Love is our new reality

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The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie, February 16th

AHWAA: Sue Lie and the Arcturians on the Impact of Consciousness on Perception

archangel michaelAn Hour With An Angel

Steve Beckow with Sue Lie and the Arcturians,  January 26, 2016. Thanks to Linda and Deborah for our transcript.

Steve Beckow: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to An Hour With An Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, Chief Editor of the Golden Age of Gaia, and I have with me today, Sue Lie, who’s going to be channeling the Arcturians.

Everybody I’m sure knows Sue and her work over – gee, Sue, since 1980 or 1990?

Sue Lie: Well, let’s just say that I was one of the first websites up.

Steve: Wow.

Sue:  I actually did a webinar, which was a test with a university, I think, in Idaho, about whether or not you could make money from a webinar, off the internet. So, we did this whole test, this whole talk. And from the research, we discovered that, no, we’d never be able to make money off the internet.

Steve: [laughter] That’s very funny.

Well, we’re going to be talking today with the Arcturians today about some Ascension-related topics, specifically about the energies that are coming in. So is there anything you’d like share with us before we begin?

Sue: Yes, Me, Sue, would like to say that there is so many people that are really waking up to the unknown. And basically because it’s so unique and beyond our third-dimensional language’s ability to give a definition or even an adequate explanation, but people are being so brave.

There is a “Wow, this feels really different. Something is happening here. Don’t know what it’s.” But they’re realizing that it feels good, and it feels different, and more complete, higher. Higher in a way that we don’t think of higher. Not higher like you go higher up stairs, but higher and faster.

Everything is moving faster. Everything in your body is moving faster. Your day takes ten minutes, and you wake up, and it’s the next day. Everything is different. And then there are people that absolutely don’t see it at all. Absolutely.

Steve: Interesting.

Sue: So there is a parting of the ways here.

Steve: Well, there are also some lightworkers who don’t feel some part of it and are very worried they’re being left behind or left out. What would you say to them, Sue?

Sue: I’d say to them to begin to really meditate on a regular basis. To set down a cast-in-steel time where they go to the same place at the same time, and mediate for at least fifteen minutes in whichever way is their given way.

And take a piece of paper, or the computer. And when you finish with your meditation say “Dear One, do you have something to say to me today?” And maybe you will get a “Hello.” But it’s like any kind of a relationship. It starts off “Hi, how are you doing?”, and then it expands.

But it’s the commitment that we put Ascension first. And, yes, even first for our kids because we want our kids to have this new life. And first for our jobs because we want business to be done in this new way. And first in our friendships because we want to experience unconditional love with everyone.
Steve: What about our paths, too? I’ll give you an illustration from my own case.

My path is a human-growth path, and I’m focused on my internal reality. I follow it moment by moment.

I’m not focused on understanding the way the chakras or my aura work. Consequently, I don’t necessarily have experiences of seeing people’s auras. Let’s just take that as one example. That’s not a sign of deficiency within me. It’s my choice to focus on my internal state. Is that also something that may be happening with some lightworkers? That they may not have this experience, because perhaps they’re focused on that experience?

Sue: Yes, remember that my Father’s house has many mansions. And within unity consciousness, we realize that there are so many different kinds of people. All those people that are within a given road, a given spiritual path, so to speak, will seek guidance and sharing and leadership within that path.

And then all these different paths will be like myriad rivers that move into a big lake. And then they intermingle in the lake at the top of the mountain, and then slowly as one, the lake spills down all the way to the ocean.

So, yes, there is no right way. There is no wrong way. It’s just really your way; the way that works for you, whoever you are. And we know what our way is because we can feel the love within it. And also, we know what our way is because that’s what interests us.

We’re just suddenly drawn to that. Like I was drawn to multi-dimensions when, if you looked it up on the internet, multi-dimensions, there was me and multi-media. That was it. No one even thought of it.

Steve: I remember maybe six or seven years ago when you were talking about multi-dimensions, I was new to this. I was saying to myself “What’s she talking about?”

Sue: Yes, and so you know all of the galactics, all of the angelic kingdom, all of the ascended masters, all of the planetary logoi, they’re all out there supporting us. And all of them have presented different pathways to get to the same place. So, whichever pathway one gets is great for them.

Steve: Ok. Well, hopefully that reassures some people that don’t have this particular experience, but may have the other, or have chosen to do a certain line of work where – well, again I can cite my own example.

I’ve chosen to do the work of a communicator. I need to stay within the range of the people I’m writing to. So in my case, I said Ok, I’m not going to go there [higher states of enlightenment] and that may be an example of somebody choosing by soul contract not to go certain places.

