you leave that clay form and go back to wherever you wish to go back to. Then, when you go into higher levels of meditation, your consciousness expands. It is then that the lines that separate you, separate you from the table, separate you from the computer, even separate you even though they are all close to you, they are NOT you.

But right there in front of me in your computer, but actually, you’re far away in a completely different country that I have to get on a plane and fly for 8 hours for. So the internet is something showing us that time and space is really quite a bit of an illusion isn’t it?


Yes, very much so and because Gaia is the biggest organism we are in the direct physical contact with I feel she has so much to give to us and so much to offer to us and especially if we’re looking to expand our knowing and feeling of Love.

The Universe’s base exists within the frequency of Love and here we have the body of Gaia, who’s already here and she IS love, she has loved so when we connect with her and with her Love, and love for her then we are really connecting with the biggest love field we can have on Earth because we are on Earth.

When we connect with each other, we unify our intentions. Then we collectively raise these intentions and allow them and perceive them as ripples of magnified energy fields that affect our personal wellbeing. I feel if we want to truly advance our existence on Earth that these elements of our life must be very fundamental.

Sue/ The Arcturians:

Yes, and one of the things that we have been really seeing in California is how much Gaia communicates. And that interaction between people and the planet, because there have been many issues like fires and then of course after you’ve had fires, then the land isn’t strong enough so then you have some floods.

It is true that if the people are in alignment with the planet, then they know what to do and what not to do. They know what Gaia needs and what Gaia doesn’t need.


Yes, absolutely and when we reach this awareness, when we connect with this energy every day, living becomes shifted because we shift our existence so that it becomes bigger and bigger. And our purpose to help Gaia greatly expands. This perception expands into something that takes us out of the everyday drama because we understand that there is something very important and very big.

This is how we shift our awareness and our consciousness into being more loving, more caring and understanding that any emotion we have during the day, we are giving to Gaia, and at the same time, we may feel what SHE is going through. Then, if she’s troubled we can feel it just as if we were feeling a child, and we can talk to that child with love and examine what is going on.

We tell her how to ease it and to bring softness, raise joy and bring more balance. We have this power, as human beings, we have so much power to generate love, to generate balance, to generate what we seek: which is really happiness.

But if we want that happiness then we have some responsibility to make sure that the planet within us is happy too. Because if she’s not happy, then no matter what we do, how can we know happiness if her body is not happy? We are living on this planet! We ARE members of this living, planetary body. This is a very big collective responsibility.

And, of course, we have the different actions and the different layers of that aspect of how we treat the planet, but the most basic and fundamental aspect is that we have power in every moment to make Gaia feel good.

And, by doing so we make ourselves feel good. And when we make ourselves feel good, we make Gaia feel good. Then we build up and build up and build up our commitment to Gaia. Then if we exercise this “building up of Gaia” for some time, personally, in groups, in gatherings, in meditations, then it really becomes a stronger, feeling with a higher volume. Then WE have this capacity to increase this volume.

Sue/ The Arcturians:

Gaia has been saying there’s something coming up that you need to pay attention to. You, my human protectors need to pay attention to the needs of your Mother Gaia.

We need to do that in our daily life because when we go into Nature when we’re speaking with Gaia, we are in a situation where lying isn’t even a concept. Gaia does not know how to lie, animals don’t know how to lie only, humans can lie.

And so when you are with the nature, with the tree or with the dog or with the cat, or a deer comes up, OK this is the truth.

What these beings are is a truth. I remember when one time I was camping, I saw a flower circle which is very rare, it was a circle of little yellow flowers and they were in a circle.

And I thought OK I’m going to set, it was a fairy circle. So I stepped into the fairy circle, and when I stepped into the fairy circle I got this flash, this total download of this whole book which was about my life in fairy. I got so much information, things I haven’t even heard of before.

And so, as we commune with Gaia, then we ground ourselves and when we ground ourselves then we are the planet.


