Love is our new reality

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The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie, February 23

InLight Radio
Steve Bekow/Dr. Suzanne Lie
Recorded 2-23-16
Good evening everyone and welcome to An Hour With an Angel I
m Steve Bekow, Editor in Chief of
the Golden Age of Gaia. And with me today again thankfully sitti
ng in for Linda Dillon who is
recovering from shoulder surgery is Suzanne Lie, channel for the Arctur
ians and a very prolific
writer. That
s what I
ve determined about you I the last two to three weeks is that you ar
How are you doing?
: Just take orders from the Arcturians.
Yes right.
And that
s really a lot of what we are really being asked to do in this
is that we are
realizing that first off a) I am an Arcturian and the stream of consc
iousness goes from me into that
frequency and back and b) one of the things that is the most important about
this incarnation is that
in this incarnation I and you too Steve have been able to connect with t
his higher frequency of myself.
And to gain information from this higher frequency and to dispense that info
rmation to others
because we are in a very important time in which we have the possible reality
of experiencing a
whole planetary shift.
the word shift, well accurate doesn
t convey the magnitude of what
s happening.
There are cultures and civilizations from all over this universe and perhaps
even others who are
Yes, absolutely.
You know Archangel Michael said something interesting to me in one of these s
hows as
matter of fact awhile back. I
sorry; it was in a personal reading. He said,
re right there.
t know what he was talking about. So I said,
What do you mean.
And, he said,
re right
there on the door step of Ascension.
I put that in small brackets but that was what he was talking
about. And he said,
you are not going to walk over, let me carry you over.
Well, what a wonderful thing to know that we are supported in such a
complete manner.
Yes indeed.
And, part of the reason that we are supported is because we keep that energy
going in a circle.
So as the energy comes in we dispense it out into the world or in to
the planet or somehow share that
energy field with others and then what happens is that
energy out is energy back
, as we get this magnificent high energy of our own higher dimensional express
ions that comes
into us and then we share it out into our world. It goes out and
does its good work and then comes
back to us amplified. So then we are replenished and that
s how we can be prolific and how we can
do it for so many years.
Because when we are working within this circle of Light that energy that w
e put out comes back into
us. And, if you were to look at an energy field of Love and Lig
ht it would be circular i n fashion and
it replicates itself again and again.
If you were to look at an energy field of fear or separation or anger
that energy goes more in a line
because it is bound to that third-dimensional time. It
s a low consciousness, it
s a low energy field,
and it
s a low frequency. So just as if you are running along the ground,
you can
t do loop-
But if you are in an airplane you can do loop-
-loops and move around because you are in a grander
a lighter, higher space.
Yes and I have been experiencing actually a lot of different spaces over the past
while and I
surprised that moving from one space to another that I never had any idea of even w
hat a space was
for that matter. Moving from Love to Bliss to Ecstasy for ins
tance. I believe they are different
dimensions entirely but it
s just totally new territory. There is no user
s manual for these spaces.
s no user
s manual for Bliss or even Universal Love for that matter.
Even when we find ourselves in the space of it we then begin to learn ho
w to operate in the
space – right?
Because we are amongst the beginning of this beautiful cycle of transmutat
ion into a
completely higher operating system. So if you look back at the very
beginning computers, they had
very different operating systems then the new computers that we have now. And
s the same thing
with the human brain. Where the human brain could only experience Alpha or Beta b
rain waves
which are
your daily life and Alpha
maybe having a nice time, a walk in the park or a great
dream – that was all there was. Those were the only channels. Remember we
re dating ourselves
here. Remember back in the day Steve, when there were only a couple of TV
: I can remember when the TV screen was round. I can remember a lot of
Yes exactly, exactly it was great.
Like a computer.
And the early computers were green screens with yellow writing on it.
So therefore what is
happening is that we are now moving in to higher and higher frequencies of awareness.
We are
using areas of our brain that have not been used since whatever last time
any of us ever had an
incarnation when perhaps we Ascended.
: So we are using much more than that little three percent of our br
ain and we are learning how to
combine our creativity with our daily life. As we do that then
we love our daily life more and then
our consciousness expands because we are living in Love more often. The
more we live in Love, the
more we expand our consciousness.
So instead of working so hard, being afraid, being sick, hate life,
dragging yourself up, working so
hard cycle
we have the cycle of,
Wow, this is a wonderful adventure and I
m so fortunate to be
alive in this time and I
m sharing all of this wonderful information and it just gets better an
d better.