Sue: Yes, and the same with me. There’s things that are relatively new to me. And I don’t have a sense of mastery, and so I’m interested, but it isn’t something that I’m ready to teach. It might be something new that I’m bringing in. And you know, maybe someday that will get integrated into the package that the Arcturians offer through me. I’m always learning new things all the time.

Steve: We were talking about this before the show. I’m having many of my prized theories kind of knocked out from under me. In public! [laughter]

Sue: Yeah, yeah. Yes, in public. Ok, well, that’s good. [laughter]

Steve: Very humbling.

Sue: Well we’re all going through this process of releasing our ego self. And our soul self says “Oh, good look at this. Now this person, our Earthling, has learned how to move beyond that contained package.”

And each of these higher-frequency, contained packages already are one. And as they filter down into such a completely diverse planet, with so many different types of religion, and spirituality, and science that these packages get cemented. And [we say] that this is the right way, and that’s the wrong way. Right and wrong are third-dimensional concepts. There is no right and wrong within the fifth dimension.

Steve: Yes, can I just put a bookmark here? We’re discussing the impact that ego has on lightwork and I’d actually like to spend a few minutes there if you don’t mind.

Sue: Absolutely.

Steve: It seems that the thing that – ruins might be too hard a word but to use that provisionally – that ruins more lightworker team efforts than anything else is the presence of a person on the team, who has a sense of self-importance, or needs to have their own importance validated and reinforced. And they want the attention on them. And they pull it away from whatever business is going on.

Can you talk for a moment, drawing on your background as a psychotherapist perhaps, and a channel, on this predicament of self-importance and how it impacts lightwork, please?

Sue: Yes, I’ll start with me a little bit, and then I’ll bring in the Arcturians in case they want to alter what I’ve said in some manner.

Sue: Well, I kind of have to talk from me at the beginning to get started with it. Is that I have to always remember ‘through me and not from me, through me and not from me, and through me and not from me.’

And sometimes when I meditate or sometimes when I’m in a challenging event, I’ll take my ego self and I’ll say “Honey could you please go over there and sit down? I’ve got some toys for you. You can go play.” And I physically have to separate that part from me. And for people.

Steve: What gives you the indication that you need to do that? What is it that sounds the alarm bell?

Sue: Good question. Probably some sense of ownership, or defensiveness, or competition, or comparison. Any of those types of thought patterns are seperative. It’s a [conflict]. There’s this, and then there’s that. Where we want to live is in the middle between the this and that.

There is the polarity version of it: of “Oh, I’m the best” or “I’m the worst.” And in the middle: “Yeah I know my dark side, and am aware of my dark side, and I have to work with that me all the time. And I probably will until I ascend or cross over.” And that’s that humility, that we have to keep looking. Because if we were perfect, we wouldn’t be in this imperfect world.

So the mere fact that we’re still wearing this earth vessel means that we’re still using it. If you look at the Ascended Masters, they wore their earth vessels for awhile. And St. Germaine was popping in and out of them all of the time. But it was just a covering for them. It was like the channel that you pushed on the TV to get a certain show.

And so, when people move outside the cooperation format, it’s likely that they’re feeling threatened in some manner. You know, there are people who just are bossy and mean, but we’re not going to run into many of those people because we don’t live in that frequency. And when we have a group, or when we have meetings, or when we meet with people, we’re just not going to run into those people.

But sometimes somebody will get a get a core issue. We will just be talking about whatever, and bang it hits their core issue that they have not resolved. And so, instead of acting as the person who has moved through, healed, and released that core issue, they act as the person who created that core issue within them.

Steve: Right you mentioned the middle. Is one of the signals – because I can think of other signals like graft, for instance. But looking at the middle for a sec, if I depart from the middle, and I’m out on the extremes of passion, is that an indication that something has happened that[I’m going for] a shot of other people deferring to me and saying I’m important or something?

Sue: Yes.

Steve: And the reason I know something has happened is that I’m now out on the peripheries of emotion, rather than again in a centered, balanced place, which is egoless.

Sue: Yes, absolutely. And it’s when we get off our center for whatever reason – you know, maybe we didn’t eat, or are hungry and our blood sugar is crashing. Maybe we have a big challenge that we’re not able to push away now, or maybe somebody really pushed our buttons and we weren’t able to send them unconditional love in time. There are so many different things.

And the main thing is that as long as we’re wearing an Earth vessel we’re going to have these experiences. We’re still in the third dimension, and there are polarities. And there is good and there is bad, and there is fun and there isn’t fun. I know with me, if I get too tired, or too hungry, or too busy, or I haven’t grounded myself, or meditated enough, it’s hard to stay in that centered field.