Yes, yes that’s indeed. I can also share that the times when I spend in nature, the extensive times in Egypt and recently in India, where this nature is so pure, so vast, that just spending time in nature is magical. What I discovered was that even just 2 or 3 days are just so, so healing, transformational and rejuvenating, and re-charging.

And then so many ideas come to write down, some feelings also especially during the full moons. I think the most, most outstanding insight is that whenever I’m in those places, and whenever I go to a new place, I’m like ‘oh my gosh, this planet is so extraordinary beautiful!’

Why isn’t everyone just doing that, looking at her and admiring her? The nature we have on planet Earth with different countries and continents is just such a beauty.


Gaia is a very diverse planet. There are very few planets that have the diversity that Gaia has. Gaia has big cities, she has huge areas where there is no one, she has tall mountains and deep waters. If you can think of it, Gaia has it. And WE, the members of humanity have been appointed to be the “Guardians for Gaia.”

When, we the Arcturians, first came to Sue, the first thing that we talked about was that humanity needed to take better care of planet Earth. And that was in the eighties, early nineteen-eighties, so that was a long time ago.

There have been times when humans did care of the planet, and then there were times when they did great damage to Gaia.

Before you took your current earth vessel, you went before your own Higher Dimensional SELF to affirm the Mission that you were ready to accept. Because the higher beings that you addressed could see beyond time, they knew what challenges dear Gaia would need to face.

Therefore, they called on fifth-dimensional beings to take a third-dimensional earth vessel, so that they could live on Gaia and assist Her with Her Planetary Ascension. However, few higher dimensional beings could imagine how difficult life on Earth could be. So when they stood before the Interdimensional Panel, they had great expectations of how they could assist Gaia.

These “recruits to Earth” planned to wonderful things, but when they got down to Earth, many of them got distracted from their mission. When they came to Earth, they got distracted by the “fear” which they did NOT experience in the fifth dimension and beyond.

Gaia is afraid right now, she’s a frighten planet. There has been a lot of negative things that have been done to Her planetary body. Therefore, what the “recruits to Gaia” soon earned was to send Unconditional Love into the pockets of fear. This gift to Gaia assists Her. Some areas of Gaia could accept the love because the humans could accept he loves.

But some areas of Gaia were so wounded that they needed to be healed before they could fully accept that Interdimensional Love. Interdimensional Love flows down from the fifth dimension and into Gaia’s fourth dimensional expression of self. It is up to the humans to assist Gaia to integrate that love into Her planetary body. But it is only when humans love their Planet that they can share that love with Gaia.


So, it really depends on the time and where we are. When we speak, for example, about the inner situation in Egypt, where I spent several months in recent years, I found that the situation there has been much better than the media portrayed.

Therefore I have found lots of love on the land of Egypt, as well as from lots of the people of Egypt. The Egyptian society in general, from all people, children, adults, youth, is a very high level of integrity because it’s a very religious country where the practice of the prayer is cultivated.

So as I attended some of the prayers during the time of Ramadan there, which was a very deep touching experience. The energies created during the Ramadan fasting for the holy month was extraordinary. It was like a blanket of very, very special energies were created.

You really feel it there because people really switch off from life at least to a big degree. Although life goes on in many areas, as usual, people really treat that time as a process to go inside and to pray. And prayer is something very natural to those in any religion and even without religion. It is our natural ability to enter into a state of communion with our soul, the forces of the Universe and higher powers which some see as God.

Many choose that life as a path. Therefore, I’ve found lots of love, lots of love coming to Gaia, through this love I remember my very, very first experience in Egypt. It was just after Ramadan in July, when Cairo which is usually a very vast place, sometimes a chaotic city, was like a capital of Peace.

The Peace in the air and on Earth was like a temple, it was absolutely incredible that this big city was turning into a big blanket of Love, Peace deep, deep Peace. And I have found the same with the numerous prayers in the mosque’s, especially in Alexandria.

It’s that really whenever people give up their daily activities, schedules and just gather together in the communion to commune with God, with the force of the Universe and at the same time Earth, then really beautiful things happen within themselves. And that was a very special and beautiful experience.

I felt that was a big, big gift for Gaia.