So it cycles up and up instead of down and down.
I remember last night or the night before, writing an article and saying
to myself,
I Love this.
I Love writing and I
m having so much fun.
s like conducting an orchestra or playing the piano
or something. It became tremendously enjoyable and it was made that way by the
fact that I was in
the state of Bliss. Bliss allowed me to think well, to write
well. It
s not a vicious cycle, it
s a heavenly
cycle. One feeds on the other and the other feeds on the other.
Yes, and also as we allow ourselves to do what we Love and Love what
we do
s a self-
replicating cycle. But of course we are so third-dimensional that
there are still certain actions that we
have to take. We have to pay our bills, pay our taxes
So there is that challenge of almost like stepping out of that circle i
nto that third-dimension because
you don
t know how to bring that circle there. But we
ll get there.
s just a matter of processing and
remembering that we can choose – we can choose our state of consciousne
ss by all the things we
used so far. You know, looking at our diets, meditating, praying
, having fun, being with people that
we love, having a personal mission, fulfilling the mission
whatever that is.
Yes, interesting. Boy I
ll tell you
I was holding this thought for the longest time. I don
know why I
ve not managed to hold it completely now. I think I
m going to have to let that question
It will come back on its own.
Yes, too bad. The original intent on quoting Archangel Michael in the beg
inning is because he
said that we are on the doorstep of Ascension. And I don
t know exactly what that means. I could
pretend I did but I don
t know what it means to be on the doorstep of Ascension. But, in yo
response I wonder if you could talk a little but about
Since this seems to be predominately
about a gradual process. We seem to be unfolding energies seem to be ri
sing in indefinite steps
stair steps so to speak. So with that in mind, how are we on the doo
r step of Ascension that we are.
Well it used to be that people called doorsteps
thresholds. So we will look at the
threshold/doorstep as the same. And what it means to be on the threshold o
f Ascension. Initially,
very often
now we cannot answer this question for everybody because everybody
is going to be
perceiving this through their own experience. But there is a feeling that oc
curs as moving on to
feeling as if one is on this doorstep, this threshold of Ascension.
And that feeling is one of connection that there is a connection with a hig
her frequency of yourself
and also a connection with the Earth. When you have a connection with the
Earth, not only will you
be able to ground that energy because when one is bringing in the high frequenc
ies of higher
dimensional beings
that circuitry would be very difficult on the physical body
if it were not
grounding itself on a regular basis.
And part of that grounding is being in nature and interacting with the planet.
And another part of
that grounding is to share it with others. When you share that energy fi
eld with others, you are
carrying it all within yourself. You are allowing yourself to b
e an open portal. So when these blissful
energy fields that you were speaking of enter in to the physical body
, instead of trying to be
constrained into the physical body, they go all the way through the bo
dy and into the very core of the
planet because it
s a very high frequency and it needs to be grounded sufficiently.
If you are ironing you need two grounding cords but if you are
going to do one of those movie lights
you need to have the third grounding cord. So the grounding cord i
s very important. It
s important
for two reasons. First, it
s important to ground yourself because the higher frequencies of Light ar
too abrasive to your third-dimensional vessel. Second, you ground
it because you move out of one
own personal needs of I am a person and I am sending into I am a member of a
beautiful planet and
not only are the people of this planet Ascending but the Planet itself is Ascend
Then you move from a personal consciousness to a shared consciousness
all the way to a planetary
consciousness. And, when you are holding that extended consciousness, w
hen one is holding that
extended consciousness – then they can pull in even more bliss. They can p
ull in even more
information, more directions, and more writings. They can pull thr
ough these messages because they
have adapted to their own multi-dimensional expression of self. They have mo
ved beyond just being
one person to being one with all of the Planet.
SB: I have used your exercise of grounding to Gaia and I no
tice that very consciously and with a
lot of determination you can imagine a little cord I can imag
ine myself having an energy that is
quite wide and sending it right down to the heart of Gai
a and then fastening it there.
What I found is that previously when I was in bliss I w
ould be flying around the rafters and I
d be
all over the place and happy and joyful. But I wasn
t able to buy bread and be here. When I
anchored as you suggested to Gaia, in that manner and came up to
the surface again, I felt
substantial and blissful.
I didn
t lose out on being blissful. I was blissful. And I
also felt substantial and really stable. So
I wanted to give you that feedback. So I really benefited
from that exercise. I can see now how
one would want to anchor to the core of Gaia.