Then you get pulled out, into anger or sorrow usually. One of those types of things, or, fear or anger. They’re all the same of course. It’s basically about a state of consciousness. And sometimes if somebody comes into an event, and they’re not really able to resonate to that state of consciousness, they’re not going to be able to understand it. And so, they’re not going to be able to feel camaraderie, they’re not going to be able to share the joy and the illumination that the other people in the group are experiencing. And depending on their history, they will get sad and slink away, or get angry and make a fuss.

Steve: Or they will want some reassurance, which is where the self-importance comes in.

Sue: Right, yes. And it’s really the task of the group, especially the leader, depending on how bonded the group is. But it’s the responsibility of the ones that are in a higher state of consciousness to see that the other person is sending out an SOS and to in some type of invisible kind way reach out and touch them. Or take a break and have the group ask questions and let them re-pull themselves back together.

So, I think that in most energy fields that are about these types of topics, it’s not going to be that “Oh, the Illuminati is coming in and they’re going to mess with us.” I think that all of us that are having these groups, we would recognize that person. And we would say “Oh, thank for coming, but you know the group is full. Why don’t you contact us later. Thank you so much,” and close the door. You know?

Steve: So you are actually saying that on some occasions the lightworker group might have to ask someone to leave.

Sue: Well, actually what I’m saying is that the leader or leaders, or the most secure of the group need to identify that person before the group begins, and deal with it as soon as it happens. Because once the disruption begins, then the disruption begins. But it’s a lesson. That in itself is a lesson.

All of us have good intentions. We go out in there in the physical world. Something disrupts it. It all falls apart. And we get angry, sad, disillusioned.

And in this case it’s the group that gets angry, sad, and disillusioned, but then the group can talk about “Wow, I really got triggered by that.” “Where did that come from in me? Why was I not able to unconditionally love that person?”

Steve: Right. Well, I know that there is a change in frequency happening right now. We’re having a leap in the frequency in reality. And I wondered if the Arcturians wanted to say anything about what that change of frequency is going to look like, and what it will require of us.

Sue: Yes, I will definitely bring them in.

Blessings to all of you and those of you who are familiar with our messages know that there is a built-in protection within this process. And that protection is that people can only perceive that which resonates to the state of their consciousness.

And so somebody who is in a third-dimensional, beta-wave form of consciousness is likely not going to perceive that ascended master, that higher being, that ship that’s flying over the top of the buildings.

They won’t perceive it because with every perceptual mechanism, whether it be a camera, a telephone, a radio, a television, there is a certain frequency that it matches. The information that moves through that has to match the frequency of that which displays and/or shares the message. So therefore, there is that automatic protection.

Now it’s back to me, Sue. I saw a picture – I think it was probably on your site, Steve – where there’s people and there’s all these space ships, scout ships obviously, because they were smaller. There were all these scout ships and people were looking up in awe, and shaking, and having all these experiences. And then there were people that were just walking in a straight line looking at what was in front of them and didn’t see any of it.

Didn’t notice that the people were pointing up at. Didn’t look up. Didn’t look down. They just kept going.

Steve: There was a triangular craft you saw over LA, right?

Sue: Yes, the triangular craft, absolutely. The cover story was that was a missile that was sent up in the Pacific. Now how that missile took a huge u-turn, I’m not sure.

I saw that as we were stepping out the front door. I saw it come into the atmosphere, make a huge u-turn, and go out of the atmosphere. I was like Ok. And we had a couple of guys with us and they ‘Oh, there is a missile.’ And my girlfriend and I said “Ah, yeah, a missile. That sounds good. We’ll call it a missile.”

But the thing is if people don’t want to see, this is a free-will planet. We need to respect people’s free will. And when we have a group, we can take a moment and focus in with our higher self and say I’m calling in those who are able to accept this information and who will not be frightened.

Because they’ll accept it, and love it, and then take it. But all of those negative reactions, they’re all based on fear. They’re fearful reactions. “You are messing with my reality. What are you telling me this for? I don’t agree with you.” So that’s totally fine. They don’t have to agree.

Steve: Yes. So, what is the nature, extent, quality of the change in frequency that’s going to be happening for us in the almost immediate future, I think?

Sue: Yes, again we say that this is dependent on the consciousness and perception of the people who are interacting. So, for those that have surrendered into their higher expressions of self into their angelic leaders, into their galactic leaders, into their religious traditions, or whatever it’s that they have that makes them feel safe, that gives them love. Because if you experience love in your life, then that’s a differentiating force.

Because if you go into an energy field, and you feel fear, leave that energy field. Trust yourself. Ok, this isn’t an energy field that I want to be in because I’m experiencing this fear. Fear is “no, leave.”

Now if you go into an energy field that’s like “Oh, wow, this feels like home,” then stay. That’s your energy field.

And there’s also another feeling for those that have really developed their internal differentiation of perceptual information. They can say “Well, this is interesting. I can see that this is a really great thing. I can see these people are really going to gain from this. And I appreciate that, and I support them. And that’s not really mine. And blessings be, I’m going to go over there.”

You can choose not to go in the door at all. You can choose to absolutely go into the door. And once you are in the door you can choose the room that feels like your room because there are so many different ways.

Now Gaia is a very, very diverse planet. There are few planets that have so much diversity as Gaia. And because there is such diversity in the environment, there is great diversity in the people. Some people are raised in deserts; some people are raised on islands; some people are raised where it’s really cold; some people are raised where it’s really hot. And this is going to affect who they are.

And they’re all going to be different. They’re going to see the same reality through the vision that they grew up with. So therefore, my house has many mansions.

Now we the Arcturians support this. We support that there are so many different avenues and so many different groups of people that are coming into this oneness because that shows that an overall percentage of Gaia is awakening.

Steve: Can you tell us, we hear that a wave of energy is coming in, but we don’t where it’s coming in from. We don’t know who is blessing us with this energy. Can you tell us where it’s coming from?

Sue: Well, first we would like to share how you will likely be feeling it.

Now this energy that’s coming in is for the planet. And the guardians of the Earth are the humans, and the guardians of the water are the cetaceans. And so the cetaceans and the Earthlings, they will feel this energy field. And they will feel it in the earth element of their physical body, the air element of their breath, the fire of their synaptic junctions, and the water within their body.

You will feel it on an elemental level. And so we’re saying to tune into to your bodies now because your physical body on the level of the elements – earth, air, fire and water and ether – are what is absorbing this energy field within this nowness.

And the reason for this is that this energy field comes into the humans and integrates all this earth, air, fire, and water. And then as you breathe out, it goes out into the planet, and it goes into the earth, and it goes into the air, and it goes into the fire, and it goes into the water.

And, in order for this whole planet to be able to ascend, there needs to be a unity. And this unity is beginning at a cellular level.

Steve: What does that mean?

Sue: It means that the earth element is in our bodies. The fire element in the earth is in our bodies. And so it’s going into the cells that create the physical body. And the cells that are within the air that’s breathed and into the synaptic junctions that are [firing] with the fire element. The water that we take into our body that moves through our body and releases from our body. And all of the body.

And then blood, of course, is a combination of the oxygen and the blood. And as humans bring this energy in, in an aware fashion, then when we breathe it out in an aware fashion, we’re realizing the immense creative ability that we have.

Because when we realize, when we’re at a higher state of consciousness, and we can be aware of our bodies on this almost cellular level, at least on an elemental level, and take the responsibility of filling each of these elementals with love and light, and then sharing it with the planet, then that greatly expands our wisdom, our power, our ability to love.

[Subsequently I tried this exercise the Arcturians describe and saw that it does work.]

Steve: How significant is the energy we anchor into the planet? Are we anchoring a great deal, or just a little bit? Do you know what I’m saying?

Sue: Well, the thing is that they’re more than anchoring. They’re actually working as a portal through which the energy flows. So the energy comes in, and through, and out. And if all seven billion plus people were aware of this and were able to proceed within this manner, the transmutation would happen now in an instant.

Now, what we say as the Arcturians, is that this is a planet of free will, and humanity has free will, And humanity has a lot to do with how this process develops.

Now humanity has fallen into the very dark ages of everything to be resolved with some kind of a war. And it wasn’t really the humans that were even initiating these processes. These were the Illuminati that were in the power-over [position].

And what needs to happen is that those of power within need to exceed in intensity those who are working under power-over.

And one of the ways that occurs is that those who have power within actually send unconditional love to those who have power-over. Because unconditional love is an antidote to fear, and those that have power-over, they eat fear, they collect fear, they love fear, they get a charge from fear. And love, especially unconditional love, not “I love you when you are nice”, No, “I love you because you are.” Unconditional love disrupts that patterning in them. It disrupts it. And some will not give up and change, and some will.

The members of the Illuminati go through horrible rites when they’re children. The things that they do to strangers, they do to their very own children. First they’re programmed.

And unconditional love and this higher light come in, and as this higher light comes in, it starts reversing that programming. The programming cannot remain attached to that frequency. That programming can only attach to the frequency of fear. And so if we send them lots and lots of unconditional love, and they get some, it starts to disrupt the programming.

Steve: I actually knew a woman who’d been treated to some of the treatment that you are referring to, and I don’t even want to say it on the air .
Sue: No, and I’ve clients and I’ve heard in detail about these things.