Yes, it does really make a difference for your personal self b
ecause then your personal self
expands into your planetary self and as you expand into your
planetary self you are getting
feedback from everything around you. So you are already in th
e experience of having that inter-
dimensional relationship with this higher being. Then as
you ground it into the planet then you
ground that energy field so that you have become this open p
ortal so this energy can pass and
shared with Gaia.
Then as it is shared with Gaia it is Unconditional Love and h
igher frequencies of consciousness
and that goes in to the body of Gaia and begins to heal t
he body of Gaia. So as each person opens
this portal through themselves and into the core of the Plan
et then they are assisting to heal from
the core of the planet up into the surface of the planet.
All of that
damage that humanity has done to the Planet Earth.
SB: What
s significant is one person
s efforts?
Well, what happens with one person
s efforts is when that one person takes this energy and
grounds it into the core of the planet then the planet mo
ves that energy field up to the surface of
the entire planat. So when one person grounds this higher
entire energy field in the core of the
planet, that grounding, that energy field is shared with
the entire planet all over the world.
The more and more that happens and then it begins because once a
person has moved beyond
their third/fourth-dimensional consciousness or at least
beyond their third and lower fourth –
dimensional consciousness in which it is a consciousness
of separation. Once one move
s into the
higher fourth dimension and fifth-dimension and the hig
her realms of nirvana etc., then what
occurs is that they are no longer separate. It is why many m
onks don
t want to step on a bug or
harm an animal or harm a plant because they do not see that separat
ion within themselves and
these other expressions of Gaia
s life force.
So as we the Arcturians perceive what is occurring, as we
perceive and all of the other higher
beings who are encircling beautiful Gaia what we are seeing is th
at this Light is going into the
core of the Planet from all different directions. And then
all these different directions intermingle
and intertwine within themselves to instead of being sent fr
om one person, sent from all the
Then this integrated energy field that we sent down one person
at a time which has now become
integrated goes up to the surface of Gaia fully integrated so
that all of the beings, all over the
Planet are all within this one energy field. And we say beings
other than just humans because
there are many beings other beings other than human such as th
e cetaceans, the dolphins and the
whales who are so important to the oceans and the water element an
d the birds and the insects
that are so important for the air element and all of the differe
nt beings are moving into this Unity
Consciousness where there is no hierarchy of needs.
There is no this being is better than that being whose better
than that being whose better than that
child who is better than that bug. There is no better th
Everything is within the oneness of
Unconditional Love.
SB: So it is just as meaningful to be protecting an ins
ect as it is protecting a child.
Yes, and of course if a human were to see an insect and a chil
who would they chose to
protect? They would protect the child.
SB: Yes, I understand that.
But it is as you were saying and as we were saying is that
it moves out of the either/or.
What is occurring more and more with our grounded ones is
that they are beginning to bring their
higher dimensional perceptions on line.
And Suzille and I am sure you have heard from many
people who are perceiving star ships who are perceiving light
s in the sky, who are perceiving
other people
s auras.
that is always them. That has always been them. They are never
going to lose that them. They are
on a mission. And their mission is for them to just Ascen
d because they are already those
Their mission is that they went to assist with the Ascensio
n of an entire planet. So they are
limiting that return to Light body because in order to ad
here to and experience that third/fourth –
dimensional planet, they need to maintain their third/fourt
h-dimensional space ship so to speak.
SB: I realize that when you say certain things like
initial experience of Light body,
used a similar phrase just a few seconds ago. I don
t know what you mean by that. What is the
initial experience of Light body? What does that mean?
A: Well the initial experience of Light body is a third-d
imensional term because it
s a time-bound
term. But it is the first time that one can remember how t
hat experience felt in their body.
SB: With everyday consciousness?
Yes, now this is Sue. There is a certain kind of meditati
on that I was doing that I stopped
doing because when I did that meditation, my Light body
started rising up and I
m not done yet.
SB: Right.
So I stopped doing that meditation. But I meant initi
al that was the first time that I had
that experience. And I had that experience several times before I
realized how very powerful it
was and I decided,
Okay, what do I want to do with this energy field?
So I said no and that I
wanted to stay. Maybe I wouldn
t have been able to flash all the way into Light body. I w
ready to take that risk so to speak even though it
s a beautiful risk because I feel that I have not
yet completed my mission.
SB: So you were guided to see the situation that way.