Steve: This was a person who was coming to Enlightenment Intensives. That’s where you go through really deep clearing processes.

She had to process the same thing repeatedly. Oh, my God. So I do get a sense of how deep the scarring goes.

Sue: Yes.

Steve: But we’re talking right now only about the power-over Illuminati. I’ve watched myself, you know just in ordinary normal relationships, and the control thing isn’t only strong in me, it’s invisible.

Sue: Yes, the invisible is the difficult part.

Steve: Oh man, oh man. I mean, we’re into control. Never mind the Illuminati.

Sue: Oh, absolutely, absolutely. Ok now I’m speaking as me. This is where the channeling really helps. Because I have this being that’s like right there. And when I really start lying to myself, I get this little [tap, tap, tap]. “Hello, hello. Did you see what you just did? Did you notice that?” “No, don’t bother me.” [laughter]

Steve: More than just conscience, it’s your PA, your personal assistant. [laughter]

Sue: So once that connection is made, you have a personal lifeguard. “How are you doing? You starting to drown there in the dark? Do you want a leg up? Come here, take our hand.” [laughter]

Steve: Have enough of what you really don’t want? [laughter]

Sue: Yeah. [laughter] Oh, wow.

Steve: What impact can we expect to see from this new wave of energy that’s coming in?

Sue: Well, this is me and the Arcturians and what we say is expect the unexpected. Because if you’ve known it before, then that’s not this. This is brand new, unexpected.

Steve: Unexpected? In what way?

Sue: Well, not unexpected. Well, unexpected in that it’s not something that you can’t. The mere fact that we’re saying I have to get better so I can receive it means we’re saying I’m not good enough to receive it now. And so we have to listen on an unconscious level. And this again is me and the Arcturians kind of pulling it together because it’s their information, but they want me to speak because I’m a human.

We’re feeling it in our bodies. If anyone has a pet- a pet dog, a pet cat, pet bird. They know everything. I’ll go for the refrigerator, and the bird will tell me what he wants.

We think we’re getting ready to leave, and the bird will say “Take care,” or “Open door,” or “Go outside.” So we haven’t even decided. How did the bird know that? And the same thing with dogs and cats. They know. And they know in their full beingness. They know in their body.

Now we have an animal’s body, too. This is just a more evolved animal, and in some cases, less evolved. But it’s an animal. It’s a third-dimensional animal that stands on two feet.

What we’re saying is we have to let go of all this self-importance. That maybe humans are more important than the rest of the planet – No. Every molecule is important and it’sn’t about personal Ascension. When people say “I’m sick of it. I want out of here.” that isn’t a higher-dimensional statement. That’s a fearful or angry statement, and it’sn’t going to get you where you want.

But when you say I have come for Gaia. I have come to assist the entire planet, and I dedicate my life to assist with planetary Ascension. Now that kicks your consciousness right up to the sky because you are unselfish and are thinking on a planetary [unitive] nature.

Steve: Wow.

Sue: So again, Earth is so vastly diverse that it’s impossible to answer how we will respond. There are so many versions of we. And so what we need to focus on, is how am I helping the planet. Seven billion people was the last census. It goes up pretty quick when you are starting at 7 billion as a baseline. I don’t even know what it’s now.

The most important thing is Unity consciousness. If you have all the humans on the planet focusing on planetary Ascension, now that would make it happen. I mean it’s going to happen. But it will make it happen more within our now.

Steve: So you say it’s going to happen, as if Ascension is an event that’s going to happen, say, a year from now, two years from now.

Sue: Gaia is going to move into her higher-frequency experience. There are many, many possible, parallel, and alternate realities about how that will occur. And just as every human is concurrently running alternate, possible, and parallel realities, every human can decide to go into any one of those possible parallel and concurrent experiences of planetary Ascension. Or if they want to experience planetary destruction, they can create that one, too.

Steve: Well, what I’m thinking is more this animal body that we have, this human body, can only take so much electricity, juice, energy. So, I think we all are becoming a little bit accustomed to the fact that Ascension is for the most part, gradual, going up by gradual increments so that the human body isn’t overtaxed. But then there is also going to be something, snap, ignition, whatever the person wants to call it, which can also be thought of as Ascension proper. The icing on the cake, so to speak.

Sue: Yes, there are basically two things – speaking in terms of the physical body. In that the physical body as we know it’s pretty much functioning off of 3% of the DNA. And that was on my blog. I posted it on my blog.

Ninety-seven percent of the DNA was junk. We’re not using it. Ok, that 97% of DNA is highly activated by higher frequencies of light. As the higher light enters the body, it’s that 97% of the DNA that’s first going to embrace it, that’s first going to shift it.

Everything begins from the inside. You know the Universe doesn’t come down. It comes out from the center. And then the other thing is that all humans have the kundalini force. And that kundalini is at the base of the spine.

And as this higher light is coming in, anyone who has meditated for a long time, or who has done yoga for a long time, or who is aware of it’s beginning to feel this little stirring thing down at the base of the spine. I know I had to kind of like stop because I was afraid I was going to go out. But that kundalini comes up and flashes into lightbody, into our fifth-dimensional body.

So we’re all hooked up, just like the planet is hooked up. And so what we’re wanting is to synchronize ourselves with the planet. It’s like any high-frequency thing. If you don’t ground it, it’s dangerous. If you have a high power cord and it’s not grounded, you don’t want to touch that.

Ok, so we really want to stay grounded. We want to meditate. We want to change our diets. Very often a lot of people will have to take some supplements because so much of our food has been so tainted from the Illuminati. And also, sometimes it’s hard to eat because the symptoms come in and the body is shifting and appetite comes and then it’s gone, and then you are ravenous, and then you can’t face food. And so, make sure you get supplements.

There are all kinds of supplements that people take. And you can all go to your own trusted health care worker to find out. I’d not say go to a physical 3D doctor because those are Illuminati medicines, and we don’t really want to take any of those. And you know how they have little markers in them now.

Steve: No, I didn’t.

Sue: The illuminati are putting little robot things in their medicine. So, you’ve got to be careful about things you get over [the counter].

But it’s all going to change. Let me say one thing – Me, Sue – that’s been happening to me. It’s very interesting where something will come up. Now I had a dream a long time ago. Well, who knows time? And I had this dream where I was in this room and somebody came in with like a shotgun, like the St. Valentine’s Day [massacre] and shot everybody.

But then I woke up and went in and wrote the Arcturians and said “What was that dream about?” And he said, well, first off you realize that nobody got shot and nobody died. And then they said that there will be lots of frightening illusions, and you do not want to participate in those illusions. And they said what you do is you say “I refuse to participate in that reality, and I send it unconditional love and violet fire.”

And there have been things in my life. I’ve done this maybe two, three times- not like someone is going to shoot me, but little things like “Oh, this is such a bother. I refuse to participate in that reality.” And I sent it unconditional love and violet fire. It goes away. I don’t know how it goes away or where it goes to. It just dissipates.

Steve: Wow.

Sue: My dissertation was about the right-brain, left-brain, and how much we use it together, and what it did. We have been using a very small percentage of our brain. We have so many untapped abilities.

So our physical body is a very modern interdimensional jet and we’ve been using it as a small, little city-to-city type thing. And so our body is good to go, and when we move into the energy field, and allow the energy field to move into us, and we live in unconditional love, and stay grounded, and do all the things we all do, the body is going to be fine.

Steve: So is it inaccurate on my part to say that the energy is being released to us gradually so our bodies don’t react in an unfortunate way?
Sue: No, that’s a very correct statement because all of these mechanisms have been turned off for many, many, many, many incarnations.

Steve: This is the 97% “junk” DNA?

Sue: Yes, most likely, yes.

Steve: Are these energies coming in now turning on the junk DNA?

Sue: The energies that are coming on are definitely igniting experiences in people. And you know I have been taking to people one-on-one for I don’t know 35 or 40 years. I’m hearing stories that I have never heard before. And then in groups that I’m with, and when I’m taking with groups, I’m hearing stories. I’m getting emails that I’ve never heard before.

Steve: Can you amplify a bit? Can you give an example of the kind of experiences you are referring to? I’ve been having a lot of bliss, ecstasy.

Sue: Oh, ecstasy and bliss, absolutely. Ecstasy and bliss. Also, the opposite of that is fatigue because we go into ecstasy and bliss and we resonate.

If you have a relatively old car and you’ve only driven in first, second, third gear, maybe once in a while, fourth. And then, suddenly, you push that car into tenth gear. That car goes zooomm, but then it like stops and says “Whoa, what was that?”

Steve: [laughter] “That’s enough.”

Sue: [laughter] So, we have to adapt. So we get a little adventure, and then it goes away. And we say “Why did it go away?” Because you’ve got to adapt to it. You know, you just turn this little mechanism on. The human body is really an amazing thing. And we have been using such a small percentage of it.

Steve: Yes.

Sue: Even within the physicality of it.

Steve: And this is an interim, adaptive response, right? At some point, we won’t need to rest after an experience of bliss. Is that correct?

‘Sue: As we have, I’m hearing the word amalgamated. (1) I’m not even sure what that means.