SB: That happened several times so I do know what you are t
alking about.
So you understand what I am saying.
SB: Oh yes.
Yes, it
s like the portal opens and you know you can go through
and you say well I think I
can do more. I
m ready to stay. And, that
s an invitation and congratulations we
re happy that you
can do that. Do you want to come home? And you
ll say,
Yes, but we think we can do more and
we would like to stay and do more.
SB: Another cut of that is if I were to go into some high
er spaces I might not be able to write in
the same way that I do now. And so I shy away from going
into certain spaces so I can continue to
share the same frame of reference so to speak.
Yes, well luckily I was very esoteric. Well I moved. I s
tarted off grounded and got more
and more esoteric and now I
m way out there and some feel that I
m way out there so esoteric is
fine. But for me it
s more about the physical body and there are side effects.
SB: Side effects of what?
There are side effects of expanding our energy field to such a h
igh frequency and one of the
side effects that I discovered is that the third/fourth-d
imensions are ruled by time and we have
more and more fifth-dimensional and beyond experiences we star
t losing our connection to time.
And we start living in the
which is wonderful but if we don
t write down every single thing
or really pay attention to what people say
s gone.
SB: Oh Yes. I definitely know that. Something else that
s been happening this last week that I
find remarkable is the number of people who have told me th
at they are going through absolute,
hell in the sense that past lives are coming up, the wicked
deeds they may have done are
coming up, all kinds of images of awful things. And tha
t happened to me too about two days ago.
For about a twenty-four hour period I suddenly found m
yself with all of these awful thoughts
wondering where this was all coming from
SB: You say that as if you know what
s happening.
s like clearing out the cellar. We
re getting ready to move and we
ve been putting a
bunch of junk in that cellar for a long time. I
ll deal with that later, I
ll deal with that later. Now,
we are selling the house and we can
t sell the house with all the junk in the cellar. We
ve got to go
through the cellar. I think that what a lot of us are dec
iding is,
You know what? When I
transmute into Light body I
m just going to make sure I transmute the cellar too.
s cellar not
as in the house but underneath.
SB: So we
re at the threshold of Ascension, at the doorstep of Ascension.
I still think that a lot of
people will expect to Ascend and immediately be able to change
their house or fly away to Planet
CCC or something and magnificent vistas will open up. But
I sense that that is not necessarily the
case. It
s simply a change of consciousness in the beginning.
Because you are moving out of time, the well-known sequenc
e of events from your
third/fourth-dimensional life no longer exists. There
s no longer a sequence of events and there
are no longer separations. Because you can see all of your aura
and the aura of all life – nothing is
So if one were to try to,
m out of here.
That would lower your consciousness because you just
instead of
. So then you
re back down out of that process. So one of those process
is within this whole Ascension is that we need to realize is t
hat we are already multi-dimensional
and already exist in higher frequencies.
We did not come for our personal gain. That lowers our con
sciousness a great deal. We came to
assist the Planet and as long as we are thinking in terms of
assisting the planet we have this
wonderful protection of this huge mass. We are very ground
ed. We are grounded within this
planet and we are united with all of these other beings all
over the planet that resonate to our
Now, a television set is about a frequency. Each channel is
a different frequency. So you are not
going to watch all of those frequencies at once on your t
elevision set. You
re going to pick this
frequency or that frequency
channel 2, channel 5, channel 8 or whatever.
So these realities at first there
s this shifting from the third dimensional sequential t
ime bound
thinking into the multi-dimensional unity of the
Now of the One
. Now this is the biggest
transition. To some it would be a great challenge, to oth
ers it will feel like,
Oh great now I can
be like I
ve tried not to be all the time.
But the most important thing is that Unity Consciousnes
s is very vital for this Nowness for there
are some who are resisting this shift and they are purposeful
ly creating dramas, creating
rdships, creating events that create fear because a)they are hungr
y and like to eat fear, they live
off of fear and b) they use fear to control.
So those who are Ascending
one of the most important things that you will need to
remember is
that you will not allow yourself to fall into fear. And
when fear comes to you just say,
I refuse to
participate in this reality and I send you Unconditional L
ove and Violet Fire.
So instead of being concerned of any possibility of victi
mization to what this fearful event person
might incur upon you, you stand firm within your on
eness and transmute the situation and Love
the person unconditionally. And it is that Unconditional
Love and the ability to transmute that
allows you to participate with the others who are also work
ing for the highest school of the entire