Steve: Amalgamated?

Sue: Amalgamated. When you amalgamate, what does that mean?

Steve: Well, amalgamate mean you take in external things, and bring them into yourself and become a bigger entity. Like a company.

Sue: Well that’s exactly what it is. As we amalgamate, as we bring these energies into ourselves – and see, we have receptor cells. You know if you are going to take something in like light, you have to store it in something. You can’t just stick it on your hand. You have to store it, ok?

So, there’s all these storage places. There’s parts of our unused body that are specifically able to take in these higher frequencies. So, we’re changing our frequency and so we bring in something, and it starts with our strongest organs. Because if you have a weaker organ, that will be the last one to integrate this energy. The other ones will become stronger, and work together as a unit.

Everything in the body works together as one. If we humans could work with other humans the way the body parts work within ourself, we would have complete, total unity consciousness.

Steve: That’s interesting because the weaker organs are the ones, which succumb to disease first. For me, it was my colon, where I put a lot of stress, etc. etc. I tamp the stress down to the bottom part of me, and there’s where it ends up.

You are saying the stronger organs are the ones that are going to show….

Sue: No, I’m saying that we all come with our own versions of stronger and weaker organs.

Steve: Right.

Sue: You know, we’re all different. So maybe somebody will have a really strong stomach and they can eat anything. I have a very delicate stomach, and I’ve always, all of my life had to be careful what I eat. And I get huge reactions if I eat something wrong.

So, my stomach isn’t my strongest organ. But other organs are strong and they work good. I’ve never had like bladder infections or any of those kinds of things. As Matthew [Ward] would say, that’s part of our soul contract. We write this into our soul contract.

Because an organ like your stomach represents the energy fields that you take in. And if you digest that energy field, you disseminate that energy field in a healthy fashion throughout your body. A stomach takes that energy in. You know, that’s just a brief example.

But everything in our body is able to function at a higher frequency. And then we flash into lightbody. I’ve had one time when I was meditating on the beach, I was sitting down, and the Arcturians kind of came into my meditation. The Arcturians that I see are kind of like this blobby kind of star being that could be any kind of way it is.

Steve: Thank you very much. [I’m an Arcturian.]

Sue: [laughter] That’s what it looks like. They just move around. They don’t have a form.

Steve: Ok, Arcturians are these blobby things.

Sue: [laughter] Exactly, well, that’s how I perceive it. Well, blobby probably isn’t a very good word, but mutable. Totally mutable because from a very high frequency they don’t have form there.

And so, then it came down in front of me and kind of took on a human form, and said “Do you want to see what happens when you ascend?” And I said “Yeah, yeah, show me.” And so what happened is it had this little form and then this little white light kind of came up the middle and then it went whoosh.

Steve: Wow.

Sue: Yeah. Oh, ok.

Steve: Is that flashing into lightbody.

Sue: Yeah, flashing into lightbody. That’s what I thought. Yes, it’s a transmutation. It’s not a growth. It’s like the violet fire. You transmute what is into a higher frequency. And so that’s what it is.

Steve: And so there’s the gradual process, and at some point there is a sudden process. Correct?

Sue: Ok, now this is the Arcturians answering this question. Now we have to tell all of you that there is a collective version of Ascension, and there are personal versions of Ascension. Now if all of the collective had the same version, then Gaia would be ascended now, and so would you. What the issue is is that there are so many different versions.

Steve: Oh, my gosh. You say that in last five minutes of program.

Sue: [laughter] Think about that.

Steve: [laughter] Thank you very much.

Sue: And that’s why the unity is so important. And the unity of diversity. So in other words, we all have to unconditionally love everyone, no matter how diverse they are, so that we can unite with them. When we’re united, no matter how diverse, good guy, bad guy, saint, poor guy, street person, wealthy person, all united in unconditional love, now that could ascend a planet.

Steve: Now just backing up a sec, you said that’s the reason why unity consciousness is so important. Before that, you said there’s all kinds of personal versions of Ascension. There’s a planetary version. I haven’t quite made the leap as to why the fact that there are so many different versions of Ascension makes it important that there be unity consciousness.

Sue: Because it’s about diversity and unity. That’s unconditional love. When you can unite, when you can embrace, and accept, and unconditionally love a person, place, situation, or thing that in all of its different stages of diversity, think of the amount of unity that would be. No judgement. No “I’m better than you”; “you’re better than me”; “you need to do this”; “I need to do that.” Just a “we’re unconditional love. We’re Gaia.”

Steve: There are two things that I’m finding difficult to understand in this whole thing. One is the life lived without control. And the second is how this works that there is diversity and unity, and how the two are harnessed so to speak, so that they planetarily work together. That still eludes me.

Sue: You are correct in that confusion, as are many. And this is what humanity is in the process of remembering. Because all of you have the answers within. Now that remembering process is one thing, and the gathering together is another thing. But you are correct in noting the two things that humanity has the most difficulty understanding.

And so what we say is the fifth dimension isn’t a dimension that you understand, in the way that you understand your third dimension, or even understand your dream states of the fourth dimension. The fifth dimension is a reality in which you are.

There is a little germ of fear, not that fear is always bad. Fear isn’t always bad. Fear creates change. So that germ of fear comes in and says “How do we” and “How does this”, etc. And that’s wonderful. There’s a little bit of Draconian in the core of the brain there. So that’s there and so that is a quantum leap. Then there is no fear. You don’t need to understand. You just let go.

Steve: And of course, then you are in the flow.

Sue: Yeah, then you’re all One.

Steve: And you have just noted how we humans love understanding and labels. So, I’m going to ask you one more time before we go. Where is this energy coming from?

Sue: It’s being beamed to Earth from multiple locations in outer space. And it’s being collected in the armada of starships that’s surrounding the planet. And then being translated so that it can integrate without damaging whatever area it’s sent to.

Steve: So it’s that precise, is it?

Sue: Yes.

Steve: My gosh. And when you say being beamed from other areas of space, I think we all know that the original source is Source.

Sue: Source, yes. Yes, Source. And then Source goes … well, down isn’t really the word, but we would say down. It comes from Source. It’s like when you put together things – what’s the word?

Steve: Step-down transformer?

Sue: No, when you have a car, and the car comes down the line and you put the wheels on and the car goes down the …

Steve: Assembly line.

Sue: Assembly line, yes. It’s almost like an assembly line. Source says ok and then the assembly line goes down to the next frequency and then it adapts and adjusts, and down to the next frequency and adapts and adjusts, and down to the next frequency and adapts and adjusts. And this is important so this higher light does not just burn out the Earth.

Steve: Right. Now when you say burn out the Earth, do you mean Gaia or do you mean the inhabitants, or both?

Sue: Both. There’s a series of adaptations of step downs and calibrations and recalibrations. And so the thing is at first, Earth is resistant and “No, I’m afraid” and so they have to recalibrate it very staunchly so that [it takes ] a lower frequency in specific areas.

But then as that expands, then they can make the mix hotter. They make the mix hotter, and they make the mix hotter, and they make it hotter. So therefore, we get it, receive it, adapt it, integrate it. Get it, receive it, adapt it, integrate it.

Steve: And the beings who are doing this, I take it, have in mind that this is going to be done with another planet or in another context. And so they’re watching all this, are they not, to see the impact on the people that the energy is ultimately going to?

Sue: Well actually among the people who are doing this are us our own higher frequencies, our own multi-dimensional selves.

Now Earth is a very specific planet because it’s so diverse, and there are so many different cultures, and so many different people, and so many different religions, and so many different lands. It’s so diverse. So, therefore the people are so diverse and the land is diverse. Now Mars isn’t diverse like that. And there’s other planets that are not as diverse as Earth.

So, it’s a procedure. It’s a procedure. And the key to the procedure and the key to the receiving is, if it feels like unconditional love, bring it in. If it doesn’t feel like unconditional love, send it unconditional love, but don’t bring it in.

Steve: Very good. I’m afraid we will have to stop there.

Sue: Yes, that’s a good place to stop.

Steve: Thank you very much for that, to Sue and to the Arcturians.

Sue: And thank you. And this is me: when the channeling is to somebody who has a greater understanding and who can ask more diverse questions, then the information can go much higher and much faster.

Steve: Well, thank you, Sue, and I look forward to the next time when we’ll just pick up where we left off.

Sue: Yes. And for the readers I’ll give you the same challenge that we give to each other, that we journal about what we said here. I mean, how do we ground this information? I don’t know. Do you think I knew all of the stuff? No way, no way. Don’t blame me. [laughter] So we all journal it and all of you listening journal it and we pick up in two weeks, right?

Steve: Right.

Sue: So, we have two weeks to integrate this. So, any of you who want to do that can email me at

Steve: This is an ongoing learning process.

Sue: Yeah. Let’s all bring it on. Let’s join in consensus. It’s unity of diversity.

Steve: Are there any last words that the Arcturians want to say before we wrap up our program?

Sue: We send each and every being from the smallest insect to the highest mountain, our unconditional love and respect. Blessings.

Steve: Thank you. Farewell to you until we speak again.

Sue: Bye-bye


(1) In retrospect, I think Sue was probably looking for the word “assimilate.”

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